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Unstuck iPad app - How to live better every day - Unstuck

Unstuck iPad app - How to live better every day - Unstuck

Can An iPad App Really Make You More Productive And Inspired? | Co.Design Okay, so you’re supposed to be working on something and you know you’re supposed to be working on that something but, for whatever reason, you can’t seem to get going. Surfing the Internet for a while hasn’t helped (hint: it never does) but you’re wondering if maybe there’s a tool to help you get unstuck. Enter: Unstuck, an app for your iPad. Unstuck is a spin-off from SYPartners, "a company that helps leaders and their teams during times of transformation." The idea is that you can follow a few easy steps to tell the app about your situation and then it’ll give you advice. You start by picking three feelings, filling in some details by multiple choice, and then the app gives you a pile of virtual cards to sort into "so me" and "not me." If you are reading this and thinking "that sounds a lot like an interactive Cosmo quiz," then I have successfully conveyed the experience of using the app. There is no denying that Unstuck is a very pretty app.

Top 10 Ways Your Brain Is Sabotaging You (and How to Beat It) @Firesphere: Not that I don't believe you, but do you have a source for that? @inverts: I did, it was an article on a Dutch website. I'm searching for an English source. It was testet with CAT scans etcetera, the male brain showed indeed no activity when asked to "shut your eyes and calm down, think of as less as possible" Where the female brain kept being active. *Searches on* A funny side-fact on this: "Female" gays, seem to never be able to "shutdown" where as "male" lesbians were able to completely stop thinking. Sorry, I am unable to find the article I got this information from. If I find it again, I'll let it know offcourse. @Firesphere: The article suggests from that information, that those with a "masculine" mindset (for lack of a better term) can shut their brains down; "feminine" brains always have at least one task running then?

// Backpack Hacks Ah yes, 37signal's Backpack is an amazing, simple tool for even those who don't know html. I've compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you get more out of Backpack. Example Uses CSS Customization Formatting, Symbols & Colors The great thing about Backpack is that even my girlfriend can edit and make good looking pages. A few most useful Textile references: Create a link: Use: "Taylor McKnight": To get: Taylor McKnight Symbols: Use → To get: → (Which is good for setting apart important items. Tables: Easily create tables with nothing more than |'s check out the how-to. Integrating Images Adding images into your notes and lists is a great way to visually set apart things and find what you are looking for. For Lists You can use Item Label Images For Notes As seen on my Europe Travel Page, I used images to set apart whether it was a flight, hotel, or train. Linking As seen on my Europe Travel Page I have the top Itinerary linked to specific sections down on the page.

The 20 best Android apps for creatives | App | Page 2 The Android platform just grows and grows - here's a rundown of the best Android apps available for designers on Google's mobile OS. Android is hugely popular. In fact, it's the world's most-used mobile OS. And the ecosystem is evolving. However, as developers have become more savvy to the opportunities of Android - and its huge install base - there are now many many apps on offer for the creative. Also read: Best iPhone apps for designers 01. Developer: Adobe Price: Free Adobe Photoshop Express for Android is a basic but capable image editor that lets you make quick edits on your phone or tablet and has the tremendous advantage of being free. So what's new in version 2.0? 02. Developer: Bulkypix Price: $2.99/£2.22 We love the idea behind Type:Rider. The levels themselves are typographically themed, with the landscape made up in part of letterforms from various typefaces. 03. Developer: Aviate Price: Free 04. Developer: Paperless Price: £1.99 05. Developer: Fontly Price: £1.99 06. 07. 08.

Seasonal Affective Disorder – The Basics | A Blog Around The Clock First published on February 05, 2006. So, why do I say that it is not surprising the exposure to bright light alleviates both seasonal depression and other kinds of depression, and that different mechanisms may be involved? In mammals, apart from visual photoreception (that is, image formation), there is also non-visual photoreception. The receptors of the former are the rods and cones that you all learned about in middle school. The receptors for the latter are a couple of thousand Retinal Ganglion Cells (RGCs) located in the retina in each eye. The axons – nerve processes – from these cells go to and make connections in three parts of the brain. The second is the brain center involved in the control of mood. The third place where these RGCs project is the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) – the main circadian pacemaker in the mammalian circadian system. Much of the work on seasonal depression (SAD) suggests that it appears in response to the changes in daylength – the photoperiod.

10 simple ways to save yourself from messing up your life - Step Stop taking so much notice of how you feel. How you feel is how you feel. It’ll pass soon. What you’re thinking is what you’re thinking. Adrian Savage is a writer, an Englishman, and a retired business executive, in that order. Read full content

J Wynia It’s been a while. OK, that’s a whopper of an understatement. There’s the usual suspects that play a part: little stuff being posted on Twitter and other interests like brewing, Irish song and mandolin, etc. One could even just wave a hand and chalk it up to “being busy”. But, “being busy” has really had a very specific meaning for me for the last 18 months or so. Since about 2007, I’ve been working with/subcontracting for the guys at JDB Associates, in particular, Dave (the “D”) for nearly all of my projects. Those commonalities combined with several long-lasting frustrations we shared. This means that you actually get punished for getting better or more efficient at what you do. I won’t pretend that 10x ratios are always there, but I do know that the longer I do this, the better I get at it and that little bit of reality isn’t encouraging if you’re getting paid hourly. Second, we both lamented the fact that, for many of these common problems, we were basically re-inventing the wheel.

Apps in Education Blood test accurately distinguishes depressed patients from healthy controls Public release date: 1-Feb-2012 [ Print | E-mail Share ] [ Close Window ] Contact: Kristen 617-643-3907Massachusetts General Hospital The initial assessment of a blood test to help diagnose major depressive disorder indicates it may become a useful clinical tool. In a paper published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, a team including Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers reports that a test analyzing levels of nine biomarkers accurately distinguished patients diagnosed with depression from control participants without significant false-positive results. "Traditionally, diagnosis of major depression and other mental disorders has been made based on patients' reported symptoms, but the accuracy of that process varies a great deal, often depending on the experience and resources of the clinician conducting the assessment," says George Papakostas, MD, of the MGH Department of Psychiatry, lead and corresponding author of the report. [ Print | E-mail