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The 50 Best Videos For Teachers Interested In Gamification

The 50 Best Videos For Teachers Interested In Gamification
Image by Sezzles via Flickr Creative Commons Gaming in education is a really big deal, and a very fun way to get students more involved and interested in education. Board games, video games, even active outdoor games all have an important place in education, and these videos share more about their role in learning. Check out our list of 50 awesome videos for gaming teachers to discover what experts, teachers, and even students have to say about using games for education. Gabe Zichermann: How games make kids smarter : Check out Gabe Zichermann’s TED talk to find out how video games can actually make kids smarter and better problem solvers. Johnny Lee demos Wii Remote hacks : Check out this video to see how you can turn a cheap Wii Remote into a sophisticated educational tool. Game On! Game Based Learning in Special Education : Andre Chercka discusses his experience with game-based learning and how it can be applied to special education in this talk.

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Why the Gamification of Learning Became so Successful Who could have predicted that the gamification of learning could have yielded such continued success, for students of all ages? If twenty or so years ago you were to tell an educator that the future of learning exists in digital gaming, you’d probably be laughed at. Not too long ago games were viewed almost universally as a deterrent to education—the word “videogame” had nothing but the most negative connotation to many parents and educators. Games weren’t viewed as sources of learning, but ones of distraction. Of course that has all changed in recent years. Technological advances—particularly with mobile devices—have made gaming a much more viable platform for educators who want to provide interactive and engaging learning materials.

How to Use Game Mechanics to Reward Your Customers There's a green card. Then there's silver, gold, and platinum. And then there's the Centurion—the black American Express card. The Habits That Make You Live Longer Although immortality isn’t an option, why not live your life to the fullest? The oldest person in the world, Jeanne Calment, lived to be 122 years old; scientists believe the maximum human lifespan is 126 years old. Genes constitute about one-third of the factors leading to long life. What is Gamification and Why Should You Care? This is a community post, untouched by our editors. PREVIOUS: How To Bring An Event To Life With Augmented Reality When you think of gamification, what do you think of? Playing games? Like World of Warcraft, Mario Cart and Candy Land?

How to Use Gamification to Reward Customers and Engage Prospects Everyone wants new business. But sometimes we get so wrapped up in trying to predict what the next great lead-gen tactic will be, we forget that new business doesn't come just from new customers. It also comes from your current customers, and it's a lot cheaper to acquire, to boot. Most marketers have undoubtedly seen the Bain & Company study that put hard numbers to the new-versus-existing-customer conundrum: it's six to seven times more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to retain an existing one, and a 5% increase in customer retention can boost profit from 25%-95%. You can always try to make your customers happier by sending them free goodies, responding to emails quicker, and smiling more when you see them, but odds are that any gains you'll see aren't going to move the needle much. It takes more than extra elbow grease on your part—it takes a new approach.

A Visual Look At The Life Of Martin Luther King Jr. After all the celebrations that come with the month of December, it’s easy to feel like the rest of winter is empty of special occasions or reasons to celebrate. One important day to commemorate, however, falls in the middle of January and is certainly a cause for thanks and remembrance: Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. People honor and celebrate the life of Dr.

8 Research Findings Supporting the Benefits of Gamification in Education On Sunday, Tess Pajaron sent me a great article from Open Colleges about “The Virtues of Daydreaming And 30 Other Surprising (And Controversial) Research Findings About How Students Learn”. One thing that really struck me about this article is how many of these findings indicated benefits that can come from the use of gaming in education. Some of the findings directly addressed the subject, while others were indirectly indicative of potential positive outcomes of gaming in an instructional context. Of course, the “gamification” of education generally refers to the idea of incorporating gaming elements in instruction and instructional tools, such as the use of digital badges in an online learning application. But with findings such as those below indicating that game playing can enhance the learning process, it is logical to assume that the use of gaming mechanics and concepts in educational tools and processes can also yield benefits. – Gamification in Personal Finance « interaction design Posted by reto wettach in gamification, service design. trackback Those of you, who read this blog, know that I am currently interested in gamification and in banking (amongst a lot of other things… :-) ) In his Google Tech Talk, the researcher and designer Sebastian Deterding mentions, basically an online banking software, which “pulls all your financial accounts into one place” – for free, which is kind of scary… Mint’s “core beliefs has always been that money management shouldn’t feel like a chore” (source: mintblog) and therefore Mint trying various approaches to bring gamification into their service:

How Online Learning Is Being Used To Enhance Education The basic idea behind online learning is simple: enable more people to learn for less money. While the mission of empowering students of all ages is a noble one, it’s not always easy to make happen. Online learning is downright difficult for many and you have to really want to do it. Aside from that, it’s still a big time commitment and you’re going to want to know exactly what you’re going to get out of any online program before starting. Knowing that there are these challenges, what are some of the benefits? A new infographic from Online Degree Programs lays out some of the classic examples of what we should know about online learning.

The Power of Gamification in Loyalty Look around and you’ll see a lot of examples of gamification in marketing and in particular in loyalty programs. So is this just another gimmicky social media driven tactic by companies? Or is there some genuine strategic value that justifies its rapid infiltration into loyalty programs. It may seem gimmicky on the surface but gamification addresses two key strategic issues for companies running loyalty programs:

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