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BMD Design : Graphiste Bordeaux

BMD Design : Graphiste Bordeaux

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1.5 Million Stitch Sweatshirt by Ashley Marc Hovelle About this project Risks and challenges Challenges: an adventure of inspirations … a chronicle of creativity… a collaboration of multiple personalities … calendar 2011 October 29, 2010, 7:25 am Filed under: Craft Biz, Design, Feedsacks, Green, Handmade Revolution, inspire . spark, letter . press, Life | Tags: 2011 Calendar, handmade, heirloom seeds, heritage breeds, homestead We are beyond thrilled on this fantastic feedsack friday to announce our 2011 Calendar project. A collaboration between Allison of BirdDog Press and Theresa of WonderBound Press. This calendar features woodcuts of heritage breed farm animals, a showcase of heirloom seeds and patterns inspired by vintage feedsacks cultivating 12 beautiful scenes to see you through 2011.

MoMo Modular Furniture by TACADI MoMo [mobiliario modular], is a flexible modular furniture that seeks to merge the concepts of solid and ethereal, creating practical and minimalist space configurations. Elegant and synthetic, MoMo’s noble materials combine orthogonal wooden structural lines, guided by copper nodes and a soft and flexible felt skin. The collection is conceived as an open system which includes four different modules; chair, deck chair, book shelf and table. The Beauty of Letterpress In the 1980's, Photopolymer plates emerged and provided the perfect platform for the revival of letterpress printing. The ability to transfer a photo negative to the printing plate revolutionized the process. Larger print runs were now possible and while some printers still utilize the individual character method of typesetting and printing, many have embraced the new digital method.

Handmade Leather & Oak Goods from by Wirth Digging these handmade goods from Danish design company by Wirth who takes leather and oak and crafts simple, yet practical home furnishings. On this wall shelf, a wooden peg slides through the leather to secures the shelves in their place. This wooden trivet doubles in size when it’s unfolded pulling double duty when you have larger hot pans. Simple leather straps act as a belt to hold your glass jars, vases, or pots in place on the wall for extra storage.

LETTERPRESS IN THE UK: MY NEW PRINT My first proper linocut! This was designed to be an A4 pull out poster for my letterpress zine, a uni project. On Saturday I did my longest print run yet and went and borrowed my mentor John's Farley proofing press, 105 pulls and 5 hours later with an aching back I came home and printed the 3rd colour on the front cover of my zine, purple! Another 30 runs through my Adana then I sat down and had well earned glass of red wine :) Now to finish the back cover.... Surface Design + Inspiration Interiors | Pillow Talk It seems like these days the throw pillow craze has reached new heights. No longer are we looking for our couch decorations just to blend in and stay still, we have begun to ask our couch art to positively pulse with creativity. And that’s where artists like Tyler Spangler step in.

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