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Mixed Media Art Canvas - Steampunk Dragonflies

Mixed Media Art Canvas - Steampunk Dragonflies

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Mix & Match Baked corn flakes crispy chicken is a good recipe when you are craving KFC but not the calories! This recipe can be prepared at home it can easily be adapted to customize the taste. Recipe from Ingredients Instructions Place corn flakes in a bowl or sealed bag and crush with hand. Learn Wet-on-Dry and Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Painting Techniques The terms wet-on-dry and wet-on-wet do simply mean "wet paint applied onto dry paint" and "wet paint applied onto wet paint". It's important to know you've these two options, or watercolor techniques, as laying color on wet or dry paint produces very different effects. Painting wet-on-dry produces sharp edges to shapes, whereas painting wet-on-wet the colors will spread into one another, producing soft edges and blending. Knowledge of these two techniques can also help prevent you from being frustrated by the paint not doing what you expect.

DIY Silhouette, Wall Mural and Photography Art for Your Home Nothing beautifies and personalizes a home like art. Creating your own artwork is fulfilling and rewarding. Every time you pass your artwork or someone admires it, you will feel like a mini Michelangelo. Here are 4 easy techniques that anyone can use to create art for the home: Create a Silhouette

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Pastels and Mixed Media with watercolors, acrylic paints and gels, alkyds, oil paints - Pastel ARTtalk...the link between you, the visual artist, and the manufacturer of art materials. established 1990 Pastel Pastels and Mixed Media Print large posters on a regular printer How to: Print large posters on a regular printer How to: Print large posters on a regular printer (3:27) 08.03.12 Print large posters on a regular printer 08/03/12 (3:27) Learn how to create custom wall art using standard-size copy paper and your computer. CNET Top 5: Back to school tech gifts (2:20) 07.20.12 Back to school tech gifts 07/20/12 (2:20) Head back to school in style with CNET's best tech picks. CNET Top 5: Back to school downloads (4:38) 08.01.11 Back to school downloads 08/01/11 (4:38) Key downloads for the tech you use at school, many of which are free. CNET Top 5: Back to school products (5:49) 07.28.11 Back to school products 07/28/11 (5:49) Essential tech gear for the well-equipped student.

Woodgrain Coffee Table Today, I awoke refreshed and excited for the start of a new week! It didn’t hurt that the girls let me get a good 9 hours of sleep, and I was able to jolt myself back to life with a strong cup of black coffee. And I’m excited to show you one of several little projects we have going right now! Small Measures: Homemade Watercolors I share my home, and my life, with an MFA-toting husband (whose concentration was in painting and color theory), and an active, inquisitive, art-loving 2 year-old. Between the two of them and my own ongoing craft projects and homemade gift-making endeavors, suffice to say, there is a good deal of paint in our lives. Over the winter, I committed myself to organizing our craft/guest/office room. DIY framed silhouette art Silhouettes and cameos are not new to the home decorating scene -- in fact, they've been around for well over a century. However, this look is making a serious comeback now, this time with brighter colors and a more modern look. Add a modern twist to this vintage favorite into your home with this super-easy, bright and fun silhouette DIY! Not only is this an easy, quick project, it's one you can completely customize to fit your home and style. You can add bright colors, festive fabric, patterned frames -- it's up to you. Add some vintage flair to your home and save money while you're at it (because these prints can cost a pretty penny at thrift and specialty stores!)