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Sj warrierz rawr - This is a resource post for all the Good White...

Sj warrierz rawr - This is a resource post for all the Good White...
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Recognizing privilege and structural racism now playing Recognizing privilege and structural racismup next Only abortion clinic in Miss. facing shutdown Is the Vatican sending mixed messages? Obama takes new aggressive stance on Russia Any chance for Mideast peace? Controversy around racially-charged tapes Paul Ryan to meet with Black Caucus Women running out of options? MHP: Why changing Redskins’ name makes sense The Distress of the Privileged « The Weekly Sift This time, though, it doesn’t work. No wife, no kids, no food. Confused, he repeats the invocation, as if he must have said it wrong. After searching the house, he wanders out into the rain and plaintively questions this strangely malfunctioning Universe: “Where’s my dinner?” Privileged distress. If you are one of the newly-visible others, this all sounds whiny compared to the problems you face every day. Tempting, but also, I think, a mistake. So I think it’s worthwhile to spend a minute or two looking at the world from George Parker’s point of view: He’s a good 1950s TV father. George never demanded a privileged role, he just uncritically accepted the role society assigned him and played it to the best of his ability. It seems so unfair. Levels of distress. George deserves compassion, but his until-recently-ideal housewife Betty Parker (and the other characters assigned subservient roles) deserves justice. Tolerating Dan Cathy. “Nothing mutual about it.” Christian push-back.

Books on Privilege 1 year ago with 5138 notes Enjoy this list, I’ am not your educator but these people have taken the time to write about their personal experiences/lives/poetry/statics/facts on racism and sexism and intersectionality that is often times ignored. But simultaneously all happening at the same time in the same situation. ————————————————————————————————————— Lies my teacher told me by James W. Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present by Harriet A. Learning to be white by Thandeka Why are all the Black kids sitting together in the cafeteria? Black skin, white masks by Frantz Fanon, Charles Lam Markmann Black Looks : Race and Representations by Bell Hooks The Bluest Eyes by Toni Morrison The Soul of Black Folk by W.E.B. Ain’t I a woman: Black Women and Feminism by Bell Hooks How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney, Vincent Harding (Introduction) Nobody Knows my name by James Baldwin Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

Intent! It’s Fucking Magic! | Genderbitch: Musings of a Trans Chick Crossposted to Questioning Transphobia Warning: This post is sarcastic to such a point as you may actually slip in the pools of sarcasm that are dripping off of it. Please walk carefully. The caution cones are there for your protection. Also, we totally didn’t intend for you to slip so we’re not responsible if you do. Today, someone said a slur. So if you out a trans woman? See, the great thing about this thaumaturgy is that it protects anything a privileged asshole says! So say, if you make a bunch of racist jokes, instead of contributing to the systemic oppression of POC, the bewitching might of Intent (I’m capitalizing the I now, to give it proper respect as a primary element) spreads out, blocking every single person from fully hearing the awful racist shit you just said, further preventing them from internalizing it and using it to justify actions. But you see, it goes further than that. Intent is so unbelievably epic that it doesn’t just cover slurs. Isn’t that magical? Like this:

Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack II This article is based on Peggy McIntosh’s article on white privilege and was written by a number of straight-identified students at Earlham College who got together to look at some examples of straight privilege. These dynamics are but a few examples of the privilege which straight people have. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer-identified folk have a range of different experiences, but cannot count on most of these conditions in their lives. On a daily basis as a straight person… I can be pretty sure that my roomate, hallmates and classmates will be comfortable with my sexual orientation. If I pick up a magazine, watch TV, or play music, I can be certain my sexual orientation will be represented.

Sociology Books A Guide to Derailing Conversations Literacy Privilege: How I Learned to Check Mine Instead of Making Fun of People’s Grammar on the Internet « Painting the Grey Area My name is Chandra, and I am a recovering grammar snob. There was a time that it gave me a blush of pride to be referred to as “the Spelling Sergeant” or “the Punctuation Police”. I would gleefully tear a syntactic strip out of anybody who fell victim to the perils of poor parallelism or the menace of misplaced modifiers. Four years ago, I was hired in a program that helps disadvantaged adults acquire fundamental literacy skills. It’s a tough habit to break, though. It’s one thing to take an erudite journalist or grandiloquent blogger (don’t know any of those, myself) down a notch, although there are valid arguments against even this; grammatical exactitude can suffocate creativity and clarity, and many prescriptive rules were totally fabricated by Latin-centric snobs. Here are some of the things we don’t know about Jonny. It might turn out through subsequent forum posts that Jonny is actually a bit of a dick. This is no trifling issue, either. Literacy Privilege Checklist: Like this:

L'antiracisme commence avec la déconstruction du privilège blanc Temps de lecture: 7 min Lors des récentes manifestations au TGP de Saint-Denis, qui mettaient en cause le racisme d’Exhibit B –performance revendiquant une réflexion sur le rapport noirs/blancs et la colonisation– la rappeuse Casey a abordé un paradoxe encore tabou en France, tant de le monde artistique que dans la société civile: «Tu peux pas parler d'esclavage en montrant que l'esclave, faut montrer aussi l'esclavagiste (…) faut que le blanc il se détermine en tant que blanc (…) Ils ont du mal à se projeter, ils ont du mal à se déterminer en tant que blancs» C’est cette question de l'indicible pendant de l'altérité, à savoir la norme, que résumait déjà la sociologue et féministe Colette Guillaumin, en 1978, dans Pratique du pouvoir et idée de Nature: «On dit des Noirs qu'ils sont Noirs par rapport aux Blancs, mais les Blancs sont, tout court, il n'est d'ailleurs pas sûr que les Blancs soient d'une quelconque couleur.» Le privilège blanc «Mais qu'est-ce qu'être blanc? La cécité française

QUEERING THE GAME OF LIFE - I think another reason why it’s important to not... Quelle est la couleur du blanc ? Dans son ouvrage intitulé Dans le blanc des yeux, le sociologue Maxime Cervulle, maître de conférences en sciences de l’information et de la communication à l’université Paris-8-Vincennes, ainsi qu’au Centre d’études sur les médias, les technologies et l’internationalisation, à Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), interroge la notion de «blanchité». Depuis quelques mois, cette question agite la sphère sociale française, d’injures publiques en tribunes médiatiques, parfois nauséabondes. C’est pourquoi il convient d’étudier le champ théorique qui entoure la «blanchité», tout comme sa représentation sur les écrans. C’est aussi le sujet d’un article de Maxime Cervulle dans un autre livre, De quelle couleur sont les Blancs ? Comment percevez-vous les événements récents liés aux injures racistes visant Christiane Taubira ? Je suis frappé par le fait que lorsque les médias s’emparent d’une polémique liée au racisme, on assiste souvent à une forme d’individualisation de la question.