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How to Avoid the Natural Reactions that Prevent Good Decision Making

How to Avoid the Natural Reactions that Prevent Good Decision Making

How to Live Forever By Turning Your Brain Into Plastic Brad, I am not unnecessarily defining anything. I am certain that if you have a clone made of you, whether physically or in some sort of computer rendering, that clone will live on. But, you will die when our time comes, and go into the "big black" wherever that leads to. Meanwhile (or even while you live), the clone will be "born" and awake into it's own existence, but you must have a continuity of your consciousness for it to BE you. Your mind doesn't just teleport when a copy or rendering of you is made, any more than a copy of a computer file, or a photocopy is where the original moves to! Now, if you want to have your "essence" live on, and in a sense, elements of yourself, then clone away! What illustrates this clearly is to imagine a physical clone being made with your full memory implanted in it, while you are alive. So, how the hell are you still "alive" and experiencing "life" just because that clone of you is walking around? Do you get it now?

10 Practical Uses For Psychological Research in Everyday Life People love to give each other advice. The web is full to bursting with all types of pseudo-psychological advice about life. The problem is, how much of this is based on real scientific evidence? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 10 Reasons To Include Calisthenics Into Your Routine I’m going to state this straight to your face: You must include calisthenics into your training routine for ultimate development. Pretty straightforward but it is true. Even more. I have tons of reasons why you should use your own bodyweight in your training but I compressed them to 10 most important. At first let me explain you what is ‘calisthenics’. Calisthenics is a form of training where you use only your bodyweight as resistance. 10 Reasons Why You Should Include Calisthenics into Your Routine... Bodyweight training (if you use it properly) is actually easier on joints than weight training. It’s that easy. You can get stronger actually in days not weeks. It’s very important. Even every day. Explosive push-ups, explosive pull-ups, explosive dips, explosive lunges etc. Back Levers, Front Levers, Planches, Human Flags etc. Whether you want bigger muscles, insane strength or those abs, bodyweight training will get you there. Try to make a human flag in crowded place.

One Step Closer to Building a Simulated Human Brain "So, I'm not sure that mapping a brain to software is going to yield a brain - the simulation will be statically wired and a real brain is not." This isn't really a good objection because obviously the software neurons will grow, prune or change over time as well. You're assuming a snapshot when it could easily be a movie. Just apply more computer power. "A bigger question for me is if the brain is wired pretty much by chance, how are basic human behaviors wired in the same for everyone (generally the same, i.e. jealousy, anger, happiness, etc.)." Because here Markram gets it wrong or oversimplifies. The brain is not wired entirely by chance, certainly not globally over the entire brain. To correct Markram, I think he really means that the connections happen by chance only on the cellular level, in small groups of neurons—and by "small" I mean groups of a 100 or 1000 neurons. "And lastly, if the thing ever becomes conscious, I feel sorry for it - it will be completely sensory deprived."

5 Logical Fallacies That Make You Wrong More Than You Think The Internet has introduced a golden age of ill-informed arguments. You can't post a video of an adorable kitten without a raging debate about pet issues spawning in the comment section. These days, everyone is a pundit. But with all those different perspectives on important issues flying around, you'd think we'd be getting smarter and more informed. Unfortunately, the very wiring of our brains ensures that all these lively debates only make us dumber and more narrow-minded. #5. Think about the last time you ran into a coworker or family member spouting some easily disproven conspiracy theory -- somebody who still thinks Obama's birth certificate is a fake or that Dick Cheney arranged 9/11 to cover up his theft of $2.3 trillion from the government. That has literally never happened in the history of human conversation. Getty"OK, so Dick Cheney doesn't have a third arm. The Science: Getty"Check it out, you guys, Carl has something called 'Loose Change' loaded up on his iPhone." #4. #3.

Are You Being Monitored At Work? | Upgrade Your Life A 2011 survey found that over half of US employers are monitoring their employees' computer usage. How can you find out if you are one of them? And if you are, what should you do about it? There are two main ways employers track computer usage — with monitoring software on your desktop, and by watching the traffic on the corporate network. Also, many companies have written guidelines about Internet usage and may indicate if they are monitoring you. HR departments should have these policies available for employee review. Monitoring Software on Your Computer Monitoring software tracks all your activity and sends logs to the boss or IT department. On a Windows machine: First, look in the system tray and start up folder. On a Mac: Open Finder and look under applications , click 'utilities' and launch 'activity monitor'. If you see something in any of these places that you're unfamiliar with, search it online to see if it's a monitoring program. So What If You Want A Little Privacy?

The Drug That Never Lets Go Photo By @FatTonyBMX Dickie Sanders was not naturally prone to depression. The 21-year-old BMX rider was known for being sweet spirited and warm -- a hugger not a hand-shaker. The kind of guy who called on holidays. Who helped his father on the family farm. Who spent countless hours perfecting complicated tricks on his bike. Yet on Nov. 12, 2010, Sanders was found dead on the floor of his childhood bedroom. PBS NewsHour Science Support Provided By The National Science Foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the S.D. The suicide was the culmination of five days of strange behavior that began shortly after Sanders snorted a powdery substance he bought from a friend. “I don't like the way this is making me feel," Sanders told his stepmother, Julie, as the two awaited his release from the hospital. An autopsy revealed a powerful stimulant in his system: methylenedioxypyrovalerone, also known as MDPV. What Do Bath Salts Packages Look Like?

The Ten Most Revealing Psych Experiments Psychology is the study of the human mind and mental processes in relation to human behaviors - human nature. Due to its subject matter, psychology is not considered a 'hard' science, even though psychologists do experiment and publish their findings in respected journals. Some of the experiments psychologists have conducted over the years reveal things about the way we humans think and behave that we might not want to embrace, but which can at least help keep us humble. That's something. 1. The Robbers Cave Experiment is a classic social psychology experiment conducted with two groups of 11-year old boys at a state park in Oklahoma, and demonstrates just how easily an exclusive group identity is adopted and how quickly the group can degenerate into prejudice and antagonism toward outsiders. Researcher Muzafer Sherif actually conducted a series of 3 experiments. 2. The prisoners rebelled on the second day, and the reaction of the guards was swift and brutal. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

How to Find the Best TV Set Top Box and Ditch Cable Once and For All So do you guys use a set-top box like one of these? Game consoles count too, even though we didn't feature them—they just didn't quite fit in with the others (since they cost a lot more and serve a different primary purpose than streaming video). I'm still stuck on my XBMC box, but the Roku really gave it a run for its money when it comes to streaming Netflix, Hulu, and other stuff. It was probably my favorite, though I was surprised to find I actually kind of liked the Apple TV as well. PS3 downstairs, amazing selection of streaming options. Wii upstairs, it lacks amazon (but I don't subscribe to that anyway) and crunchyroll. That said, I'd rather use a game console. They may be "more expensive" but that's only for chumps who don't know what craigslist is. Our house has a Vizio Costar. Having everything go through the one box is pretty nice. How do you have a Costar? Yeah, the whole game console thing is a little tough. I have an xBox, Roku and an Apple TV. Thorrrr

Scientists Discover How Brains Keep Clean | Wired Science Two-photon imaging shows how the brain flushes out wastes via a system of water channels (purple) in cells (green) wrapped tightly around blood vessels. Image: J. Iliff and M. Nedergaard We all need to clear our heads, sometimes literally — and now scientists have learned how our neurological plumbing system works. Every organ produces waste, and the brain is no exception. “If you look at a body-wide map of the lymphatic system, you see a great big void in the brain,” said neuroscientist Jeffrey Iliff of the University of Rochester Medical Center. Scientists long suspected that the brain’s refuse ended up in the cerebrospinal fluid, which cushions the brain inside the skull. Thanks to new imaging techniques that made it possible to peer inside the brain of a living mouse, Iliff’s team saw the process in action. Fluid circulation in brain tissue as imaged with traditional methods. Healthy brains produce amyloid normally, but this system clears it out frequently, the researchers suspect.

Your Evolved Intuitions Part of the sequence: Rationality and Philosophy We have already examined one source of our intuitions: attribute substitution heuristics. Today we examine a second source of our intuitions: biological evolution. Evolutionary psychology Evolutionary psychology1 has been covered on Less Wrong many times before, but let's review anyway. Lions walk on four legs and hunt for food. Certain evolved psychological mechanisms in humans are part of what makes us like each other and not like lions, skunks, and spiders. These mechanisms evolved to solve specific adaptive problems. An an example of evolutionary psychology at work, consider the 'hunter-gatherer hypothesis' that men evolved psychological mechanisms to aid in hunting, while women evolved psychological mechanisms to aid in gathering.6 This hypothesis leads to a list of bold predictions. And as it turns out, all these predictions are correct.7 (And no, evolutionary psychologists do not only offer 'postdictions' or 'just so' stories. Notes

How to Tackle Student Loan Debt When Your Grace Period Ends My well written article, I wish something like this was available in 2009 when I graduated. I spent an entire year clueless as to how to tackle the mountain of student debt my wife and I had. However, I pieced together much of the same advice here from various people who shared in my misery. I can honestly say the IBR plan is a Godsend. When we were on a single income, we were technically in payment on both our loans and yet our monthly payments were zero. In 8 years my wife's debt will be for given since she's in the Air Force which will cut our debt in half. Two things thought that I feel should be noted are that once you are on the IBR plan, you are unable to leave it except to go back to the 10 year standard repayment plan. And without getting too much on my soapbox, the real root problem here is the soaring cost of higher education.

Science says underpaid people enjoy their jobs more! Kinda have to agree—making a "journalistic" headline sexy seems to be par for the course on Gizmodo related websites these days. Yeah, this isn't what the study says. Though it would be interesting to do an actual study on job satisfaction versus underpayment/overpayment. There are definitely underpaid people who are willing to be underpaid *because* they have fantastic jobs, though I would guess most knowingly underpaid people hate their jobs but cannot find anything better. Yes, thank you. As an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist—and a former journalist—this article's title is bullshit and completely misleading. For the Festinger study in particular, the two thoughts at odds were: 1) that was really boring, and I hated it, VS 2) I got paid only a dollar to say it wasn't. The theory alone cannot be directly translated to job satisfaction. Please be better than this, Gizmodo.

Top 10 Thinking Traps Exposed — How to Foolproof Your Mind, Part II In the first part of this article, we focused on 5 traps that hinder our ability to think rationally. As a quick recap, we discussed: The Anchoring Trap: Over-Relying on First ThoughtsThe Status Quo Trap: Keeping on Keeping OnThe Sunk Cost Trap: Protecting Earlier ChoicesThe Confirmation Trap: Seeing What You Want to SeeThe Incomplete Information Trap: Review Your Assumptions Now it’s time to complete the list and expose the remaining 5 dangerous traps to be avoided. Let’s dive right in. 6. In a series of experiments, researchers asked students in a classroom a series of very simple questions and, sure enough, most of them got the answers right. This “herd instinct” exists — to different degrees — in all of us. This tendency to conform is notoriously exploited in advertising. Conformity is also one of the main reasons why once a book makes into a well-known best-sellers list, it tends to “lock in” and continue there for a long time. What can you do about it? 7. 8. John Riley is a legend.