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Misconceptions About Temperature

Misconceptions About Temperature

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Insulation Experiment: Keep Your Body Warm Ever wonder why your mom makes you wear two or three layers of clothing when you want to go outside and build a snowman? These clothes are actually great insulators, which mean they're made from materials that keep your body temperature from dropping. In this insulation experiment, you'll learn which fabrics help keep you warm on an icy winter day. Some weather conditions, such as rain, wind, and snow cause our bodies to lose heat. If you don't select the right materials to keep your body warm and toasty, you'll start to shiver from the cold. Wearing warm, insulating clothes allows you to stay outside even longer, having snowball fights with your friends, creating snow angels, and building igloos to play in.

Balancing Brooms - finding the centre of mass Listen Now Download as mp3 from the show Should I Lie Down to Tan? What you Need What to do Point the index fingers of both hands and hold your hands apart but parrallel. Get someone to balance the broom horizontally on your two index fingers, making sure you keep them level. How do eyes work & how do glasses help us see? The Blind Astronomer of Nova Scotia Tim Doucette is legally blind, yet he sees the stars better than most people. A childhood diagnosis of congenital cataracts forced doctors to remove Doucette's lenses and widen his pupils. That left the amateur astron... Why do some people have seasonal allergies? Colorful Convection Currents Fill two bottles with warm water from the tap and the other two bottles with cold water. Use food coloring or the Fizzers coloring tablets to color the warm water yellow and the cold water blue. Each bottle must be filled to the brim with water. Hot over cold: Place the index card or old playing card over the mouth of one of the warm water bottles.

TryEngineering Lesson Focus Lesson focuses on the engineering behind keeping food and other items cool. Students work in teams to develop a system to make an insulated liquid container that will keep chilled water as cool as possible for an hour using everyday items. Students will need to devise a way to have a thermometer rest in the water and be able to read the temperature throughout the hour. Gravity Sketch VR software for creative professionals launches beta testing platform A beta version of a virtual-reality programme that gives designers the option to draw and manipulate 3D objects has launched. The Gravity Sketch software, which was first unveiled last year, allows designers to draw, edit and manipulate forms in three dimensions as opposed to on a screen. Since the product was announced, it has been tested among 50 artists and designers that use virtual reality (VR) in their work. Having fixed the majority of bugs and glitches, the company has finally put the application live on the Steam Early Access website for beta testing – trialling in the final stages of development – from the general public.

Why the sperm whale has a huge head Credit: Illustration by Snip Green White waiters shaped like street lamps wheel softly between the tables, never spilling a drop of soup or wine. They move in a world of microseconds, arms gracefully arcing through the leaden motion of furniture, crockery, people. The robot in your kitchen or at the supermarket is accurate enough for the job, but these are medical grade robots, precise to the micromillimetre. I watched robots like this wash and lay out my father’s body with such sensitive elegance that it looked like loving care.

Inspire Her Mind Science There’s a young 4-year old girl shuffling through a chest full of various dress-up clothes. The copy asks: Does dress-up determine her future? Scroll to the left, and the girl picks up a princess dress from the chest. She walks over to a mirror and holds the dress in front of her. The girl in the mirror, representative of her imagination, is wearing the dress and holding a wand.

Wave energy securing airports - Science (9) - ABC Splash - Overview Electromagnetic radiation is energy that travels in waves. Some examples include gamma rays, X-rays, microwaves and radio waves. Teaching with TLC: 10 ways to make physical science FUN! This month we've been completing lots of physical science lessons that my kids do not want to put down. I just love it when they are hooked on learning! My kids have been learning all about simple machines, matter, and electricity from the best science teachers at the Edison Home. What better place to learn about science than Edison's home!

Science Activity: Make a Periscope What kinds of mirrors can I use to make a periscope? You need two small mirrors, but they don't have to be identical. If you have a rectangular mirror, or one with a handle, it's okay if part of it sticks out the side of the carton. If your mirror is round, like the mirror in a make-up compact, you may want to tape or glue it to a square of cardboard before inserting it into the slot in the milk carton. If you have a mirror with a magnifying side and a nonmagnifying side, have the nonmagnifying side facing the hole.

Physicists Achieve Quantum Teleportation of Photon Over 25 Kilometers For the first time, a team of physicists have successfully teleported a quantum state of a photon to a crystal over 25 kilometers away through a fiber optic cable. This effectively showed that the photon’s quantum state, not its composition, is important to the teleportation process. The team was led by Nicolas Gisin of the University of Geneva and the results were published in the journal Nature Photonics. With this new paper, Gisin’s team has successfully squashed the previous record they set a decade ago by teleporting a quantum state of a proton 6 kilometers. Make a Kaleidoscope - HowStuffWorks A kaleidoscope is an ideal science project that teaches kids how to reflect the spectrum of colors and make beautiful images. In a kaleidoscope, mirrors reflect multiple images off of one another. What You'll Need:3 small mirrors of the same sizeTapeWaxed paperPencilScissorsConstruction paper