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The 25 best education apps for connected classrooms Figuring out which tool is right for the job is something we all struggle with every day. Whether you’re a contractor, plumber, or teacher, there’s a lot of options to choose from. Teachers managing connected classrooms have it quite rough, though. There’s an embarassment of riches when it comes to apps, web tools, and digital services that want to make your life easier. So how do you easily figure out which are the best education apps for connected classrooms, you ask? Great rhetorical question, Jeff! About The Methodology To help answer your question, we polled the Daily Genius community via social media and then curated a list of the most popular apps being used in classrooms right now. What follows is the result of this effort. The 25 Best Education Apps For Connected Classrooms The following list is meant to be a useful snapshot at the top 25 apps for iOS and Android that are actually in use in many classrooms around the world. About The Badge ClassDojo Socrative Twitter Diigo Evernote

11 jeux en ligne gratuits de Prévention Routière pour les enfants et adolescents L’association Prévention Routière propose des outils pédagogiques en ligne destinés aux enfants et adolescents sur les dangers de la route et de la rue avec une approche ludo-éducative basée sur des jeux modulaires. Ces ressources gratuites sont destinées à la famille, aux enseignants et aux animateurs multimédia en EPN. Jeux en ligne Pour les moins de 6 ans, 3 jeux Web visent à ce que les jeunes enfants prennent conscience des déplacements en toute sécurité, une démarche qui associe la famille : Zilum : « La nuit, la visibilité est réduite et il est important que tu sois bien visible des conducteurs en t’équipant de bandes et stickers rétroréfléchissants. La palette magique : « Regarde bien ces trois dessins et repère les situations dangereuses : un enfant qui joue trop près de la route, qui traverse sans regarder, un cycliste sans casque… Puis amuse-toi à colorier les personnages grâce à ta palette de couleurs et à ton pinceau magique. Retrouve Zou le Tatou : « … le plus vite possible!

Rubrics and Rubric Makers As we all know grading is the most necessary procedures of our career. It might just be me, but grading is the bane of my existence. Do you feel the same way? Grading large works, especially towards the end of the school year, feels like it is an endless and mindless process. I remember a few years back when I helped grade over 4,000 essays from a neighboring school district. When you grade large works of any kind it is very difficult for even the most competent people to remain 100% objective. Not only do rubrics lead to better equality in assessment, but it gives you standard that will help you understand exactly what you are looking for in the quality of work. Rubrics are essential to grading student assignments effectively. Rubrics make grading quicker, clearer, and more objective. Rubrics By Category General | Language Arts | Math | Process | Science | Social Studies Rubric Maker Tools All Rubric Makers- Make completely customizable rubrics, and print or edit them at a later date.

NetPublic - Accompagner l'accès de tous à l'Internet Engaging Museums by Dana Allen-Greil » “If people can see the images online, will they still come to the museum?” During last week’s broadcast of The Kojo Nnamdi Show, art critic Tyler Green referenced a question that’s been floating around museums for nearly two decades: “Well, if people can see the images online, will they need to come to the museum?” It’s okay to groan if you’ve heard this one before. Green’s answer: We’ve seen an increase in attendance since museums have started putting their collections online, therefore these efforts—at least indirectly—have encouraged more people to visit and see art firsthand for themselves. So why won’t this question die? Some museum types are so tired of this “bad weed” query (I’m looking at you, Richard Urban) that they’ve compiled a list of 18 research studies detailing the connections between online and onsite visitation. How do you like to answer this question? Are (high quality) digital images really distortions of the painter’s art? Check out the archived broadcast for yourself to hear how Dueker, Goodyear, and Green deftly tackled each one.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 7 Fabulous iPad Apps to Create Sh... Today, however, I am sharing with you a set of some wonderful apps that you can use to create short video lessons and tutorials to share with your students. You can also use them to : Easily explain a range of topics from math to chemistry to music theory to basket weaving.Attach a personal message to any travel photos you want to shareDiagram offensive and defensive strategies for sportsGrade student work with commentary explaining the reasoning behind their performanceImplement a “flipped classroom” Showcase your tutorials online and share your knowledge with your students, friends, family, or the world! I have meticulously handpicked the apps mentioned below and only included what I personally see as the best available out there. 1- Educreations This is my favourite of them all. 2- ShowMe ShowMe is similar to Educreations in that it also allows you to turn your iPad into a recordable iPad. 3- DoodleCast Pro 4- Explain Everything 5- Board Cam Pro 7- Knowmia

iMediaCinema | Festival de Pocket-films 3D 360 interactive education images AMI à l'hôpital Pour aller plus loin... les Ateliers 6 ateliers multimédia organisés chacun en séances d'environ 20 minutes. Atelier "Les insolites du Web" Cet atelier est dédié aux explorateurs célestes, aux rêveurs d’absolu, aux mangeurs de pixels, aux voleurs d’e-toile, aux infatigables surfeurs, aux butineurs de l’imaginaire, à tous les flâneurs... Atelier "Jouez avec vos images" Déformer des images et créer des montages photos rigolos devient un jeu d’enfants lorsque les outils sont simples et ludiques. Atelier : "Jouez avec les mots" Amis du verbe, des mots en images, des nuages de mots, des poèmes animés, des histoires sonores… venez découvrir une autre façon de lire et d’écrire. Atelier : "Créez votre Blog" « On se rappelle ce qu’on peut, et on griffonne selon le caprice du moment. » HF Amiel Les blogs remettent les journaux intimes de nos grands-parents au goût du jour et donnent une nouvelle dimension... Atelier "Créez un reportage audio" Atelier "Créez un cartoon en ligne":

Tate Online Strategy 2010–12 | Tate 1. Introduction Tate Online aims to help fulfil Tate’s mission to increase public understanding and enjoyment of British and modern international art. Given the rapidly developing scope and potential of digital communications, Tate Online is uniquely placed to reach new audiences and engage them in new ways. New technologies and online services, together with the proliferation of high-speed internet connections and mobile internet connectivity, have changed the web radically in the past few years. However, cultural and heritage organisations have been slow, by and large, to respond to these changes. Our ambition is to make Tate Online the most engaging and most social arts website, to match this with the richest, deepest arts content found anywhere on the web, and to pair this with an increased presence for Tate beyond our own website, so that we engage with Tate audiences wherever they are active online. 2. 2.1 Tate’s website is for Tate’s online audience 3. Tate mission Tate brand review

Web 2.0 Tools More Sign up or sign in to like or comment on this mind map Web 2.0 Tools 59289 views 16 comments 147 likes by djainslie 16 comments mariaysofia great idea a month ago Ryokuyuu Hola & Muy mal! 2 months ago trio This is great - but how do i export this to read it later? 5 months ago skys215 How can I share other web tools to u? 6 months ago Galib great!!! 8 months ago kolorama great idea! 11 months ago nfrozi Nice share! a year ago joelaud Great. daniel.scherly Thanks for sharing this great collection. balil012 Nice sunil.sundareswaranbills@... Really Nice and informative Michael Kimmig Wow, what a great collection. fernandaramos84 I like it so much.... :) very good collection Stefan Schuster Great collection! Alonsoper Me gusta, te has esforzado mucho Sign up or sign in to comment on this mind map Related mind maps Web 2.0 Tools 1091 views 0 comments 1 likes IML and Web 2.0 807 views 0 likes eLearning Tools + Resources 1673 views 6 likes Moodle Course: CL in the Digital Age 945 views Jill's Web 2.0 Tools 584 views Contact us

Répertoire de jeux en ligne de TFO : un univers éducatif et ludique Répertoire Jeux Et Apps 85 Jeu 1, 2, 3... Géant! 171 Application 1, 2, 3... 56 Application Apprendre Les 5 Sens-Mini TFO Détails 276 Jeu Au Défi 194 Application BOUM, C'est CANON! 16 Jeu Contre-Attaque 11 Jeu Défi Brasse Mots 0 Jeu Défi Course Canada 2 Jeu Défi Décontamination 10 Jeu Défi Dégueu 22 Jeu Défi Labyrinthe Équation 0 Jeu Défi Laser 16 Jeu Défi Mots-Cachés 8 Jeu Défi Pêle-Mêle 2 Jeu Défi Sang Pour Sang 6 Jeu Défi Vert-Tige 0 Jeu Dessins-Mystères De Méli-Fleur (Les) 5 Jeu Détritusvore (Le) 86 Application Devine Qui Vient Jouer? 9 Jeu Frappante... 25 Jeu Grenier De Bisou (Le) 255 Application Hipaloulas (Les) Détails 4 Application JAM 95 Application Là Est Le Jeu 12 Application Learn The 5 Senses-Mini TFO Détails 8 Application Livre De Recettes MIAM! 1 Jeu Miam!