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Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook
Pig Hunting on Karma Ranch By Hank Shaw on April 8, 2014 For the second time, I journeyed 300 miles south to hunt wild pigs. And for the second time, good karma lead to a good hunt. Crazy how that works out, eh? Continue reading...

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This Paper Keeps It Fresh By Modern Farmer on February 19, 2015 U.S.-born Kavita Shukla first visited her grandmother in India when she was 12 years old. Early in her stay, she mistakenly swallowed a glass of unfiltered water while brushing her teeth. Worried her granddaughter would get sick, Shukla’s grandmother made her a mixture of murky brown spices and water and gave it to her to drink. Shukla never became ill.

What Plants Talk About ~ Full Episode Plants Talk AboutA world where plants communicate, co-operate and, sometimes, wage all-out war.2013-04-03 20:00:00publishdisabledshowfalse8234Dodder Vine Sniffs Out Its PreyThe parasitic dodder vine "sniffs" out plants from which it can draw nutrients. 20:00: Self-DefenseTo protect against herbivores, wild tobacco plants deposit sweet but deadly secretions. 20:00: When we think about plants, we don’t often associate a term like “behavior” with them, but experimental plant ecologist JC Cahill wants to change that. The University of Alberta professor maintains that plants do behave and lead anything but solitary and sedentary lives. What Plants Talk About teaches us all that plants are smarter and much more interactive than we thought!

Coconut Sugar: Sustainable and Healthy Sweetener Coconut sugar, also referred to as palm sugar, coconut palm sugar, or coconut crystals/nectar, is the one of the primary sweeteners I use in my home for baking. The reason is because it is not only delicious, but it is also healthy and sustainable for our planet. Made from the sap of cut flower buds from the coconut palm, coconut sugar and coconut nectar are a source of minerals, vitamin C, B vitamins, and some amino acids. Coconut sugar has been used as a traditional sweetener for thousands of years in South and South-East Asia.

7 Ways to Think Differently Every time I pick up one of Looby's books, I'm intrigued by the title but a little dubious about whether the book itself is going to apply to me. This one was no different. "Thinking differently? I'm good at thinking differently. It's thinking the same as anyone else that's difficult..."

Dealing With Mosquitoes Naturally - Farm Girl in Training Blog - Capper's Farmer Magazine As a ninth-generation Floridian, it is safe to say that I am no stranger to insects. Growing up I often heard people joke that the mosquito should actually be listed as our state bird. As amusing as that may seem, these little bugs are more than just annoying, they can also be very hazardous to people and animals.

Odyssey Program Internship & Fellowship Young adults seeking an alternative learning experience enjoy living simply and very close to nature during seasonal sessions of The Odyssey Program. Participants (ages 18-28) spend their mornings working and learning important practical life skills in regenerative agriculture, renewable energy, and ecological sustainability. Afternoons/evenings are spent studying and discussing inspiring ideas about the philosophical roots of our current paradigm and how shifting them can change our future. These young adults become Agents of Change as the Future Leaders of the Environmental Movement.

8 Edibles You Can Grow Indoors This Winter - Urban Farm Don’t give up on gardening just because it’s cold. Get your green-thumb fix by growing these fruits and vegetables inside. By Chandelle Bates It’s a sweet sort of melancholy that drives the home gardener while putting summer garden beds to sleep. And for those who have caught "the bug”—the insatiable, undeniable craving to conjure green things from the soil—a long winter can feel like an exquisite torture. Ecotherapy Practice: working therapeutically outdoors With David Key & Mary-Jayne Rust Week 1: 11-15 May 2015 Week 2: 1-6 November 2015 This course explores psychological, spiritual and practical aspects of working outdoors to facilitate personal and ecological healing.

How to Freeze Dry Food Sample of first three pages below Learn About Food Preservation and Home Freeze Drying Human beings have been practicing food preservation since before civilization began, and for thousands of years it was completely necessary for people to be able to survive the harsher seasons. The reasons for preserving food (and methods) may be different in the modern world, but in many ways it is more important than it ever has been.

Forage Information System Agroecology International Course, taught Fall term Institution: University of California, Berkeley Instructor: Miguel A Altieri, Ph.D; Christos Vasilikiotis, Ph. An online course series on the theory and practice of agroecology. This web-based eight-week course on the the design of biodiverse and sustainable agroecosystems is offered to agricultural professionals (farmers, researchers, extension agents and advanced students).

order Special sale price! Originally $169.99. Order today! Maharishi University of Management As a graduate of the Maharishi Vedic Science program, there’s one question I’ve been asked more often than any other about my choice of study: What is the point of majoring in Maharishi Vedic Science? Krista, my friend in the Vedic Science program, and me in India My decision to join the Maharishi Vedic Science Masters’ Program came at a time in my life where I was unsure of what I wanted to do next. I was nearing the end of a traditional 4-year degree in writing and had just started a search for jobs. Writing was definitely my passion. However, I felt less than passionate about my education.