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Free Unstuck app for iPhone, Android, iPad, and Web

Free Unstuck app for iPhone, Android, iPad, and Web
Who are we, and what makes us so smart about getting unstuck? Unstuck is the brainchild of the people at SY, a company that consults with and builds digital products for business undergoing large-scale strategic change. Since 1994, we've worked with the leaders of smart companies such as Apple, Nike, Facebook, Starbucks, IBM, and Disney to help them move past a stuck moment and make transformative change. Learn more about SY

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Four Steps to Simplify Your Daily Social Media Activities « Social Media Examiner Do you engage with your audience on multiple social platforms? Do you want to work more efficiently? Focusing your efforts on the social channels and engagement signals that are most beneficial to your business can save you time. In this article you’ll discover how to create a social media to-do list in four steps. Discover how to simplify your daily social media activities.

Recollective Baseline Better Decisions From Deeper Insights Until now there hasn't been an easy and accessible way to ask and understand why people act and think as they do. Professional researchers answer this question by examining behaviours and emotional reactions through in-person focus groups. You may gauge this type of learning by hosting meetings, sending emails or chatting by the water cooler. Recollective Baseline brings this process online and gives you access to the same tool the Pros use. What Can Coaches Do for You? In the seventeenth century, the French statesman Cardinal Richelieu relied heavily on the advice of Father François Leclerc du Tremblay, known as France’s éminence grise for his gray monk’s habit. Like the famous cardinal, today’s business leaders have their gray eminences. But these advisers aren’t monks bound by a vow of poverty. They’re usually called executive coaches, and they can earn up to $3,500 an hour. To understand what they do to merit that money, HBR conducted a survey of 140 leading coaches and invited five experts to comment on the findings.

What Is Coaching? And Other Relevant Questions As we offer various services to help organizations transition from a traditional software development approach to a more Agile approach, we are often asked why use coaching? Assuming you are also asked the same question, you may find this short blog post useful to help you properly answer the questions. What is Coaching? Bienvenido de vuelta - Pipedrive Pipedrive and Google Calendar Integration Receives a Comprehensive Update hace 3 días The integration between Pipedrive and Google Calendar has received a hefty and strong overhaul, making the integration far faster and more customizable than before. Here’s a brief overview of the 3 updates to the Pipedrive-Google Calendar integration: 1. Subject customization You can now customize the subject line of your calendar event however you like.

Top iPad Apps for Student Creativity My school is currently 1:1 iPads in Grades 1, 4, and 5, and next year we're expanding that to include Grades 2 and 3. Like most schools, we went through a phase where we tried out LOTS of different apps, but over time, we whittled those down into our Core Apps, ones that are flexible and powerful enough to be used in every subject all day long. One of the keys for me is that these apps can be used by students to CREATE things, not just consume things. 14 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Coaching Experience While coaching is a highly effective way of accelerating your development as a leader, it also represents a significant investment of time and money. Here are fourteen ways to get the most out of your leadership coaching experience. Craft a bold new future.

Nine Ways to Get the Most from an Executive Coaching Program By Suzanne Bates You have made the decision to hire an executive coach. Now you want to make sure it's a great experience, one that you look back on as a great time in your career. You want to both enjoy the process and reap real benefits - so it takes you where you want to go. How can you make the most of the opportunity you've been given? First, know that because your company has hired a coach for you, you're important to them.

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