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Free Boat Plans from "Science and Mechanics", "Boat Builder Handbook" and other very old magazines Trouble viewing? Try the Low Band Width index. Boat plans from Science and Mechanics and Boat Builder Handbooks. Plans for Hydroplanes, Sailboats, Inboards, Runabouts, Canoes, Kayaks and many other boats. This is a FREE user supported site. There are a few plans that have CAD drawings that users have provided. The ".png", ".jpg", and ".gif" files are best viewed and printed from your favorite photo editor. If you dont find the boat you were looking for in this library, your local public library may have an issue of the magazine with your boat in its archives. By acquiring these images you accept all responsibility for thier use.

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Free pontoon boat plans Well look what we have cooking here: Free plans to make your own pontoon boat! Length: 12' (3.7 m) Beam: 72" (1.8 m) Height: 20" (51 cm) Corky the sailing inner tube Hi, David - A fellow on rec.woodworking who goes by the name of Jack-of-all-trades (JOAT) posted this link a day or so ago and I just spotted it. I absolutely couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it after more than fifty years. When it was published in 1950, I was a seven-year-old who was already in love with sailboats. Craftmanship & Quality Reaction International Ltd. Reg in: England & Wales Reg No. 4132578 All specifications are subject to change without notice. All prices are excluding local taxes and are Ex Works. Prices are subject to change so please contact us for latest pricing. Hov Pod is atrademark of Reaction International Ltd. All Text and Images are Copyright © Reaction International Ltd.

How to Build a Boat Carinita was designed for the ama­teur builder who desires something more than a typical day sailer, not a full cruising boat but a fast sailboat that has limited accommodations sufficient for an occasional overnight cruise yet without the higher building costs associated with keel boats of this size. While two fixed berths with lockers and shelves for food, dishes and stove are provided, there is also ample stowage space for a portable icebox, a watercloset of the bucket type for econ­omy's sake, sails, water bottles and all the other equipment one usually requires for an overnight cruise. Carinita will be exceptionally seaworthy and her full beam at the waterline will provide sufficient stability to withstand any normal sudden summer blow. When builing a boat, the Carinita has much greater sail area and this is why? To find out more just click on this link:

Building a custom wood fly fishing boat, the 16' Fly Fisher The following photos show the construction process for these fly fishing skiffs. This construction sequence starts with building the ladder frame, on which we will set up the molds, transom, and stem. Since this is a small boat, we built the ladder frame on legs above a ladder frame for a larger boat. Since this will be a lapstrake boat, we'll build it over molds and put the frames in after the boat is planked and right side up. Then the frames can be jogged over the plank laps and fitted very precisely.

Wood Boats-Wood based epoxy products to repair and resist wood rot. General Principles for Wooden Boat Repair Most of the accumulated information on wood boat construction, repair and restoration is in books, and not on the web. At The Rot Doctor™ we do our best to provide you with guidelines, but we, like most others on the web, are market-driven and promote our products when appropriate. We try always to be honest and will recommend other products if we believe they are suitable. When contemplating wooden boat repairs, especially if they are structural, go to the library and check out books that will help guide you.

Puddle Duck Racer PD Racer plan Plans delivered by email available from - Duckflat - Australia - Duckworks - USA - Seawing Boats - UK(they also sell building materials and accessories) Plans are ideal for a first time builder 85 pages with dozens of drawings and photos We built two boats for $350 each. Sailboats To Go » Fishing Boat Sail Kit Easy Clamp-On, Fold-up Sail Kit Transforms Any Open Fishing Boat, Rowboat or Dinghy Into A Sailing Dinghy! Leeboards on the sides work like a centerboard or keel to let you tack into the wind. Click this link to see a short video on the sail rig for open fishing boats: Dinghy-Kit Video Worried about stability? Duckworks Boatbuilders Supply Professional Quality Designs I have known Gavin Atkin for about seven years now. In that time, he has revealed a deep understanding of boat design principles, and a willingness to share that knowledge. He has contributed numerous articles to Duckworks Magazine, and helped untold numbers of boat builders through his website Free Boat Design Resources.

Duckworks - Stasha - The Lightest Nesting Dinghy in There’s a saying that I like. ‘If you get in a car and don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there’. Designing a boat is a bit like this as you need to know a few things before you can begin. Knowing where to start is easier said than done. So many things can influence the design. I have found that a good place to start is to first think about what you don’t want. Craft A Craft Mark and Diana Doyle, which we’ve mentioned several time for thier great Intracoastal Waterway guides, has announed that they are moving to a low-cost, ad-free model, operating as a non-profit. This seems a great boon to cruisers, and a great way to get some high quality guides while supporting a good organization. Check them out. When Mark and I first started our Managing the Waterway guides—now On the Water ChartGuides—we made the decision to keep our publications low-cost and ad-free.

Build Your Own Boat see it clearly The earliest means of boat building were done by the use of body parts such as the hands and forearms for measuring certain lengths of a boat model. Other people used tiny pieces of sticks for the same purpose. ding1 The Micro Folding Dinghy is based on one of Matt Layden's early folding dinghies; however it incorporates some of Matt's ideas as well as a few of our own to create a cheap and sturdy boat. The Micro Folding Dinghy is best suited to smaller people or for children, but it can be enlarged to fit larger folks by increasing the beam and the freeboard by around 2 inches. The MFD is made up of 3 pieces of 1/4" exterior grade fir plywood- two side pieces and one bottom piece. The ends (bow and stern) of our boat are white vinyl, but canvas may work better. One of the most interesting features of this little boat are the 2" wide cloth hinges made from heavy duty #4 canvas which are reinforced by a series of interlocking finger joints/tabs every 6 inches. At the stern the tabs are elongated to form skegs.