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Suivre des envois Ukrposhta.url

Suivre des envois Ukrposhta.url
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Polivoks ze.url More pix - here POLIVOKS is a legendary polyphonic 2 OSC analog synthesizer; it was among the first synthesizers produced in the USSR. Polivoks had been produced since 1982 by Formanta electronic factory (one of the biggest at the time); it was sold exclusively in the USSR. Polivoks has its own particular electronic parts, reliable keyboard (49 notes F–E) made in magnetically controlled contacts; synthesis modules consist of independent boards, which is convenient for maintenance. The synthesizer has 2-voices polyphony; each oscillator works with a keyboard note independently; two types of filters – bandpass/lowpass and external input for cutoff control. In addition, Polivoks is housed in an original body of uncommon design with handy controls. Sound synthesis control consists of 8 sections – MODULATOR, MASTER, OSCs TUNING(under the cover with the label "Polivoks"), OSC 1, OSC 2, MIXER, FILTER, AMPLIFIER. Polivoks is the most popular vintage Russian synthesizer all over the world.

Shipito: Adresses aux USA & Réexpédition de Colis Polivoks - Russian vintage synth - Electronic Music.url digg Find just about any keyboard synthesizer online at For many years Russian Federation has been an isolated economy. Polivoks was designed by an engineering team lead by Vladimir Kuzmin from the Urals Vector Company later built by Formanta Radio Plant in the early 80′s. As one of the most extraordinary vintage synths, Polivoks deserves to be properly documented and preserved. POLIVOKS is a polyphonic 2 OSC analog synthesizer. Polivoks Rear View How did all this began ? Vladimir Kuzmin: Till the age of 10 I dreamt of becoming a painter but later I began to be interested in technic that lead me to radioelectronics. After graduating the university I began to work at a factory where already was a bureau where some enthusiasts were engineering first electronic musical instruments and sound reinforcement equipment. The synth is duophonic not polyphonic, so why the name Polivoks ? Did the modular synths existed in Russia before the Polivoks’era ? VK: What contacts? VK: No way!

RGTS - Remi Girardin transports services - UK - Europe RGTS - Remi Girardin Transport Services est une socit indpendante specialise dans les dmnagements et le transport de colis, bagages, marchandises ou petits vhicules DANS TOUTE L'EUROPE. Nous offrons des solutions efficaces et conomiques aux entreprises comme aux particuliers, grace a nos vehicules adaptes depuis le point de depart jusqu'au lieu d'arrivee. Nous n'utilisons pas d'autres transporteurs.Vos biens restent sous notre controle du depart a l' arrivee et sont traits avec le plus grand soin. Nous travaillons en permanence afin de pouvoir vous offrir les meilleurs services de qualit, rapidit, prix. Nous contacter: RGTS Europe Ltd Unit 2 cornishway south Galmington trading estate Taunton Somerset TA1 5NQ Angleterre Bureau 1 :+44(0)1 823 322 869 Bureau 2: +44 (0)1 823 323368 E-mail: Envoi d'exces de bagages moins cher Ligne speciale rapide Angleterre - Espagne - France Service porte a porte economique et rapide

Museum of Soviet synthesizers..url Formanta EMS-01 Photo Description FORMANTA EMS-01 is an electronical music instrument combining a polyphonic organ and a monophonic synthesizer. The synthesizer has: 3-octave keyboard; modulator, modulation voltage from which is applied to frequency modulator, width modulator, filter, and amplifier; broad band oscillators 1 and 2 (with various waveforms); mixer, designed for summation of signals from oscillators 1 and 2, noise generator, external source, and ring modulator; filter, designed for dynamic and static changing of the spectrum of summarized signal from mixer output; amplifier, designed for making the sound corresponding to various parameters of the envelope; Visual division of the synthesizer panel into the above listed sections and their lay-out make it more easy to orientate oneself while setting the required timbre. Specifications: Engineer: Alexander Reunov, designer: Andrey Petukhov, produced by Formanta Katchkanar radio plant. Sounds Formanta EMS-01 | Manuals

Vous avez une visseuse et 4 jours devant vous ? Vous voulez monter votre maison ? Pour tous ceux qui ne sont pas encore propriétaires, il faut bien avouer que nous sommes nombreux à caresser le rêve de pouvoir accéder à la propriété. Créé par un cabinet de design et d’architecture marseillais, voici un prototype qui, je dois l’avouer, m’a clairement tapé dans l’oeil. Voici la Pop-Up House, une maison passive, recyclable, facile à monter et… particulièrement accessible ! Aux alentours de 200€ le m2, le prototype visible dans la vidéo a donc coûté 30 000€ (sans le second oeuvre). Le concept n’est pas encore commercialisé, et Multipod Studio, les initiateurs du projet, sont à la recherche de partenaires industriels. Je sais pas pour vous… mais moi, en tous cas, cela me donne furieusement envie !

Formanta Polivoks Vintage Synth Explorer.url The Polivoks is the most popular vintage Russian synth made in the early 80's and it was among the first synthesizers produced in the USSR. It's purely analog with two voices of polyphony, two oscillators each with triangle, square, saw, two types of pulse waveforms and one noise generator, the levels of which are controlled via the internal mixer. Although the oscillators can become unstable and difficult to tune, the Polivoks is well suited for making screeching sounds and thunderous bass. You can also connect an external audio input for processing through the Polivoks' switchable dual-mode band pass/low pass filter and LFO sections. The LFO, or "Modulator" offers triangle, square, random and noise waveshapes and can be applied to the oscillator level and pitch or the filter cutoff. There are also two ADSR envelopes for contouring the oscillators and filters. One more thing though, if you come across one of these it helps if you can read Russian. Check Formanta Polivoks Prices on eBay

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drummachine - drum Synthesizer - (C) sequencer - synth database.url Roland TR808 Drummachine16 instruments, all analogue - fat and good, 3 trigger outs, ind. outs, 64 steps per pattern (A/B) max. , chase light principle, 4 fill ins, DIN sync - the 808 can be equipped with midi 2 ways: 1) a DIN sync interface is built in, there are lots of din sync to midi converters (doepfer,kenton..) 2)send it in and let kenton add a nice midi interface! (see the red button the the right side? it's a midified TR-808 here!) Roland TR-808 and Jupiter 6 / 8 Buttons.. warning!achtung!