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Wired for Books: poems, stories, plays, essays, lectures, and interviews for children and adults

Wired for Books: poems, stories, plays, essays, lectures, and interviews for children and adults
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The Victorian Web: An Overview Walden Media The Return of the Biblioracle by John Warner Still more questions for, and answers from, the Biblioracle: That first installment of the Biblioracle was quite something, wasn’t it? Boy howdy! Were you surprised by the outpouring of requests for book recommendations? Come on! How do you mean, virtual reality? Compare this to the experience of reading a book, where one’s brain is actually engaged. I think that what any of us pays for when entering into a reading experience is that feeling of seeing another mind at work, and not at work in a rational way. When I finish a good book, it’s like emerging from a dream, a lovely fog over my brain. When I walked out of Avatar, I had a migraine and a worthless pair of ugly glasses. And as for the role video games play, let me recommend the incredible new book by Tom Bissell, Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter. That’s great and all, books are fantastic, blah blah blah, but what you’re doing isn’t all that special, is it? How about librarians, don’t they do the same thing, every day, for free? The Online Books Page Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture Areas You are here: These are the areas which are currently available in the Encyclopedia Mythica. Click on one of the links below or use the quick-jump menu on the right to directly go to the area of your choice. Mythology The mythology area is divided in 6 geographical regions: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania. Folklore Folklore from all over the world, including cryptozoology. Bestiary A bestiary with legendary and mythical creatures. Heroes The most famous heroes and heroines from many cultures, among which Greek, Japanese, and Norse. Image gallery Hundreds of images of deities, heroes, and creatures from many mythologies. Genealogy The genealogy tables of various pantheons and prominent Houses. Featured items Area with various interesting mythology and folklore related items, such as Witchcraft and the Arabian Nights.

The Book Bench: The Trouble With Recommending Books : The New Yo As a child—an easily bored, semi-feral child without a TV—I spent a lot of time in the local bookstore. The store had a large children’s section, with rows and rows of chapter books that led out to a small café, but by the time I was eight or nine, I would peruse the stacks and come away with the distinct impression that I had read everything there. The only thing—or, rather, person—that stopped me from giving up and turning to some other sort of entertainment was the children’s bookseller, a short black-haired woman who had read everything and could, if I told her some books I liked, recommend a new one to me—inevitably a more obscure but equally good one—with seemingly magical accuracy, the way that other adults enjoy pulling quarters out of kids ears. It was astonishing. The recent appearance of the Biblioracle had a similar effect on me.

No Fear Shakespeare No Fear Shakespeare puts Shakespeare's language side-by-side with a facing-page translation into modern English—the kind of English people actually speak today. Table of Contents Characters Act 1 Act 1, Scene 1 Act 1, Scene 2 Act 1, Scene 3 Act 2 Act 2, Scene 1 Act 2, Scene 2 Act 2, Scene 3 Act 2, Scene 4 Act 2, Scene 5 Act 2, Scene 6 Act 2, Scene 7 Act 2, Scene 8 Act 2, Scene 9 Act 3 Act 3, Scene 1 Act 3, Scene 2 Act 3, Scene 3 Act 3, Scene 4 Act 3, Scene 5 Act 4 Act 4, Scene 1 Act 4, Scene 2 Act 5 Act 5, Scene 1 How to Cite No Fear The Merchant of Venice Perhaps the World Ends Here by Joy Harjo

For many years, most of the best writers of the English
language found their way to Don Swaim's CBS Radio
studio in New York. The one-on-one interviews typically
lasted 30 to 45 minutes and then had to be edited down
to a two-minute radio show. Listen to the voices of many of the greatest writers of the
twentieth century. by nda_librarian Apr 30

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