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Teaching Resources for Spanish Class,

Teaching Resources for Spanish Class,

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Printable Spanish Simple Search Puzzles 2 The first set in this series featured 6 word search puzzles with a uniform 12 words each. This set is slightly more challenging, with 15 or 17 words per puzzle. The format is the same, with a picture accompanying each …

LA Youth » Immigrant dreams I always knew my parents had come here from Mexico illegally but I didn’t know any of the details. I was busy hanging out with my family and friends, going to school or longing to go to a show for the rockabilly band the Horrorpops. I would cry when I saw the news reports about people drowning in the Rio Grande or dying in the desert while trying to cross the border, but then I would go back to my life. I never gave my parents’ stories much thought until the recent immigration debate. As I heard about the protests and the school walkouts over HR 4437, the bill that would make it a felony to be undocumented, I became curious about how and why my parents had come here. When I was a child, my dad and grandma told me stories about Mexico so I would appreciate my home.

Wordiness, Wordiness, Wordiness List absolutely essential = essential aforementioned = DELETE a bigger/greater/higher/larger degree of = more a considerable amount of = DELETE OR BE SPECIFIC a decreased number of = fewer Spanish Lesson Plans and Units, worksheets, resources, activities Level A2 - Diplomas de Español DELE General information Level A2 Instituto Cervantes offers candidates for diplomas DELE, a model of sample exam for the A2 level. Sample exam A2 (November 2010): Part 1.

17 Fun Games to Play in Spanish Class! 1. ARROZ CON PAN: Game of elimination played in a circle where the students chant “Arroz con pan (3x) y sal” then a number is called out and counted around the circle. 2. CIERTO - FALSO: A person (often the teacher) stands between the stands of the trees and calls out phrases related to the class's latest vocabulary. Dasha Cooking Blog Strategier – en viktig grund att stå på Jag har funderat mycket på vad som utmärker min undervisning, och kommit fram till ordet strategier. Det finns tydligare i kursplanerna nu är tidigare, och jag nämner ordet på var enda lektion i språk jag har. Nyligen skapade jag en bild för att förtydliga förmågorna i språk, och strategierna ligger som en grund för allt det andra. För att göra eleverna medvetna om hur strategierna fungerar och vilka de faktiskt redan använder förtydligare jag hela tiden. ”Nu ska vi göra Simon says. Vilken strategi kan man ta till om man är osäker på vad jag sade? Just det, titta på vad en kompis gör.” eller ”När vi läser texten har vi styckeordlistan som stöd, att använda den är en strategi, kommer ni ihåg det?”

Historias orales: beginners MU Webmail Download free Spanish Execises Italiani fate clic qui Download Instructions: right click (or ctrl-click on a Mac) the link near to the exercise you want to download an select "Save As ..." Beginners: Spanish Plural: s, es and ces - Download PDF Spanish Vocabulary: The Family - Download PDF Spanish Vocabulary: Occupation - Practice masculine and feminine form - Download PDF Spanish Vocabulary: The opposites - Part I - Download PDF Spanish Vocabulary: The opposites - Part II - Download PDF Practice Spanish Possessives (singular) - Download PDF Practice Spanish Possessives (plural) - Download PDF Spanish Demonstratives: practice "este, ese, aquel" etc. - Download PDF Practice Place Adverbs: encima, debajo, delante, detrás etc. - Download PDF Practice the verb "Ser" - Download PDF Practice the verb "Estar" - Download PDF "Ser" vs. "Estar" - Download PDF

Spanish game – Printable cootie-catchers - Spanish Playground In Spanish, this game is a comecocos or a sacapiojos. In English, it is called a cootie-catcher, a chatterbox or a fortune teller. This is an excellent language activity and it can be adapted in lots of different ways to use with Spanish language learners. It involves folding paper to make a toy that fits over your fingers and opens and closes.