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A Man Obsessed with Food, Drink, and Everything Inbetween -

A Man Obsessed with Food, Drink, and Everything Inbetween -
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A Cozy Kitchen Lottie + Doof Sweet paul Doña Lupe’s Kitchen @ Doña Lupe’s Kitchen pictures and pancakes hungry ghost food + travel - new Foodbuzz 24X24: Red Egg and Ginger Party My husband, mother-in-law, and I threw our firstborn a traditional Chinese red egg and ginger birthday party when he turned one this past week. I am sure you are wondering, "What is a red egg and ginger party?" Red egg and ginger parties are typically celebrated at the one month mark of a young child's life. During the ancient times, when infant mortality rates were high, if a child survived to the one month mark, it was a sign of great fortune and an event worthy of a big family get-together. The one month milestone in a child's life is a significant occasion for all families, and this milestone is marked by a huge celebration in Chinese culture, where family and friends plan a banquet and meet the new baby. Also, a mother was expected to rest for one month so that she could recover from the physical stress of labor. In ancient times, at a red egg and ginger party, the family would formally name their newborn and also shave their baby's head for good fortune. Chinese Tamales, or jungzi

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