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Musicovery Music beta We specialize in producing Hydraulic Parker Denison Vane Pump T6ECM050B173R15C1 Ordering code: T6C - 017 - 1R00 - B1 T6C= model for T6C, T6D, T6E, T7E017= Ring Size (US gallon), T6C - 003, 005, 006, 008, 010, 012, 014, 017, 020, 022, 025, 028, 031 T6D - 014, 020, 024, 028, 031, 035, 038,042, 045, 050, 061 T6E- 024, 045, 050, 052, 057, 066, 072, 085 T7E- 024, 045, 050, 052, 057, 066, 072, 085 1= Shaft type For T6C 1 - SAE B Keyed Shaft 2 - Keyed Shaft 3 - SAE B Splined Shaft 4 - SAE BB Splined Shaft For T6D 1 - SAE C Keyed Shaft 2 - Keyed Shaft 3 - SAE C Splined Shaft 4 - Splined ShaftR= Shaft Rotation R - Turn right L - Turn left (Viewed from shaft end)00= Inlet Port position (Viewed from cover end) 00 - Opposite Outlet 02 - 90o CCW from Outlet 01 - Inline with Outlet 03 - 90o CW from OutletB= Design Subject to change 1= Seal 5 - Viton seal Technical Data of Denison vane pump Table of values (theoretical values, without efficiency and tolerances; values rounded)

300 million songs to listen for free - Unlimited music - - MP3 Search & Free MP3 Downloads stereomood – emotional internet radio - music for my mood and activities Aviary Converting Your Gumball Machine to Free Spin | Gumball Machine Warehouse Blog Converting your gumball machine to free spin for personal use in your home or office is a relatively easy conversion process, allowing you to dispense candy or gumballs for free. To access the coin mechanism, follow the instructions in your manual for disassembling the machine. Once you have the coin mechanism free, take it to a clean and well-lit work surface. You will need a Phillips screwdriver, a clean rag, and some vegetable oil, as well as a small plastic bag for the parts you are removing. The following steps outline the process for converting your gumball machine to “free spin.” Be sure an keep the parts you remove during this process in a safe place in case you wish to convert your machine back to taking money for product. While you have the coin mechanism open, now is a good time to do a little maintenance. Now you have a machine ready to dispense a treat whenever you want.

Manager Añadir contenido a su iPhone Si esta en el trabajo y no puede instalar iTunes o que esta viajando y que necesita organizar rápidamente su iPod Touch o iPhone, CopyTrans Manager es la alternativa perfecta a iTunes, para pasar Apps, música, vídeos y mucho más. Meter contenido al iPhone sin iTunes! Porque utilizar iTunes solo para pasar unas cuantas canciones al iPhone o recuperar unos vídeos desde un PC que no es el suyo? CopyTrans Manager es práctico! CopyTrans Manager es gratis, y es la primera alternativa a iTunes que soporta iPad, iTouch y iPhone.

Tangible Sequencer Music you can touch? The Tangible Sequencer is a simple musical instrument. There are 8 colored boxes each with a large triangular play button that lights up in time with music. Press play on any box and it will play a sound. Put boxes next to each other and they become aware of one another. The boxes take turns playing their sounds one after another just as you've laid them out. Create a composition by laying out the boxes. Compose, perform, improvise and play with others at the same time. Applications Multi-user collaborative instrument Introduce children to making their own music DJ Performance System Real-time sound or video editing Teaching tool for languages Rehabilitation tool Accessible instrument for people with reduced dexterity How does it work? Each box has a very small computer inside. Technology The software that runs on the computer uses OpenGL, GLUT, and STK for the audio. The boxes are made of laser-cut colored acrylic, sanded to be matte and then assembled by hand. Credits

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