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How Much Money is a Top Google Ranking Worth to Your Business?

How Much Money is a Top Google Ranking Worth to Your Business?
Find this article useful? Please add this to for your future reference This article is also available in German. Sections An Example of This Research in Action Patrick, a moderator on our community forums, runs a Bingo Card Creator website which recently ranked #5 in Google for bingo cards. A #5 ranking sent him 6,000 unique visitors per month. You could do this type of calculation for any keyword you rank for that has significant search volume. Google Rankings Can Make or Break a Business While perusing the web I came across a WebmasterWorld thread about how Google allows other webmasters to damage your rankings. Sabotage is a serious problem and the more that Google's spam team seems to do the worse it seems to get. It is scary to think how reliant many businesses have become on search, but search is big business. How Much Are the Search Results Worth to Google? Not once, but twice Google has accidentally publicly displayed values on their search results. U.S. Sidebar Ads Brand Related:  SEO 2

» Distribution of Clicks on Google’s SERPs What is the distribution of clicks on a search engine results page? What percentage of clicks gets each search result according to its rank? How much more users’ attention gets the first listing compared to the second? Or how often do users click the listing below the page fold? The way users interact with SERPs is one of the most frequently discussed topics in the SEO community and is also a very important field of study for the search engine specialists. To answer the above questions researchers employ the so-called eye tracking experiments. Eye-Tracking Studies The objective of eye tracking studies is gaining insight into how users browse the presented abstracts and select links to click. To detect users’ interaction patterns the eye tracking experiment observes a number of indicators of ocular behavior using a CCD (charged couple device) camera similar to the appliance used to read bar codes. Cornell University Eye-Tracking Analysis of SE Users’ Behavior Fig 1. Fig 2. To Sum Up 1.

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Can Others Hurt Your Rankings - Part zillion... Google SEO News and Discussion forum at WebmasterWorld You've got a point there - perhaps you overstated bit, but still, today's sabotage situation does seem to be a side effect from some of Google's spam prevention approaches. There is a growing market for services that will take out a competitor, and that's a sad thing. It has parallels in some tacky offline business practices, but that doesn't make it palatable. When Google changed to saying "almost nothing a competitor can do", the writing was already on the wall. The problems that others can create through massive links are another thing altogether. I'm sure that this current situation is not the effect that Google wants to be creating.

Google Click Distribution – How Important is Number One? | Internet Marketing Blog We know that the better we rank in Google or other search engines, the more clicks we’re going to get, and the goal is to be ranked number one. This is intuitive and logical. But there’s a lot of debate about exactly how much better higher rankings are. How many people click on the number 1 Google result vs the third, or the tenth? While theories are wide and plentiful, we prefer to look at research done on the topic, which suggests that those first positions are very valuable indeed. Cornell University Study on Google Click Distribution Cornell University conducted one of the most interesting studies I’ve seen on the topic, using eye tracking to study not just which links were clicked in Google and the click distribution and percentages based on ranking, but where users were looking, what they looked at before making their click decision, and how long they pondered each listing. What does Cornell’s study tell us about Google SERP rank? Did you find this useful?

The Value of Google Result Positioning How much is the top spot on Google actually worth? According to data from the Chitika network, it’s worth a ton – double the traffic of the #2 spot, to be precise. In order to find out the value of SEO, we looked at a sample of traffic coming into our advertising network from Google and broke it down by Google results placement. The top spot drove 34.35% of all traffic in the sample, almost as much as the numbers 2 through 5 slots combined, and more than the numbers 5 through 20 (the end of page 2) put together. “Obviously, everyone knows that the #1 spot on Google is where you want to be,” says Chitika research director Daniel Ruby. “It’s just kind of shocking to look at the numbers and see just how important it is, and how much of a jump there is from 2 to 1.” The biggest jump, percentage-wise, is from the top of page 2 to the bottom of page 1.

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20 SEO Tips That Every Web Developer Should Follo One aspect of web development that is many times overlooked is search engine optimization. In this list, I’ll show you some basic SEO techniques that will help you make friends with Google, and increase your page rank! 1: Write Semantic and Valid Markup It’s important to write meaningful and semantic markup so search engines can easily extract and classify what’s relevant on your page. I can’t stress enough those two points. 2: Optimize your Title and Meta Tags the Correct Way Back in the day, meta tags were the first thing you had to take care of when dealing with SEO. Your title tag is very important to search engines, and like your meta tags, should be different for every page of your site. <title>John Smith's Shop</title> Something better would be: <title>John Smith's Fishing Supplies - Find the best fishing supplies in California</title> If you are using WordPress, there are many useful plugins for managing title and meta tags in your blog. 3: Always Use alt and title Attributes <?

Testing Amazon SES Email Sending - Amazon Simple Email Service Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) provides a mailbox simulator that you can use to test how your application handles various email sending scenarios without affecting your sending quota or your bounce and complaint metrics. The Amazon SES mailbox simulator is a set of test email addresses. Each email address represents a specific scenario. You can send emails to the mailbox simulator when you want to: Test your application without having to create test "To" addresses.Test how your email sending program handles bounces, complaints, and out-of-the-office (OOTO) responses.See what happens when you email an address that is on the Amazon SES suppression list.Generate a bounce without putting a valid email address on the suppression list. To use the mailbox simulator, email the addresses and observe how your setup responds to the simulated scenarios. Important The mailbox simulator provides typical bounce, complaint, and OOTO responses.

Top Google Result Gets 36.4% of Clicks [Study] It's critical for websites to appear on Page 1 of Google, especially in one of the top three organic positions, as these spots receive 58.4 percent of all clicks from users, according to a new study from Optify. Websites ranked number one received an average click-through rate (CTR) of 36.4 percent; number two had a CTR of 12.5 percent; and number three had a CTR of 9.5 percent. Being number one in Google, according to Optify, is the equivalent of all the traffic going to the sites appearing in the second through fifth positions. Here's Optify's look at CTRs on the top 20 sites: Basically, Optify concludes that moving up to the top spot in Google from second or third could triple visits to your website. Optify's study of U.S. Here are some of Optify's other findings. Importance of Page 1 The average CTR on Page 1 of Google was 8.9 percent, but the average CTR on Page 2 was 1.5 percent. Head Terms vs. Bottom line: let your business goals shape your SEO strategy.

What is broad match? - AdWords Help When you use broad match, your ads automatically run on relevant variations of your keywords, even if these terms aren't in your keyword lists. This helps you attract more visitors to your website, spend less time building keyword lists, and focus your spending on keywords that work. Broad match is the default match type that all your keywords are assigned if you don't specify another match type (exact match, phrase match, or negative match). The Google AdWords system automatically runs your ads on relevant variations of your keywords, including synonyms, singular and plural forms, possible misspellings, stemmings (such as floor and flooring), related searches, and other relevant variations. Example How broad match can help you You can set any or all of your search-targeted keywords to broad match to help you do the following: Spend less time building keyword lists: You don't have to think of every possible keyword variation -- our system does the work for you. Tips

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