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Bhagavad Gita - Bhagavad Gita Online - Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita - Bhagavad Gita Online - Bhagavad Gita
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Internet Sacred Text Archive Home Srimad Bhagavad-Gita Scientific Facts in The Bible Also See Scientists are now finding that the universe in which we live is like a diamond studded Rolex, except the universe is even more precisely designed than the watch. In fact, the universe is specifically tweaked to enable life on earth. Anthropic Principles Contrast the information on this page with the scientific knowledge of the Qur’an. For example Sura 18:86 states "Until, when he reached the setting of the sun, he found it set in a spring of murky water: See Errors in The Qur’an, which Contradict Secular and Scientific Data “When studying the science of the ancient world, one is more apt to be impressed with its ignorance than to admire its accuracy. Examples of the more striking scientific accuracy in the Bible include The UniverseTime and SpaceThe BeginningAn Initial VoidAn Expanding UniverseSpace is EmptyThat Hole In The NorthAir Has WeightThose Singing StarsAnd There are Quite a Few of Them The OceansThe Paths Of The SeasMountains Under The SeasSprings Under The Seas Adding ...

Timewave Zero and the 'Fractal Time' Software Hinduism Sacred-texts home Journal Articles: Hinduism OCRT: Hinduism Buy CD-ROM Buy books about Hinduism Vedas Upanishads Puranas Other Primary Texts Epics Mahabharata Ramayana Bhagavad Gita Vedanta Later texts Modern books The Vedas There are four Vedas, the Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda. The Vedas contain hymns, incantations, and rituals from ancient India. Rig Veda The Rig-Veda translated by Ralph Griffith [1896]A complete English translation of the Rig Veda. Rig-Veda (Sanskrit)The complete Rig Veda in Sanskrit, in Unicode Devanagari script and standard romanization. Vedic Hymns, Part I (SBE 32)Hymns to the Maruts, Rudra, Vâyu and Vâta, tr. by F. Vedic Hymns, Part II (SBE 46)Hymns to Agni, tr. by Hermann Oldenberg [1897]The Vedic Hymns to Agni. A Vedic Reader for Students (excerpts) by A.A. Sama Veda The Sama-Veda translated by Ralph Griffith [1895]A collection of hymns used by the priests during the Soma sacrifice. Yajur Veda Atharva Veda Upanishads Thirty Minor Upanishads by K.

La prophétie de Saint-Jean de Jerusalem Lorsque commencera l'An Mille qui vient après L'An Mille... 1 Lorsque commencera l'An Mille qui vient après l'An Mille L'Or sera dans le Sang Qui regardera les étoiles y comptera des deniers Qui entrera dans le Temple y rencontrera les marchands Les Souverains seront changeurs et usuriers Le Glaive défendra le Serpent Mais le feu couvera Chaque ville sera Sodome et Gomorrhe Et les enfants des enfants deviendront la nuée ardente Ils lèveront les vieux étendards 2 Lorsque commencera l'An Mille qui vient après l'An Mille L'Homme aura peuplé les Cieux et la Terre et les Mers de ses Créatures Il ordonnera Il voudra les pouvoirs de Dieu Il ne connaîtra aucune limite Mais chaque chose se retournera Il titubera comme un roi ivre Il galopera comme un chevalier aveugle Et à coup d'éperon il poussera sa monture dans la forêt Au bout du chemin sera l'abîme Mais que sera l'homme qui se prendra ainsi pour Dieu ?

777WFN6_2SpiritE In this part of the thesis, I will endeavor to show how when the consciousness of Humanity had evolved enough, the Ancient Wisdom, which was encoded Archetypally in both The Tarot and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life would be united. The key to this is hidden in the Tree of Life. Jesus said to the Pharisees that although they held the keys, they had neither entered nor permitted others to enter. The keys Jesus were referring to were the keys to the mysteries. I can remember when I first started investigating The Mysteries; the question that arose was why the secrecy, surely God wants us to know how to spiritually evolve. The answer is that like most knowledge, it can be both beneficial and detrimental. Learning that on one level the Sephirotic Tree of Life represented the Gnostic Ogdoad, plus the Christ, Holy Spirit, Sophia and “What has been Willed” completely flummoxed me. The mention of the Qliphoth sparked my interest, because it reminded me of my investigation into human origin.

The Book of Jasher Sacred-textsApocrypha Referred to in Joshua and Second Samuel Faithfully Translated "Is not this written in the Book of Jasher?" This is one of the apochrypal Books of Jasher. There is also another spurious Book of Jasher, published 1750, in which Jasher is treated as the name of the author. This text covers much of the same ground as the traditional Mosaic books of the Bible, from the creation of the world to the death of Moses, albeit with several minor variations. The Prophecy Page The Prophecy Page We do not remain gray always for to all things there is a season. Welcome to my personal prophecy site Prophecy is not physic reading, nor is it intuitive ESP, nor is it channeling. All these talk shows over the past few years have really messed things up... with their carnival acts to feed the obsession to fear factor. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Grandfather Dan ~ " Oldest Hopi "_ now deceased 6. Part 1 SUMMER SOLSTICE MESSAGE 2005 Like Solomon, this is a time of separation and choosing right from wrongful direction and involvement. Discernment, Discretion, Detachment, and Devotion to your Spiritual Self This is the original wampum of the Six Nations the Haudenosaunee, my people People who held the wisdom of Kioneri Kowa, the Great Peace. The People standing "Together" in strength as indicated by their holding of hands. One house can not stand alone, no more than one person alone could withstand the crushing of the darkness which surrounds mankind in these times. & Trading Company

Each Day of a Week Dedicated to a Particular Hindu God In Hinduism, each day of a week is dedicated to a particular god in the Hindu pantheon. Apart from the special Vratas and Upvaas, many Hindus also fast on a particular day in a week. Each day in a week has a specialty and there are numerous folklores associated with the fasting observed on the days of a week. Sunday Sunday is dedicated to Lord Surya (Sun God). Those who undertake fast (upvaas) on the day only take a single meal. Monday Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Tuesday Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Durga, Goddess Kali and Lord Hanuman. Wednesday Wednesday is dedicated to planet Mercury and Lord Vithal, an incarnation of . Thursday Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his incarnations. Friday Friday is dedicated to Mother Goddess – Mahalakshmi, Santhosi Ma, Annapuraneshwari and Durga. Saturday Saturday is dedicated to alleviating the bad influence of Lord Shani. Miracles do happen by observing a particular Vrata and the greatest miracle is Brahman realization.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars - The Lawful Path Hindsight flow is known as habit or inertia. In electronics this phenomenon is the characteristic of an inductor (economic analog = a pure service industry) in which a current flow (economic analog = flow of money) creates a magnetic field (economic analog = active human population) which, if the current (money flow) begins to diminish, collapse (war) to maintain the current (flow of money - energy). Other large alternatives to war as economic inductors or economic flywheels are an open-ended social welfare program, or an enormous (but fruitful) open-ended space program. The problem with stabilizing the economic system is that there is too much demand on account of (1) too much greed and (2) too much population. This creates excessive economic inductance which can only be balanced with economic capacitance (true resources or value - e.g., in goods or services). and Finally, inverting this matrix, i.e., solving for the Xk terms of the Yj, we get, say, [bkj] [Yj ] = [Xk] .