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Our Guide to Twitter's Language

Our Guide to Twitter's Language
The beauty and challenge of Twitter is stuffing your most sophisticated thoughts and feelings into a measly 140 characters (or less). Unfortunately, our traditional methods of communication have proven to be a poor training ground for micro-messaging, and even the most savvy platform users have sighed in exasperation as those bright red negative character signs mock our basic intelligence. But, perhaps even worse, no good tweet is ever going to be 140 characters because it’s impossible to share, respond or reference a tweet that’s already at it’s max. If you want to make a big statement with a small message, you have to trim the fat. Thankfully, a special subset of finite abbreviations and techniques have cropped up to help optimize your own Twitter lingo. Unfortunately, these phrases are also often just gibberish to the uninformed eye, making it horribly confusing to parse through the information that quickly floats by in the news stream. Beginner’s Lingo Ex: “. Experienced Vocabulary

Marketing Tools: 29 Powerful Tools for a Social Media Marketer Do you find that you are using more and more marketing tools and you need more knowledge of technology in marketing than ever before? The demands on us to market our products and services using social media is constantly increasing and the technology/tools required to support this is also increasing. We start early morning and we finish late at night. How many of you check your Twitter or Facebook account last thing in the evening and first thing in the morning? In a recent report by IDC 80% of Smartphone users check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up. What we do when we first wake up! We have a long busy day ahead of us! So we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at a very busy day in the life of a Social Media Marketer. Do you want to embed this infographic on your site? What Marketing Tools are in this infographic? We have a good collection of Social Media Tools in this infographic and you may use some or all of them! Going to work Early Morning Creative Time Down Time

My 5 Biggest Twitter Tips Before you read the rest of this, let me say a few words. I am by no means an expert in Twitter ( @edudemic ) and do not claim to be. Twitter, like every other social media tool, is just another piece to connecting you with online resources. Whether you’re a new user of Twitter or a seasoned expert, the following tips are meant to act as a refresher for anyone feeling like Twitter hasn’t been doing as much for them as they’d hoped. Twitter can be a rewarding yet cumbersome tool that requires constant supervision. Like any social network, you should dip your toe in, spend some time absorbing, and then figure out if it can fit into your life. So how should you go about using Twitter on a daily basis? Tip #1: Don’t over-tweet If you’re like me, you follow a ton of people. What is over-tweeting? While there’s no hard and fast number for over-tweeting, use your best judgement. Tip #2: Curate the list of people you follow Tip #3: Understand the lingo Tip #4: Use hashtags…but not too much

Bye, bye SEO? Make Facebook optimization, Story Bumping and Last Actor work for you today On Tuesday, Facebook announced it has rolled out changes to the site’s News Feed algorithm. If you’re serious about increasing engagement with Facebook, these are 2 concepts you need to learn now. With all of the push for individualized experiences online, Facebook is now providing new strategies to determine which stories appear in one’s News Feed. The two new plot twists include: Story Bumping – This shows older stories that the user might have missed the last time they perused their News Feed. So how can a business take advantage of this new Facebook news tweak? In a nutshell, create engagement like so: Post yes/no/controversial questions on your Facebook business page/group Interaction is the name of the game. So pick a polarizing topic and ask your community to share their views. The result? More discussions lead to more interactions which increases the chance your ‘story’ will appear in News Feeds even if it was missed the first time. Offer weekly contests The result? And finally:

Så här arbetar vi - Stiftelsen Viktor Rydbergs Skolor Vetenskap och konst går hand i handAtt vetenskap och konst går hand i hand är en gammal sanning som lever i högsta grad på Viktor Rydbergs skolor. Vi är övertygade om att konstnärliga uttrycksformer, förutom att de är värdefulla i sig, även utvecklar kreativitet och uppfinningsrikedom i de teoretiska ämnena. Därför satsar vi på att erbjuda en högkvalitativ undervisning i de estetiska ämnena och blandar också in estetiska uttryckssätt i den teoretiska undervisningen. På Viktor Rydbergs skolor möter eleverna en varierad och omväxlande pedagogik. På VRS är det av största vikt att eleverna känner att lärandet är relaterat till deras framtid. Den lilla skolan i den stora För att kunna erbjuda eleverna en individuellt anpassad undervisning arbetar vi på Samskolan i arbetslag.

3 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2014 Välkomna till Viktor Rybergs S a m s k o la - Málaga 2011** Social Selling – Love It or Hate It, You Gotta LIKE It Välkomna till Rugby Akademi*. Ricardo Rodriguez ricar2 ;-) New Twitter Dashboard Lets You Measure Performance of Organic Tweets Have you ever craved better insight into the performance of your individual tweets? Well, hold on to your hats, folks. On Friday, Twitter rolled out an enhanced tweet activity dashboard, which lets you see how many times other users have viewed and engaged with your organic tweets. There's only one catch: The new tool is only available to Twitter advertisers, Twitter Card publishers, and verified users. But if you do happen to fall into one of these groups, get excited. The New Organic Tweet Analytics Dashboard Here's a snapshot of what you'll get out of the new dashboard: Access your dashboard by clicking Analytics >> Tweet Activity in your top navigation. You can also drill deeper into individual tweets to view a tweet's corresponding Tweet Details page: How to Make the Most of Tweet Analytics The biggest takeaway Twitter reported is that tweet consistency is critical for maximizing organic Twitter reach. Not sure where to start?

V ä l k o m n a till Viktor Rydbergs Samskola - SO - Blogg * IV *** Välkomna till VIKTOR RYDBERGS RUGBY - FOOTBALL *