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Make an iPhone App, Create iPhone App, Create Android Apps

Make an iPhone App, Create iPhone App, Create Android Apps

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AppSeed Transforms Your Sketches Into App Prototypes AppSeed is an app that turns your sketches into prototypes. Image: AppSeed Users sketch a wireframe and then take a photo. Image: AppSeed Computer vision identifies enclosed spaces like a box and decides what to do with it. Do It Yourself: Create Your Own iOS or Android Apps - Buzztouch You don't need programming knowledge to build an iOS or Android app. Really. It might be the people lining up to get the new iPad that grab headlines, but those who want to develop and publish apps for the device are the ones who'll benefit most from its screen time. Whether it's on an iOS or Android device, mobile users now spend more time using apps than they do on the Web. Flurry Analytics found that mobile users devote an average of 94 minutes of the day to apps, while they give just 72 minutes to the Web. Apple's App Store just crossed the 25 billion mark in downloaded apps and, in December, Google announced that 10 billion Android apps have found their way onto mobile devices.

Pricing — Mobile apps for events, conferences and more Free No credit card required! Build one HTML5 app Ad-free up to 20 users Basic email support Get started Build Your Own Apps: 3 DIY App Builders for Non-Programmers Here at Idea to Appster, we’re not very big proponents of going the DIY route. (Unless you’re doing something super cool like launching a rocket with Alka-Seltzer or performing culinary wizardry). We do recognize, however, that money doesn’t grow on trees and that there are arguably cheaper, arguably faster, arguably easier ways to build an app than hiring a professional developer. Below, we’ve got three DIY app builders you may consider. Don’t worry, our feelings won’t get hurt. Infinite Monkeys makes creating an app a snap. From beginner to selling my app in the app store in 2 months I’ve read many posts in the past asking how to get started learning to code, or asking what people should do next after they’ve finished Code Academy. I wanted to give my story thus far to help others get started, because I’m currently on a “progress high” from how exciting it is to make an app. “No experience” It would be a lie to say I had absolutely no experience, but the experience I had prior to this process was limited to my engineering 101 course, where we learned how to draft algorithms and make small programs in C++ and Matlab.

How to build an Android app One of the strengths of the Android platform compared to iOS, for example, is that it has an open source basis, which makes it easier to produce your own applications and distribute them without waiting for a lengthy approval process. You can set up your own Android app on your PC as long as you have the right software installed, and you can even take it for a test drive using an Android emulator so you can see what it will look like when it's run on a smartphone. There are two techniques that you can use to produce Android applications with a PC. The first uses the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). This lets you write raw code and helps you get it working in the Android environment.

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Creating an App from Scratch: Part 7 › Copter Labs Where We’re At Now that we’ve got a set of AJAX controls mostly assembled, we can start building our PHP class to handle list interactions. This class will be called ColoredListsItems and it will reside in the file in the inc folder. This class will contain methods to handle all of the actions performed by our app or our users regarding list items. Namely, these actions are: Getting started with app development - Apps Web apps are apps built using standard Web technologies. They work in any modern Web browser, and can be developed using your favorite tools. Some characteristics that distinguish Web apps from websites: Apps are installed by a user, they are self-contained and don't always require the chrome of a browser window, and they can be built to run offline.

Make an App without Coding using Andromo App Maker for Android If you can point and click, you can make an Android app. No kidding. Make your own app right now. Andromo makes it fast and easy to create Android apps, with absolutely no programming required. The great thing about it is that you can re-purpose the online content that you already have. Beginner’s Guide to iOS Development: The Interface – Part I Apple has been a leading industry in the mobile world for years with its iPhone and iPad series. Despite the hype it can create with every official release like iOS 5, it’s also holding a large portion of market shares in the mobile platform, and this is probably the reason that most clients will want their app to exist in the Apple’s app store, thus becoming the reason for developers to learn and build the iPhone app. (Image Source: Apple Developer) The good news is, iPhone application development is not as hard as you might think, and this post exists as a comprehensive guide to walk you through the complete process of building an application for iPhone. We’ll be discussing the reasons, phases, and tools for developing the app, and ultimately you will follow an easy tutorial to design the basic iPhone application using the Xcode 4.2.

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