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Pre-register for PracTutor, Adaptive learning ecosystem for Math & English

Pre-register for PracTutor, Adaptive learning ecosystem for Math & English

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Practutor Blog – Google Teacher Academy Vs Apple Distinguished Educator Program What is the Google Teacher Academy? “The Google Teacher Academy (GTA) is a free professional development experience designed to help primary and secondary educators from around the globe get the most from innovative technologies. Each GTA is an intensive, two-day event during which participants get hands-on experience with Google tools, learn about innovative instructional strategies, receive resources to share with colleagues, and immerse themselves in a supportive community of educators making impact.” –Google Teacher Academy Website What do you learn?

Social Studies Practice Test Pre-ID Layout for Ohio Statewide Assessments 2016-2017 The department has updated its Student Pre-Identification (Pre-ID) File layout for the 2016-2017 school year. The layout collects student information for Ohio’s State Tests, the Alternate Assessment and the Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA). Districts will continue to use the old Pre-ID layout for the Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT). IMPORTANT: Districts participating in the summer 2016 administration for grade 3 English language arts and high school end-of-course tests will continue to use the 2015-2016 Pre-ID file layout. The new layout will not go into effect until the Fall 2016 administration.

Practutor Blog – Does Flipping Really Work? Flipped classroom or reverse teaching is essentially a blended learning-environment. It reverses the typical lecture and the homework elements. This approach redefines the roles of teacher and the students, and puts the student in the center of the learning process. Practutor Blog – How To Ensure Student Success Teachers spend endless hours to create the perfect class. They design lesson plans. Buy the necessary classroom supplies, and craft the finest learning experience. Even so, several students fail to achieve proficiency.

Personalized learning (Louisville, KY) – November 13, 2015 – PracTutor today announced a new set of features for its students. These features follow the teacher-dashboard upgrade released in September and the addition of the ‘Curriculum’ and ‘Assignment’ features to the parent accounts, last month. Today’s release adds three games to the student account. It shall complement PracTutor’s ‘Build a City’ and improve their student engagement score. Moreover, the student dashboard has undergone major changes. The new version focuses heavily on personalization, simplicity and ease of navigation.

PracTutor Expands its Personalized Learning Platform; Exclusive Features for its Students Louisville, KY (PRWEB) November 25, 2015 PracTutor today announced a new set of features for its students. These announcements follow the teacher-dashboard upgrade released in September, and the addition of curriculum and assignment features to the parent accounts, last month. Today’s release expands its reward section to add three exciting games to complement its ‘Build a City’ feature. Moreover, student dashboard has undergone major changes to simplify navigation. The new version focuses heavily over personalization and simplicity.

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Practutor Blog – Interactive Learning Helps Students Learn Six Times More than MOOCs, Study Says A study from Carnegie Mellon University has found that the central approach to learning behind MOOCs—Massive Open Online Courses—that includes watching and retaining information from instructional videos is not as effective as interactive learning approaches. In fact, the study found that interactive activities are six times more likely to help students learn. The interactive activities specifically studied were from CMU’s Simon Initiative, which promotes learning by doing by including intelligent tutors that offer “adaptive feedback.” These kinds of courses are referred to as Open Learning Initiative (OLI) courses, and when compared to the counterpart of MOOCs, have proven to be the more effective of the two. Researchers at CMU “set out to understand the difference between MOOCs and OLI courses, specifically whether OLI features help students learn more than MOOC lecture videos.

Practutor Blog – PracTutor Unfurls A New Teacher Dashboard For Back To School “Teacher dashboard upgrade supports lesson planning, test scheduling and learning assessments.” (Louisville, KY) September 18, 2015 – To match with the teachers’ Back To School schedule, PracTutor has unfurled its brand new teacher dashboard that introduces a transformative approach to classroom management. It aims at reducing the time that teachers spend on lesson planning, and classroom testing. Based on the inputs received from teachers across the states, the new dashboard integrates the elements of planning, testing, and reporting functions on one page.

How To Teach Close Reading - Practutor Blog The Common Core State standards put special emphasis on close reading. Key shifts in English Language Arts call for students to engage with the text at a deeper level. Reading closely means students need to read for meaning and understanding; they should be able to make connections, identify words they didn’t know, and write down questions they still have. The following infographic from explains close reading strategies in detail.

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