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Death in Rome Game

Death in Rome Game
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BBC: Primary History - Romans Quizz : les personnages de romans policiers Ne vous fiez pas aux apparences des quelques premières questions assez faciles pour vous mettre en chauffe. Il s’agit là d’un véritable défi que vous proposent les iPaginauteurs. Tous les quiz – lorsqu’ils sont prêts – sont mis en ligne pour le vendredi, juste avant le défi du week-end (pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici ). Ce quiz vous est proposé par Agathe et Lilas. <div id="mtq_javawarning-1" class="mtq_javawarning"> Veuillez attendre la fin du chargement de l'activité. Félicitation - vous avez complété PERSONNAGES DE ROMANS POLICIERS. Vos réponses sont surlignés ci-dessous. Il y a 10 questions à compléter. Du latin quies qui serait dérivé de qui es ? L’histoire raconte qu’au théâtre de Dublin, le propriétaire du nom de Richard Daly fait un pari qu’il pouvait, dans les quarante-huit heures faire d’un mot absurde, le plus connu de toute la ville, et que le public lui fournirait un sens pour elle. Sur le même thème Quiz littéraire : on joue Molière au théâtre ce soir... 3 octobre 2014

Underground Railroad - Home To play this game, you will need to install or update the Sandstone Player. Get Sandstone Player The Sandstone Player is a free web-browser plug-in that delivers immersive 3D games and simulations in your browser. Fall of the Romans: Go History Go! The Fall of the Roman Empire Update in Progress I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It Don't Mean a Thing If You Can't Pay for Your Bling For the last 300 years, much of Western Europe had been conquered and ruled by Rome. Those Romans loved their bling as much as the next guy and trade boomed during the Pax Romana (Roman Peace). For centuries Roman emperors spent money like there was no tomorrow. Soldiers Gone Wild With over one million miles of border to guard— stretching from the British coast to Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq)— the biggest hotspots for trouble were with the mighty Persian Empire in the east and the Germanic tribes who lived north of the Rhine River in the west. The Roman legion never could seem to find enough recruits to help maintain order and so it turned to hiring barbarians such as the Goths and Vandals and promised them land and citizenship in return. Fall of Rome... The Roman Empire had been bleeding a slow death for nearly 300 years.

Quizz : les héros de romans policiers Accueil > Art et litterature > Livres > Héros romans policiers Quiz héros de romans policiers Retrouvez les célèbres héros de romans policiers (Sherlock Holmes, Hercules Poirot,..) dans ce quiz de 10 questions. Saurez vous retrouver leurs noms, prénoms, particularités, auteurs,... Qui a créé le personnage du détective privé Philip Marlowe? Quelle est la nationalité d'Hercule Poirot, le héros d'Agatha Christie? Comment s'appelle la secrétaire de Nestor Burma? Dans quel roman apparaît en premier le personnage de Sherlock Holmes? Quel est le prénom du commissaire Maigret? Comment s'appelle le policier créé par Stanislas-André Steeman que l'on retrouve entre autre dans « L'assassin habite au 21 »? Quel est le métier de Rouletabille? Qui est l'auteur de la série des romans policiers « San-Antonio »? Quel est le surnom du personnage Augustus SFX Van Dusen créé par Jacques Futrelle? Dans quelle pays travaille le policier Adamsberg? Plan site Joueurs - Top 10

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Pompeii: Go Social Studies Go! The outside temperature rose to 570 degrees Fahrenheit instantly killing its victim. The ash that followed preserved their last moments. The archaeology behind Pompeii ​Borrowed from the Greeks, Romans created mosaics from cut glass, marble, and even pebbles. Before Vesuvius the city of Pompeii was already historic, with some homes in the center of city dating back to 300 B.C.E. Tragedy in Pompeii Much of what historians know about life during the days of the Roman Empire is all due to the bad luck of one Roman town: Pompeii. On August 24, 79 CE, the long dormant volcano, Vesuvius, roared back to life trapping the 20,000 residents of Pompeii inside the city. The volcanic cloud, now known as a Plinian Column, could be seen for miles early that afternoon. Pompeii would not be rediscovered until 1599 and then forgotten again until excavations began once again in 1764, 1860, and 1960. Walk the narrow cobbled streets of Pompeii and you can imagine what life was like 2,000 years ago.

Détective : menez l'enquête en français ! Play Play games online Test your skills, knowledge (and bravery!) in Time explorer - the new adventure game from the British Museum. Travel back in time to explore ancient cultures and rescue precious objects from imminent disaster.Play now! More games Museum Run: race against timeLittle or Large: how big? Augustus: Go Social Studies Go! Rome's First "Emperor" Augustus Caesar Ancient Rome is back to it's former glory thanks to Google Earth technology Enter the Empire History is full of quirky ironies. Take the assassination of Julius Caesar for instance. The Roman Republic had become too weak to govern such a vast and quarrelsome bunch of people. The first of the Roman emperors was the adopted son of Julius Caesar-- Octavian. Octavian became known as Augustus or "great one" and ruled as Caesar Augustus. The people accepted this new government change without much grumbling. Augustus ranks on our list of # 1 Roman emperors not just because he was the first but because, it was under his direction that Rome became one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen. "I found Rome of clay; I leave it to you of marble" -Augustus Caesar on his death bed The Pax Romana Say the word "dictator" and some guy like Hitler or Musollini comes to mind. Augustus was a man of the people. Augustus also made trade easier and safer.

Gladiators: Go Social Studies Go! Nat Geo: When Rome Ruled: Secrets of the Gladiators Source: Becoming a Gladiator When the Romans were looking to blow an entire day watching unadulterated violence they didn’t reach for GTA. The Roman Empire lived for one thing: expansion. Gladiators came from all over the Roman Empire: POW’s, convicted criminals, unruly slaves, they were all forced to do battle for the amusement of the bloodthirsty Roman masses. A gladiator was the property of his ludus--his training school. The typical day for a gladiator was spent like that of any other warrior--hours of mind numbing training. Armed with wooden weapons, gladiators would try to impress their trainers by hacking away at a 6 foot high wooden practice pole. The trainee's number one priority was to get to the top of the pole. The name 'Colosseum' actually refers to the giant bronze statue of 'Colossus Nero' that once stood outside the arena. -Roman historian Seneca Types of Gladiators The Imperial Games - Imperial Forums Official Website - Rome, Italy - Il sito ufficiale dei Fori Imperiali di Roma Welcome to the official website of the Roman Imperial Forums for the Y2K This project started in 1999 to celebrate the new millennium of the archaeological area of Rome, near the Colosseum, under the patronage of the Municipality of Rome and its mayor, sponsored by Canon and Microsoft Italy. This website contains more than 1,000 files. Visit it all, if you want, but please don't miss: Welcome to Rome. Welcome to the archaeological site of the Imperial Forums, one of the largest areas in the world where digging, research and studies are still under way. This is the rationale for the creation of CAPITOLIUM.ORG, an official source of live information on the archaeological site of the Imperial Forums. Here, you can find the technical details of the works and of the finds, the history of the age of Emperors, slices of life of ancient Romans, live and library images. This wealth should be made available to scholars but, above all, to the public at large.