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Tutorial We'll be building a simple but realistic comments box that you can drop into a blog, a basic version of the realtime comments offered by Disqus, LiveFyre or Facebook comments. We'll provide: A view of all of the commentsA form to submit a commentHooks for you to provide a custom backend It'll also have a few neat features: Optimistic commenting: comments appear in the list before they're saved on the server so it feels fast.Live updates: other users' comments are popped into the comment view in real time.Markdown formatting: users can use Markdown to format their text.

JavaScript Application Architecture On The Road To 2015 — Google Developers Composition is one of the reasons we regularly talk about React “Components”, “Ember.Component”s, Angular directives, Polymer elements and of course, straight-up Web Components. We may argue about the frameworks and libraries surrounding these different flavours of component, but not that composition is inherently a bad thing. Note: earlier players in the JS framework game (Dojo, YUI, ExtJS) touted composition strongly and it’s been around forever but it’s taken us a while for most people to grok the true power of this model as broadly on the front-end. Composition is one solution to the problem of application complexity. A JavaScript library for building user interfaces A Simple Component React components implement a render() method that takes input data and returns what to display. This example uses an XML-like syntax called JSX. Input data that is passed into the component can be accessed by render() via this.props.

MAMA - Dev.Opera By Brian Wilson MAMA: What is the Web made of? The Web has search engines—many of them. Installing Rhodes on Ubuntu and making it run on Ruby 2.1 People who want to use Rhodes are recommended to use it under Ruby 1.9.3. But to me it seems kinda old. This is a way to install and run it on 2.1: Oracle Java Oracle Java is a recommended one to use with Rhodes, so just: SDK and NDK Learning React.js: Getting Started and Concepts # Introduction Today we are going to kick off the first installment in a new series of tutorials, Learning React, that will focus on becoming proficient and effective with Facebook’s React library. Before we start building anything meaningful, its important that we cover some base concepts first, so lets get this party started. What is React?

Tf-Idf and Cosine similarity In the year 1998 Google handled 9800 average search queries every day. In 2012 this number shot up to 5.13 billion average searches per day. The graph given below shows this astronomical growth. Find Places Nearby in Google Maps using Google Places API–Android App - Java Tutorial This Android tutorial is to learn about using Google Places API to find places nearby in Google maps. I will walk you through to create an Android app to find nearby places to you. There are two steps in this tutorial, Application Architecture for Building User Interfaces Flux is the application architecture that Facebook uses for building client-side web applications. It complements React's composable view components by utilizing a unidirectional data flow. It's more of a pattern rather than a formal framework, and you can start using Flux immediately without a lot of new code.

“Andrew Burgees Writing Modular JavaScript” Tutorials - Tuts+ In this calligraphy course, you’ll learn the basic strokes that make up every letter in the Roundhand Script lower and uppercase alphabet. After you've practiced every letter, you'll then make a mock invitation. You’ll finish the course with a new appreciation for how easy calligraphy can be, and with the ability to create invitations, book plates, beautiful envelopes, and anything else you want to ink. Dot products Next: Queries as vectors Up: The vector space model Previous: The vector space model Contents Index We denote by the vector derived from document , with one component in the vector for each dictionary term.

Getting Started JSFiddle # The easiest way to start hacking on React is using the following JSFiddle Hello World examples: Using React from npm # We recommend using React with a CommonJS module system like browserify or webpack. Use the react and react-dom npm packages. 3 ways to define a JavaScript class Introduction JavaScript is a very flexible object-oriented language when it comes to syntax. In this article you can find three ways of defining and instantiating an object. Publications scientifiques All publications from Proxem are available on HAL by Inria, the French open-access repository for scientific publishing. Une approche paresseuse de l’analyse sémantique ou comment construire une interface syntaxe-sémantique à partir d’exemples TALN 2010, MontréalThis article shows how to extract a syntax-semantics interface starting from an interchangeable dependency parser, many lexical resources and from samples associated with the semantic representations which one wishes to compute.

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