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Jon Rappoport's Blog
Eve and Adam retold by Jon Rappoport April 18, 2014 One fine day (every day was fine), in the floating place called Astral Island Y-96a4, or The Garden, Eve was sitting naked under a large tree working on her tan, when a long serpent approached, slithering through the tall grass. Eve sat up and watched him.

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The teleological fallacy and our common delusion of control The teleological fallacy improperly infers causes from outcomes. A good or bad outcome of an initiative by a general counsel does not derive, necessarily, from a good or bad cause, be it an idea, design or implementation. A loss at trial doesn’t mean the legal work done was shoddy. A patent granted doesn’t prove the application was well drafted and prosecuted. Outside counsel costs might rise even though a number of solid steps were taken to moderate those costs. The teleological error is to make inferences about the relationships between what happens and what was done before what happens.

Scientists Scientists who have tackled the challenging world of bioelectronics have not only found themselves grappling with the complex interactions of biology, chemistry, physics and electronics but in the crosshairs of government, industry and military. Against all odds, these scientists have not only had to unravel the mysteries of the science but have had to withstand censure, personal attack and lack of funding whenever their scientific directions challenged the safety of wireless technologies. (story) United States Accused of Planting Avian Flu in Recent H7N9 Outbreak Janet C. PhelanActivist Post Amidst allegations by a highly placed Colonel in the Chinese army that the U.S. has released a bioweapon in Mainland China, concerns are ramping up that this year's version of the avian flu, H7N9, may turn into a major pandemic. The last few years have seen several false alarms on the pandemic front. Neither the bird flu of 2004 nor the swine flu of 2009-2010 ended up being of much concern, although agencies from the WHO on down certainly created quite a flurry around both of these flu bugs. H7N9 has already shown itself to have a high mortality rate, higher in fact than the Spanish flu of 1918, which caused 50 million deaths worldwide.

Fake News – The Greanville Post Nine days ago, on a special post commenting on a CBS News clip on this topic (“Establishment’s fight against “Fake News” a covert war on Free Speech”) I asked an inconvenient question: Can the industrial manufacturers of lies and fake reality help us determine what is “fake news”? It seemed obvious that this entire ballyhoo was nothing but a thinly-veiled attempt at demonising opinion the establishment finds dangerous to its own hold on the public mind. Paving the way for a more frontal attack on dissenters on the web. Choking free speech. I added, “This is something that everyone should realize and stand firm to oppose and resist. For whenever the system managers demonise something, worse attacks follow.”

Obliquity, By John Kay This book by the distinguished economist and writer John Kay is an extended essay about an idea which is intuitively true: namely, that certain targets are achieved only as a side-effect of aiming for something else. For instance, happiness is attained when people are absorbed by a meaningful activity – psychologists call this state "flow". Trying to be happy is a recipe for misery. High profits are the fruits of a passion for engineering or writing software, say, while it's usually commercial suicide to make profits the sole purpose of business. On a holiday many years ago I met a chocolate engineer who claimed to have designed the walnut whip, and held forth at length about the properties of melted chocolate.

The National Security Archive December 9, 2014 Torture Report Finally Released Senate Intelligence Committee Summary of CIA's Detention and Interrogation Program Concludes CIA Misled Itself, Congress, the President about Lack of Effectiveness. September 28, 2014 THE YELLOW BOOK Secret Salvadoran military document from the civil war era catalogued "enemies," many killed or disappeared. More recent items Pandemic Watch: Another insider announces that a global pandemic is imminent Janet C. Phelan Dr. Open Source Everything for the 21st Century A new international inter-agency Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Handbook is being developed and will be distributed at the conference in hardcopy at the same time that it is offered for sale at Amazon in both Kindle and CreateSpace form. Click on Image to Enlarge There is no adequate handbook today for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), nor is there a proper handbook for operationalizing Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). If we have missed any handbook of significance, please point it out — generally we do not take web surfing guides to be substantive since less than 1% of tangible useful knowledge is online. The NATO and SOF Handbooks remain the best in terms of structure and mind-set but their links are severely out-dated, for fresh links use Ben Benavides’ 2016 references.