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Creamy Pesto Pasta Recipe

Creamy Pesto Pasta Recipe
Here’s a recipe for one of my favoritist pasta dishes evah… Creamy Pesto Pasta. It calls for a basic basil pesto. Well how ’bout that? Here’s one right here… basic basil pesto recipe. In addition to the pesto, you’ll need extra virgin olive oil, heavy cream and a pasta of your choice. Once you’ve made your pesto:

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Boy-Approved Spiked Pasta (Spaghetti with Vodka Cream Sauce) My boyfriend P has a busy, active job and is often too busy to eat a big lunch, if any lunch at all. It's no surprise then that he comes home hungry at only 5 p.m. For those days especially, I have a list of go-to meals that can be whipped up in no time. And while P's sweet enough to try almost anything I cook, I reserve this list for only the dishes he gets excited about.

Penne alla Vodka Recipes from The Kitchn To my uninitiated palate, it was the best meal of my short life—a melange of flavors I had never before experienced. That restaurant, because of that dish, became my most requested special occasion spot, much to the dismay of my father's wallet I'm sure. It closed down by the time I reached middle school, and I have yearned for that recipe ever since. Individual Seven-Layer Dips We keep it pretty minimal when it comes to toys for our kids on Christmas but yet somehow I feel like there’s STUFF everywhere! Anyone else feel this way? We’re swimming in Legos over here and just when I think I’ve cleaned up the last of them, I’ll step on one or one of my boys will drop their ships and Lego pieces go flying everywhere. I think my husband spent 6 straight hours on Christmas helping them build Legos.

Pasta Carbonara with Zucchini Recipe Hands-On Time: 10min Cook Time: 20min Ready In: 30min Baked Parmesan Garlic Chicken Wings Recipe Monday, January 4, 2010 This recipe for Baked Parmesan Garlic Chicken Wings is a must-try. If I could, I’d duct tape it front and center on my favorite recipes list. These, along with Momofuku’s Chicken Wings make me a very happy girl. Bake or Break  <div class="no-js-alert"> Please enable JavaScript to view this website. </div> Subscribe Search

Linguine with Garlic and Breadcrumbs Recipe & Video advertisement No Thanks Keep In Touch With Tuscan Garlic Chicken Oh my sweet darling husband. If you covered a flip flop with a cream sauce, he would probably love it. So naturally, I had high hopes for this recipe. Sautéed chicken with a cheesy cream sauce full of spinach and peppers. How could you go wrong? My hubby says this is one of the best “diet” foods I’ve made so far.