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Le pont habité revu par le Studio Ja Inc

Le pont habité revu par le Studio Ja Inc

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Habitable Media Bridge in Seoul / Planning Korea Creative director Byung Ju Lee of Planning Korea announced a new paradigm in bridge called ‘Paik Nam June Media Bridge’ in Seoul, Korea. Connecting Dangi-li Power Plant (which has a plan to be redeveloped into public cultural space) in the north and The National Assembly Building in the south, this bridge shows the first example of ‘a city expanded to the river’. As a futuristic and aesthetic sculptor over the Han River, Paik Nam June Media Bridge shows how to use spaces over the bridge efficiently and eco-friendly. Inspired by the water strider, the overall shape is organic with sleek, streamlined outline. With the total length of 1080m, this mega structure bridge is covered with solar panel to generate energy by itself. This bridge is not only for cars but for people those who walk and ride bicycle.

solar updraft tower power plant-sometimes also called "solar chimney" or Additionally, the efficiency of the tower is determined by the difference between the temperature in the collector and the temperature of the environment at the top of the tower. A 1°C drop in temperature over every 100m facilitates the necessary updraft effect from the tower. The concept ensures effective operation even on cooler days, as it is primarily dependent upon the temperature differential between the air under the collector and air at the top of the tower. (SolarMission website, 3) Even though this technology is simple, for it to be efficient it requires a large area of greenhouse and a very tall tower.

hrama City in the Sky The concept 'City in the sky' is a concept about an imaginary tranquil oasis above the mega-developed and polluted city, where one can escape from the everyday noise and stress. It was developed as part of the 'Megatropolis' project, which started in London with few artists, invited to create their own visions for the future mega-developed city. The presentation depicts the familiar metropolitan areas of big cities that are with concentrated population of 10 million and above. Although it is realistically presented, the concept doesn't intend to be realistic in terms of structure-engineering or real living environment. Michael Bierut and team have designed the new identity and packaging for online retailer is exactly what it sounds like: an online retailer of every kind of nut, from peanuts, pistachios, pecans and pine nuts, to cashews, almonds and filberts, in salted, unsalted and organic varieties. Founded by “Poppy” Sol Braverman in 1929 as the Newark Nut Company, the family-owned business has grown from a stand in Newark’s Mulberry Street market into a thriving site that sells over 2,000 items and has annual sales of over $20 million. The company has been named one of the “Top Tastes of New Jersey” and featured on “Rachel Ray,” and with the slogan “We’re more than just nuts,” also offers dried fruit, snacks, chocolate, coffee and tea.

Jungmo Kwon SUP.SOG, new lighting by Jungmo Kwon, evokes the forest through imagery and the use of cardboard. The designer extends the life of the humble packing material by using the poetry of light to convey a sense of peace and nature. The intention is twofold: to be more aware of the materials we throw away and to remember the natural chaos found within nature. + Contemporary Habitable Bridge in Italy This contemporary habitable bridge in Italy was designed by architects Philippe Rizzotti, Vermet Tanguy, Manal Rachdi, and Samuel Nageotte. The project received the first prize of the Solar Park South International Competition. The bridges allow a limited impact on the landscape. The local culture of Bergamotte, Italy demonstrates the region’s perfectly tempered weather (8°-30°C), and the volcanic area reveals a high energy potential.

Enviro Mission Ltd. Solar Tower From PESWiki << A Top 100 Energy Technology >> Artist rendition of 1000 meter tower "Eco-city 2020" in Yakutia, Russian Federation- Architectural bureau «AB ELIS» Yakutia, Russian Federation p>Project Director: Nickolay Lyutomskiy,Project Architects: Julia Bogaevskaya, Eugenia Kopp, Gregory Sandomirsky, and Mikhail Shishin Contributing Architects: Ivan Dragan, Olga Melnik, and Elena Tsyrenova Eco-City 2020: Revitalizing the industrial zone of Mirniy in Eastern Siberia, Russia. The challenges facing the city of Mirniy and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in general, are mainly due to geographical location. The climate of this permafrost region is continental with long and severe winters (6-7 months), short and hot summers and short-term transition periods. The average daily temperature stays above zero degrees Centigrade about 220 days a year.

Electrolux Réfrigérateur Impress par Ben de la Roche Design »Yanko Leftover Refrigerator The Impress Refrigerator has an intriguing way of storing food. It holds containers or bottles in such a way that you can never forget that you have placed them there. It consumes lesser power when fewer items are placed, thus conserving energy. Clockwork love paper Clockwork Love builds further on the Bling Bling pendant designed by Tjep. for Chi Ha Paura...? Launched in 2002, it was constructed from several layers of overlapping logos. Clockwork Love is a jewelry collection evenly and consistently combining a great multitude of graphic elements in a ... Read more > Clockwork Love is a jewelry collection evenly and consistently combining a great multitude of graphic elements in a multitude of layers. The main body of this collection presented in Gallery Ra in Amsterdam consists of 6 timepieces expressing different 'heart moods' through the liberal use of symbolic references, the collection of pendants link up to such themes as fragility, passion, uncertainty and desire.

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