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Top 10 Simple Things Every Computer User Should Know How to Do

Top 10 Simple Things Every Computer User Should Know How to Do

Top 10 Good Tech Habits Everyone Should Have Number 9 is a good one to keep in mind. There is a very popular store which I almost referred to as a retail outlet. I had to correct myself because I have known them to charge more than the Manufactured Suggested Retail Price, which should be the most that anyone should reasonably pay for any non-difficult-to-find item. They also have another shady practice. A friend of mine was on their mailing list for sales that they had in store when they had a NAS that was highly rated on a tech site. I guess my point is that for number 9, make sure you do your research and try to get as much evidence to support your claim that something costs what the ad said it costs. By the way, yes, I did intentionally not name the company because this is probably a good practice for any stores that you may purchase products from. Happy shopping!

10 secrets of high performance teams At the center of every high performance team is a common purpose—a mission that rises above and beyond each of the individual team members. To be successful, the team's interests and needs come first. This requires vision ("What's in it for we?"), a challenging step up from the common mindset. Effective team players understand that personal issues and personality differences are secondary to team demands. sharing responsibility for success and failure and covering for one another on a moment's notice. It is with this spirit of cooperation that effective teams learn to capitalize on individual strengths and offset individual weaknesses, using diversity as an advantage. Effective teams also understand the importance of establishing cooperative systems, structures, incentives and rewards. To embrace the team-first rule, make sure your team purpose and priorities are clear. Then stop and ask yourself, are you putting the team first?

SpaceSniffer - Télécharger What Kind of Maintenance Do I Need to Do on My Windows PC? Dear Lifehacker, You guys recently talked about Mac Maintenance, but I'm frankly still a little lost when it comes to Windows. Should I be defragging, cleaning my registry, and running programs like CCleaner? What do I actually need to do to maintain my Windows PC? P Sincerely, Wringing Out WindowsP Dear Wringing, You're right, people talk a lot about ways to "speed up Windows" or keep your system well-maintained, but Windows has evolved a lot, and some of those are outdated. Maintenance You'll Want to DoP Update Windows: We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Don't neglect Windows Update. Run Antivirus Software: It's a sad fact of life, but if you're using Windows, you'll probably want some form of antivirus software running in the background. Back Up Your Hard Drive: Whether it's the simple Windows Backup or an automated, offsite backup tool like our favorite Crashplan, backups are essential tools for any PC user. Maintance You Don't Need to DoP SExpand Sincerely, LifehackerP P.S.

Top 10 Things You Can Upgrade with a Little Electronics Hacking it is a skill to do a good solder joint, it comes with LOTS of practice. so most people who rarely do it will ever get good at it. Bingo. Of course, part of the issue is having a soldering iron at the right temp with a properly tinned tip. I don't expect to ever master tricky stuff like smts or even multilayer pcbs so I'm not much better then a newbie, anyway - and I totally suck at sweating pipe joints. Ah, well... SMT is actually a bit better than through-hole once you get the hang of it.

Best Free Disk Space Analyzer One way to find out which files are hogging disk space when your hard drive fills up is to use a specialist utility that displays your disk space usage. There are a number of excellent free utilities that differ mainly in the way the disk space usage is portrayed. These disk space analysers are basically a graphical representation of the windows explorer tree which includes all folders and files. There are headings above groups of boxes (or shapes), these headings represent folders, while the boxes (or shapes) represent files in these folders. Go straight to the Quick Selection Guide SpaceSniffer remains #1 for three simple reasons, first and foremost it's free and second it seems to be far and away the best free space disk analyzer, and thirdly it is standalone ( install). It can display free space and unknown space. The default colours are: drive (orange), free space (green), folders (skin tone), unknown space (gray) and file (blue). WinDirStat is another outstanding program.

How to Speed Up, Clean Up, and Revive Your Android Phone The conclusion over at XDA is that JuiceDefender uses more juice than it defends. Another common juice offender is Beautiful Widgets. Turn off Latitude in Google Maps. This is the worst battery drain. Remove auto-updating widgets (e.g., Facebook). Turn off polling within apps. Turn off GPS when not using. Exit from apps when not using. Cyanogen lets you fine tune app permissions. Rom Toolbox let's you prevent apps from starting at boot, uninstall or freeze apps, and improve SD card performance. Rooting and using a custom kernel not only lets you overclock but also lets you undervolt, saving battery.

How to Speed Up, Clean Up, and Revive Your Windows PC Or buy a better laptop next time. Descent laptop usually have easy access to the fan. Best example, is the Dell Latitude E series. 1 screw, and the entire bottom plate can be slide out like a remove cover. And you have full internal access. But of course, what you suggested, is very good. Actually, I've always wondered about the action of blowing air over the fans: Does the fan motor generate electricity when the fan is forced to spin at high speed?

Réplication vers des sites distants : une intégration croissante avec la virtualisation Selon une étude réalisée en 2012 par Symantec, seulement 27 % des PME françaises ont mis en place un PRA (plan de reprise d’activité). Ce chiffre devrait toutefois augmenter rapidement grâce à la virtualisation, qui rend économiquement viable le déploiement d’un site distant secondaire. « Il est en effet devenu possible de dupliquer une chaîne critique de serveurs sans avoir à augmenter le nombre de serveurs physiques », explique Sébastien Verger, directeur technique chez EMC. Parallèlement, les fonctions de réplication se sont eux-mêmes démocratisées. Tandis que dans le haut de gamme, des mécanismes plus sophistiqués voient le jour. Réplication synchrone ou asynchrone entre baies homogènes Presque toutes les baies intègrent désormais, en standard ou en option, des mécanismes de réplication. Des solutions adaptées à un environnement hétérogène Les mécanismes de réplication intégrés aux baies ne fonctionnent qu’entre matériels d’une même gamme. Une intégration croissante avec l’hyperviseur

How Secure Are You Online: The Checklist A lot of this password advice is mislead in my opinion. They tell people to have hundreds of unique, brilliant, ultra-random passwords. Can anybody remember that? No. So this is just unrealistic if you don't use an all-or-nothing solution like lastpass which will open _everything_ once it breaks. My advice: For everything that is not a real security problem (forums, online games, online picture editors, bla..) use exactly one password. So your left with what - mail, bank, ebay, paypal... give them strong, unique passwords. For these 6 passwords I would chose strong passwords. Assuming that most hackers attack from the other side of the planet, what do you think is most likely? (1) Russian script kiddie finds preimage to your password hash from the password database he stole -> Very likely, so dont pick bad passwords (2) Lastpass, like many many systems built by security experts one day breaks -> Likely, so dont use lastpass

Undelete for Google Calendar | Spanning Have you ever accidentally deleted an event, or several, from your calendar? Lost meetings, conference calls, customer reservations and appointments… you know how devastating that can be. Not just to your day, but to your business. Google says, “Once an event is deleted, its full details can’t be recovered.” Spanning says, “We beg to differ!” With Spanning’s Undelete for Google Calendar, you can restore Google Calendar events with details intact. Our Undelete tool is uniquely designed to fetch a list of all recently-deleted events and let you choose which ones to undelete: 1. Please complete the form using the Google Apps admin email address you will use to install the app. Click here to sign in to Spanning Undelete for Google Calendar

Five tools for getting rid of duplicate files Duplicate files and folders can clutter up a user's computer, and they can wreak havoc on collaborative work. Although manually tracking down dupes is hardly practical, a number of specialized tools can handle the task. Note: This list is also available as a photo gallery. 1: WinMerge WinMerge (Figure A) is an open source package for Windows that can find duplicate files and perform merge and comparison of various text file types. The upcoming version 3 will work on both Windows and Linux platforms. Figure A WinMerge 2: DoubleKiller DoubleKiller (Figure B) offers powerful comparison features, including hash comparison and filtering of which files to include in the comparison. Figure B DoubleKiller 3: Easy Duplicate Finder Easy Duplicate Finder (Figure C) lives up to its name, being easy to use indeed. Figure C Easy Duplicate Finder 4: dupeGuru Music Edition Despite its name, dupeGuru Music Edition (Figure D) is not just for comparing music files. Figure D dupeGuru Music Edition Figure E