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Concept Lessons - Real World Math

Concept Lessons - Real World Math
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Using iPads During Math Stations I am continually trying to think of ways to use the iPads in a producing or student creation way, rather than a "lets play a game" kind of way. I am also trying to be as paperless as possible this year, so using the iPads is a win, win situation. I share the 20 iPads with another teacher so in all honesty, I only have 10 during math and I usually use 4 with my guided math groups, which leaves me 6 for math stations. My students are partnered up and do 2 stations a day. I have 10 stations that I change every 2 weeks. I try to link my math stations to what we are currently learning about and a review of things we have already learned. iPad Domino Measuring Math Station Students will be given dominoes, the "I Can Card" and 2 iPads (one for each student) in their Math Station bucket. iPad Problem Solving Station Students will be given the "I Can Card" and 2 iPads (one for each student) in their Math Station bucket. Guided Math Groups With The Teacher

msmathwiki [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Math Teacher Wiki This is an open/public wiki. That means that anyone is able to add text, pages, and upload files to this wiki. If you would like to add something to a page, just click on the EDIT button at the top of the page. When you are finished, don't forget to hit SAVE at the bottom of the page. First Day Page!! TMC12 Resource Page Middle School Math Teachers Resource Pages Caratteristiche - Stupeflix Each beautiful video theme will give a distinct look & feel to your video, just add your photos, videos, text and music! Upload photos and videos from your computer, or import directly from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr or Picasa. Use your words! Tell your story with Title Slides between photos, or Captions on top of photos and maps. Choose one of the 130 licensed music tracks in our Music Lounge, or just upload your own! Don't just say where, show it! Don't feel like spending hours recording a voice-over? Watch what your video will look like, as often as you want. Add crossfade, fade-to-black, blur, cube or sharp-cut transitions to tell your story exactly how you want. Want to focus longer on a photo? Recorded too much footage? Wow the crowd with stunning HD 720p videos. If you made it, you own it. Upload your videos directly from Stupeflix to your YouTube or Facebook account. Publish your videos on your own site or blog, with a simple copy and paste.

BA - Balanced Assessment in Mathematics ..: Fausse Piste [Faire des Maths avec Google Earth ?] :.. Voilà un site un peu particulier traitant de Google Earth ! Real World Math propose des leçons de mathématiques à l’aide de Google Earth... S’adressant surtout au niveau collège et lycée, l’idée est assez sympa pour aborder quelques notions de mathématiques en relation avec la géographie... une affaire à suivre, car pour l’isntant le nombre de leçons n’est pas encore très grand. Les autres articles de cette rubrique : Connecting to Math in Real Life By Wendy Petti Who needs math games when a world of meaningful real-life fun is beckoning? It's easy and rewarding to connect to the real world in math class. Collections of Real-World Math Activities The math activity sites listed here are repositories of lesson ideas that can be explored offline without the use of computers. Math Goodies Their multi-media curriculum includes 168 in-depth lessons organized into instructional units. Practical Uses of Math and Science (PUMAS) This site offers 71 examples of real-life applications of math for upper elementary grades and above, including drawing/interpreting topographical maps, money math, creating math magic problems, measuring the heat of sand and rock; and much more. Mixing in Math This set of free activities helps teachers, parents, and after-school programs mix a bit of math into students' daily routines. National Math Trail Students from around the United States created real-life word problems related to their communities.

Paper Moon: Simulating a Total Solar Eclipse Using a Journal Article as a ProfessionalDevelopment Experience Rationale for Use This article provides mathematics teachers an opportunity to reflect on practice by exploring: How multiple representations can be used to enhance student learning and understanding of student learningHow physical, tabular, graphical, verbal, and symbolic representations can be connected in a lessonConnections across the different strands of the curriculum—algebra, geometry, and trigonometryConnections among different subject areas—mathematics, astronomy, and scienceUse of spreadsheets/technology to analyze dataAppropriate use of concrete models to explore mathematical ideasHow instruction can incorporate student interactions and feedback Suggestions for Use This activity may be used when working with pre-service teachers, or by in-service teachers interested in exploring ways to incorporate multiple representations and cross-curricular lessons into their classrooms. Procedures/Questions Next Steps/Extensions

Indicazioni Nazionali - Risorse Sei qui: Home Risorse Le sezioni del sito Registrati Staff regionali Utenti on-line Abbiamo 7 visitatori e nessun utente online Risorse In questa sezione ti offriamo una selezione di siti e risorse web per la didattica. Se vuoi segnalare un sito o un documento presente nel web puoi farlo scrivendo ad un membro del Comitato scientifico nazionale dopo esserti registrato (puoi farlo subito cliccando qui). Ecco i primi: INDIRE. Per problematiche tecniche sul sito scrivere a ©

Maths Teacher Training Aa A-Level Advanced Level qualifications are available for 16-18-year-olds in various subjects that help students make a successful transition to university and future careers. Academies Schools that have converted from formally local authority schools to become directly accountable to the Sectretary of State for Education. Accidental damage In addition to buildings and contents insurance most companies will insure accidental damage for an additional fee. Accommodation Where you live; including with parents, in a hostel, renting or buying. Account Arrangement with a bank or building society to hold your money in an account and allow you to take it when required. Actuaries Insurance professionals who analyse risk and its financial impact Advanced Tech levels Tech levels are rigorous advanced (level 3) technical qualifications on a par with A Levels and recognised by employers. Annual Equivalent Rate. After tax What you are left with after tax has been paid. All-risks Alternative credit Annuity Arrears

Trouver une liste, un forum - Les listes de diffusion et forums de discussion Chaque discipline scientifique a ses espaces privilégiés de discussion. Pour repérer les plus utiles dans son domaine et les forums réellement actifs, il y a plusieurs chemins : Les annuaires spécialisés : CRULes moteurs de recherche spécialisés : Yahoo Groupes, Google Groupes Ces outils permettent de préciser sa recherche par région du monde, thèmes, nombre d’inscrits, langues, et date du dernier message diffusé sur la liste. Chaque discipline scientifique a des espaces privilégiés de discussion. C’est en essayant, tour à tour, ces différents outils que l’on pourra connaître, au bout d’un certain temps, les plus efficaces selon nos besoins. Recherche dans Google Groupes ou Yahoo Groupes : - En parcourant l’annuaire des groupes : on peut préciser sa recherche par région du monde, thème, nombre d’inscrits, langues, et date du dernier message diffusé sur la liste. - En entrant une équation de recherche dans la barre de recherche de Google Groupes ou Yahoo Groupes.

Use Creative Math Sites to Support Struggling Students - San Jose ESL Math language can cause problems for many English language learners. Math word problems are especially difficult because the language around the word problem can often times be a challenge. As a very basic example, look at the many synonyms for "DECREASE": subtract, take away from, lowered by, reduce, minus, etc. Then there are the NON-MATH words in the problems. Look at this basic math problem for elementary school: Five boys and three girls went on a field trip. First problem--the problem starts off with BOYS and GIRLS and then combines the two to make CHILDREN. Since math becomes increasingly more difficult as ELLs move on to middle school and high school, the same problem still faces them---the language of math. The video sites below offer more support for struggling students both ELLs and EOs. Both sites are free of course though they do want students and teachers to register. Denise

GeoGebra Applet Central I dieci comandamenti per una presentazione perfetta | DidatticarteBlog Ecco la nota dolente di tanta didattica digitale: la presentazione! Sappiamo già come motivare la classe allo studio della storia dell’arte, conosciamo come rendere efficace una lezione ma possiamo rovinare tutto con un pessimo PPT… Qui vorrei dare alcuni suggerimenti per un’impaginazione efficace delle nostre slide. Per capire meglio come applicare queste regole, riporterò alcune immagini relative alle presentazioni raccolte tra le mie risorse di storia dell’arte. Il testo da inserire in una slide deve essere la sintesi di ciò che direste a voce. Dovete inserire pochissime frasi, con pochi incisi, sintetiche e separate tra loro da un’interlinea maggiore. Non usate sfondi dai colori improbabili con sfumature iridescenti. Per migliorare ulteriormente il contrasto tra il testo e lo sfondo si può aggiungere un’ombra sfumata al di sotto del testo. Rispettate sempre i giusti margini tra il testo e i bordi della slide e tra testo e figure. Questa è roba da grafici, lo so.

Videos and Worksheets | Corbettmaths Common marking codes for teachers Marking codes 2D shapes: names Video 1 Practice Questions Textbook Exercise 2D shapes: quadrilaterals Video 2 Practice Questions Textbook Exercise 3D shapes: names Video 3 Practice Questions Textbook Exercise 3D shapes: nets Video 4 Practice Questions Textbook Exercise 3D shapes: vertices, edges, faces Video 5 Practice Questions Textbook Exercise Addition: column method Video 6 Practice Questions Textbook Exercise Algebra: changing the subject Video 7 Practice Questions Textbook Exercise Algebra: changing the subject advanced Video 8 Practice Questions Textbook Exercise Algebra: collecting like terms Video 9 Practice Questions Textbook Exercise Algebra: completing the square Video 10 Practice Questions Textbook Exercise Algebra: dividing terms Video 11 Practice Questions Textbook Exercise Algebra: equation of a circle Video 12 Practice Questions Textbook Exercise Algebra: expanding brackets Video 13 Practice Questions Textbook Exercise

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