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Teacher Guides
These guides come in very handy for every teacher looking to better integrate technology into his/her teaching. They are very simple,developed in a step by step process, illustrated by pictures, diagrams, video tutorials, and examples, and concluded with a webliography containing links to a variety of other websites relevant to the topic under discussion. Needless to mention the pedagogical implications we include in the review of the web tools we feature in our guides. @import url( Custom Search Educators Technology See On About Us Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is operated by a team of dedicated teachers located in Canada. Google+ Followers Subscribe To Posts All Comments Copyright © 2011-2014.Please feel free to reuse or share content under a Creative Commons Attribution license unless otherwise noted.

An Introduction to Technology Integration Sal Khan: People have been integrating technology in the classroom forever. What I think is really exciting about what we're seeing now is that technology is being used to fundamentally transform what the classroom is. Fundamentally transform what you can do with a classroom. Adam Bellow: I think to define technology integration, it's really using whatever resources you have to the best of your abilities. Divya (student): This is a list of different applications that you can use to like make music or do art. Divya: My eyes were drooping. Mary Beth Hertz: Students today are creating using digital tools. Mary Beth: Kids can create podcasts, movies, songs to express their ideas, express their thoughts. but also to express their learning. Adam: When you create, you take ownership of your learning. Mary Beth: And sometimes they learn things we didn't expect them to learn. Mary Beth: This internet thing that has become a big part of our lives. Adam: The role of the teacher has shifted.

Anki: lär och repetera med "flashcards" (träningskort) på webben, telefon och platta Kit Review - Windows 8 for Dummies eLearning Kit, by Faithe Wempen Recently I wrote a review of the Windows 8 for Dummies online course, which I liked a lot. That’s not the only Windows 8 course available from the For Dummies crew, which is good news for people who don’t want to learn through online videos alone. This week I took a look at Windows 8 for Dummies eLearning Kit, which contains a book, a CD, and, as a special bonus, six months free access to the Windows 8 for Dummies online e-learning course (which is not the same as the one I recently reviewed). I was interested to see how this course’s approach differed from the previous wholly online course (besides the fact that one comes with a book and one doesn’t). Here’s what I found. The book: In living color The first thing you’ll notice is that this is one of the new For Dummies books, printed on heavier paper and in full color. Each chapter begins with a list of interesting questions to draw the reader in, with the page numbers where the answers can be found. The CD: They talk, you watch

teachwithyouripad - home Wrong Focus: Teacher-Centered Classrooms and Technology There is a buzz around me these days about how EdTech is failing to live up to its promise fueled primarily by the In Classrooms of Future, Stagnant Scores. What is surprising to most when they share this piece with me or ask me my opinion about the failures of EdTech is my response. For the most part, I agree that it is failing but that failure has more to do with us than with the technology. Why? We continue to focus on the value of EdTech by what the teachers do with it NOT what the students do with it.We continue to focus on the value of EdTech by what happens to high stakes, standardized test scores. Teacher-Centered Classrooms/Technology When the focus of technology is on the teacher and teaching not learners and learning, it is easy to see EdTech as a failure: a waste of time, money, and resources. Is it any wonder we find ourselves unable to fulfill the promise we’ve preached about EdTech? Look at the front of the classroom from the students’ perspective. Now flip it. Paper. Really?

8 Great Free Digital Presentation Tools For Teachers To Try This Summer A mix of web apps that can help you make presentations that are fun, eye catching, and engaging (great for students too)! In this month's free online workshop, we're learning about the wonderful variety of free digital presentation tools available on the Internet today, and ways we might use them in our classroom. For the last assignment, I want to let participants select from a list of applications we haven't tried yet. I've been searching out new ones, as well as revisiting tools I've used before or known about, and I've listed a handful here. This interactive image is an example of a Glogster “poster” I tossed together in about 25 minutes, without any previous knowledge of using the tool. Note the different functionality for video and images – click an image to see it zoom and straighten for a better view, and the videos clips actually play! If there are other free digital presentation tools that you like to use, please comment and let us know about them!

iLearn Technology Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013 10 Signs You're a Tech Savvy Teacher Are you a plugged-in, twittering ed-tech expert, or a terrified technophobe with a dusty blackboard? If you think you’re brave enough to find out, test yourself against these top ten signs you’re a tech savvy teacher…how many will you tick?! 1. You think PowerPoint is as outdated as flared trousers and lava lamps – your idea of a fantastic slideshow involves moving images, embedded audio and a zooming overview of the whole presentation. No speech you give is complete without Prezi or Sliderocket and you leave your students cheering for more! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. What makes you a tech savvy teacher? First picture courtesy of Flickr, Tweek Second picture courtesy of Flickr, Brandonprinceabroad Feature picture courtesy of Flickr, DubsarPR