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Unexplained Things Are Out There

Unexplained Things Are Out There
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Tracing the origins of the Serpent Cult In mythology, the serpent symbolises fertility and procreation, wisdom, death, and resurrection (due to the shedding of its skin, which is not akin to rebirth), and in the earliest schools of mysticism, the symbol of ‘The Word’ was the serpent. The ‘light’ that appeared was metaphorically defined as a serpent called ‘Kundalini’, coiled at the base of the spine to remain dormant in an unawakened person. Divinity or awakening one’s Godhood and latent abilities came with the rituals and teachings brought by the serpent people. To understand them, we must look at the original ‘serpents’. Fu Xi and Nu Wa, the mythological serpents who created humans in Chinese mythology (Wikipedia) The next serpent was Enki’s son Ningizzidda, known to the Sumerians, Egyptians and Tibetans. The Sumerian God, Ningizidda, represented as the double headed Snake coiled into a double helix (highlighting the duality in nature), flanked by two gryphons (Wikipedia) The Minoan Snake Goddess (Wikimedia Commons) References

The nuclear trash can of the pacific on Enewetak Atoll | Unexplained things are out there. What you see on the pictures below is a massive concrete lid to a 107 m diameter nuclear waste trash can on a beautiful island in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Click on image for a larger view : After WW2 the locals were evacuated, often involuntarily, and the atoll was used for nuclear testing as part of the U.S. Pacific Proving Grounds. Beneath the concrete dome on Runit Island (part of Enewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands), built between 1977 and 1980 at a cost of about $239 million, lie 111,000 cubic yards (84,927 cubic meters) of radioactive soil and debris from from 43 atomic and thermonuclear explosions on Bikini and Rongelap atolls between 1948 and 1958. The people began returning in the 1970s, and on May 15, 1977, the U.S. government directed the military to decontaminate the islands. The U.S. government declared the islands safe for habitation in 1980. coordinates : 11°33’09.10″N 162°20’50.21″E The concrete dome during its construction :

noalfuturo An Ordered Listing of the Lessons An Ordered Listing of the Lessons The Purplemath lessons have been written so that they may be studied in whatever manner the student finds most useful. Different textbooks cover different topics in different orders. The Purplemath lessons try not to assume any fixed ordering of topics, so that any student, regardless of the text he is using, may benefit. While the structure of the Purplemath lessons lends itself to many topical orderings, the following is one possible lesson sequence. Please note that the above is only one of many equally-valid lesson orderings, and should not be regarded as "the" lesson sequence. Top | Return to Index

The 7,000-year-old Ubaid Lizardmen At the Archaeological site fo Al-Ubaid, researchers have found numerous pre-sumerian artifacts dating back at least 7,000 years, between these items strange looking figurines have been discovered with a very strange look. a combination of human and lizard-like features combined. The Ubaid period is a prehistoric period of Mesopotamia, the place where according to many, modern civilization was kick-started with the Sumerians. The name derives from Tell al-‘Ubaid where the earliest large excavation of Ubaid period material was conducted. The Ubaid Culture is characterized by large village settlements, with the construction of mud-brick houses with elaborate design, and the appearance of the first temples of public architecture. According to researchers it was during this period that a lot of advancements in society were made, people started to think differently and act differently. Source: British Museum Archaeology.About Wikipedia He has a passion for History, Archaeology and Space.

Alien Investigations, Channel 4, review On Channel 4, Alien Investigations (Channel 4) was more successfully exploring another murky recess of the human brain - the one that encourages some people to believe aliens not only exist but even make occasional visits to planet Earth. The aim was to explore four separate incidents in Mexico, Peru, Panama and Long Island, New York, where the remains of supposedly alien beings have been discovered in last five years, with a view to uncovering… the truth. The Panamanian case was discovered to be a rumour put about by some teenage boys and was swiftly dismissed. But the other three incidents had already received international media attention and were undoubtedly intriguing. Especially the case of a tiny, vaguely humanoid creature discovered in a rattrap on a farm in Metapec, Mexico. Perhaps the biggest surprise of this film was the degree to which Alien Investigations was intent on debunking rather than perpetuating these stories.

Lorenzo Multiplying Positive and Negative Numbers - Elementary Math Multiplying positive and negative numbers has far less rules than adding or subtracting positive and negative numbers, in fact there are only three that you’ll have to remember: Rule 1: A positive number times a positive number gives you a positive number. Example 1: This is the kind of multiplication you’ve been doing for years, positive numbers times positive numbers. It would look like this: 4 x 3 = 12. 4 is positive, 3 is positive, thus, 12 is positive. We know that 4 and 3 are both positive because there are no negative signs in front of them. Rule 2: A positive number times a negative number gives you a negative number. Example 2: This is new – for example, you might have 4 x -3. Rule 3: A negative number times a negative number gives you a positive number. Example 3: This is also new—and doesn’t seem to make much sense, but it is a rule we have to follow when multiplying negative numbers together. These rules also apply to division of positive and negative numbers. Solutions

Mexico's Island of the Dolls Just south of Mexico City, between the canals of Xochimico you can find a small island with a sad background. The island is known as Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls). It is dedicated to the lost soul of a poor girl who met her fate too soon in strange circumstances. It is said that a girl was found drowned in mysterious circumstances many years ago on this island and that the dolls are possessed by her spirit. Don Julian Santana Barrera was the caretaker of the island. Julian was apparently haunted by the spirit of the girl and started hanging more dolls in an attempt to please her spirit. After 50 years of collecting dolls and hanging them on the island, Julian was found dead, drowned in the same spot where the girl did.

mundo con mis ojos El blog de lux esoterica: abril 2009 Sus libros fueron- y aún son- una auténtica contraseña cultural. Empeñado en ocultarse tras una nube de datos contradictorios, concedió poquísimas entrevistas y dejó detrás de sí una serie de pistas falsas que construyen y alimentan su enigma. ¿Escritor de ficción o antropólogo místico?¿Aprendiz de brujo o mentiroso experto? Un periodista de adnCULTURA siguió el camino de su paso por México y dibujó el retrato conjetural de quien vivió para convertirse en un fantasma. En la intensa y vastísima historia de la literatura del siglo XX es difícil encontrar un escritor más misterioso que Carlos Castaneda. En un posible escalafón de figuras enigmáticas, apenas se lo podría comparar con Thomas Pynchon, J.D.Salinger o "B.Traven". A Pynchon no se le conoce su cara, pero se sabe que es neoyorquino y sirvió en la marina estadounidense.La vida de Salinger ha podido ser reconstruida, juicios contra el biógrafo aparte, por Ian Hamilton en J.D.Salinger: A Writing Life . ¿Antropología o ficción literaria?

Главная страница. Религии и Мифы. Святая ложь и будничная правда. La estructura más misteriosa del desierto En 1965 una fotografía tomada desde el espacio descubrió un enorme y extraño cráter en medio del desierto del Sahara La investigación espacial no sólo ha permitido conocer mejor el universo y predecir acontecimientos como el reciente paso del asteroide 2012 DA14 “rozando” la Tierra, sino que también ha servido para descubrir muchos de los misterios que esconde nuestro propio planeta. Uno de los más espectaculares es la Estructura de Richat, un extraño accidente geográfico circular ubicado en medio del desierto del Sáhara, en Mauritania, que nos descubren en el blog “La brújula verde”. Situada a una altitud de entre 400 y 450 metros sobre el nivel del mar, esta estructura con forma de espiral posee un diámetro de casi 50 kilómetros y fue fotografiada por primera vez desde el espacio en 1965. Inicialmente los investigadores creyeron que se trataba del cráter producido por el impacto de un enorme meteorito.