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Ethical Fashion Forum

Ethical Fashion Forum

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War on waste: Clothes swap and eco-styling workshops fighting the scourge of fast fashion Posted It's a Sunday morning in a bright, airy space at a Canberra hotel and dozens of women are rifling through clothing racks and choosing their favourite pieces. The dresses, skirts, tops and jackets are all good quality and all pre-loved. And the women — some op shop veterans, some novices — are all warriors in the war against fast fashion. Fast fashion is the term that describes the quick turnover of trendy, cheaply made clothing that often ends up in landfill. "The reason we do these clothes swaps is not only to have fun and tszuj up our wardrobes," said Nina Gbor, eco-stylist and event organiser.

The GreenShows How much do you normally spend on your clothing? If you are like most average Americans, you have likely grown accustomed to spending around $10 on a t-shirt and around $100 on a more intricate item (say, a dress, jacket or shoes). Unfortunately, these prices that so many of us are used to are too low. Rise of clothes swapping helps make a small dent in the war on fashion waste Posted Despite working in retail, Annelie Child decided that this year she was no longer going to buy new clothes. Instead, she plans to only buy pre-loved or recycled wear by joining in the increasingly popular and frequent clothes-swapping events popping up around Sydney and around the country. "I've got an amazing wardrobe already, I don't really need anything else and I'm trying to back away from the fast fashion, buying news — there's no need," Ms Child said.

MISSION — MANUFACTURE NEW YORK Manufacture New York is anchored in our CEO and Founder, Bob Bland’s, practical experience over a decade as a NYC designer, and her desire to help create social good within the fashion industry at large, especially here in New York City. If something like Manufacture New York already existed, she would be a member & produce her fashion label there. However, with the current infrastructure of domestic apparel manufacturing dwindling, we simply have to create a new model and ecosystem. War on waste: Recycling denim into paper and fostering social inclusion in the process Posted In a small studio in Canberra, artisans are recycling unwanted denim jeans and jackets by turning them into paper. Paperworks is a not-for-profit social enterprise that uses the art of papermaking to engage marginalised people and those with special needs. "We were using cardboard and recycled paper in the first few sessions but it was unforgiving and had lacklustre results," chief executive Susanna Pieterse said.

How Small Start-Ups Are Tackling Big Challenges In Slow Fashion This week, a group of fashion industry leaders are commemorating the tragic collapse of an apparel factory in Bangladesh with the Fashion Revolution Day campaign. If you’re getting into the slow, ethical, sustainable fashion movement, you might start to feel indignant about all the companies out there that use any material, any factory, just to make cheap clothes. The good news is, forward-thinking designers are out there, and they’re growing in number – from a student who is obsessed with details about the supply chain like how a sheep’s diet impacts its wool; to a shoe designer who is creating a fair trade hub within a traditional shoemaking community in Peru; to the founders of Zady, an online store for sustainable apparel and one of the forces behind Fashion Revolution. Read Now: “This 25-Year-Old Is Changing The Game For Men’s Fashion“

Creative Mending at The New Craftsmen June 21, 2017 by tomofholland I’m pleased to let you all know that I will be running a Creative Mending workshop at The New Craftsmen, on 22 July, as part of their summer exhibition Animal, Vegetable, Mineral – a joyful celebration of new talents and new pieces. A Tom of Holland workshop in full swing I started working with The New Craftsmen last year, and as a result I’ve been involved in some pretty exciting things, such as Makers House, in collaboration with Burberry, and A Home For All, in collaboration with Selfridges. The New Craftsmen curates, commissions and sells unique contemporary objects that are rooted in craftsmanship and narrative.

Fashion Dissertation Topics First of all, apologies for neglecting the blog. The past month has been very busy as it was the end of the first semester and I had to finish all my assignments, and then straight into the second semester and my dissertation. Dissertation, dissertation! How our glitter obsession is wrecking the environment Glitter is getting more and more popular by the day – illuminating Instagram and Facebook as it becomes the must-have finishing touch on looks for festivals, parties, and Pride. We’ve seen it used as makeup, dusted onto hair, and even slathered over beards (how could we forget that trend?!). Man slams bosses for telling him to take off his makeup at work SUSTAINABLE STYLE Christen Gerhart is a host, actress and magician YouTube blogger with a passion for ethical and sustainable vegan fashion — something we can totally get on board with! Each week, she reports from A Harmless Project, a web series highlighting new products and designers pioneering cruelty free and eco-friendly movements while aspiring to high levels of chic, quality and style. We're thrilled to feature her episodes right here on Lookbook and learn more about where to get and how to style the very best in sustainable fashion.