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Wheel momentum Walter Lewin.wmv

Wheel momentum Walter Lewin.wmv

Don't know if it was intentional, but a good casting choice. Comic Master Glow-In-The-Dark Smart Highways Coming To The Netherlands in 2013 UPDATE: And Holland delivers – glow-in-the-dark highways are now a real thing! Transportation thoroughfares in the Netherlands are about to take a big leap into the 21st century. The Dutch design firm Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans Infrastructure, a major European road construction company, will transform roads in southern Holland into smart highways beginning in the middle of next year. Over the next five years, features to be implemented will include glow-in-the-dark roads, paint that illuminate to warn of icy conditions, interactive and wind lighting, and an induction priority lane for electric cars, once the particulars of scale for that technology are worked out. With much of the focus on innovation in transportation aimed at automobiles, the Dutch designers opted to focus instead on the roads themselves. The design was recently named a “Best Future Concept” at the Dutch Design Awards show in Eindhoven. One of the improvements the design team proposed was the use of dynamic paints.

Loi de Godwin Illustration (décrite en anglais) du moment où une discussion enflammée va inévitablement passer le point de non-retour, souvent facilement reconnaissable. La loi de Godwin est une règle empirique énoncée en 1990 par Mike Godwin, d'abord relative au réseau Usenet, puis étendue à l'Internet : Dans un débat, atteindre le point Godwin revient à signifier à son interlocuteur qu'il vient de se discréditer en vérifiant la loi de Godwin. Par extension, du fait de la polysémie du mot « point » (signifiant à la fois argument et point en anglais), des « points Godwin » sont parfois attribués à cet interlocuteur (on notera que Godwin lui-même n'a jamais parlé de « point » proprement dit)[1]. Au départ relative aux discussions sur des forums virtuels, la loi de Godwin peut s'appliquer à tout type de conversation ou débat ; l'un des interlocuteurs atteint le point Godwin lorsqu’il en réfère au nazisme, à Hitler, ou à la Shoah, pour disqualifier l’argumentation de son adversaire[2]. — Traduction libre.

The Internet map Son remède contre le sida, les labos n'en veulent pas Doux dingue ou vrai inventeur ? Ce retraité de l'industrie pharmaceutique est convaincu d'avoir fait une découverte thérapeutique. Mais qui, selon lui, casserait le business des grands labos. Tout a commencé dans les années 1980. Revenons à sa molécule miracle, l'Amovir. Les traitements actuels du sida rapportent 70.000 euros par an et par patient, payés par la Sécu. Fin de l'histoire ? Etienne Gingembre Next Upcoming Online Poker Tournaments Schedule No Tournaments Found Matching Your Criteria - Please Refine Your Search Poker Tournaments script developed and hosted by Poker Freerolls at Poker Tournament Monitor Welcome to our poker tournaments schedule. This page is always updated with the latest poker tournaments and freerolls from all major and reliable poker networks and poker rooms. The schedule are updated via automatix XML feeds directly from the poker clients! To see what the requirements is (if there is any), click the green icon. You have various sorting options in the schedule, so you can easily find the tournaments YOU want! January 11, 2014 - Pokerstars TCOOP 2014 Tournament Schedule Released The Pokerstars TCOOP (TURBO CHAMPIONSHIP OF ONLINE POKER) will be returning at Pokerstars in January 2014! Carnival - The Bigger USD 27.50, USD 30K GtdPrizepool:$30Buy-in:$25.00+$2.50 The Bigger $11. Carnival - The Bigger USD 2.20, USD 10K GtdPrizepool:$10Buy-in:$2.00+$0.20 Pacific Rim Special. $16,000 Guaranteed. The Biggest $3.30.

Data brokers sell lists of rape victims, AIDS patients, privacy group finds - Dec. 18, 2013 The World Privacy Forum uncovered these lists, along with several others, while investigating how data brokers collect and sell consumer information. Marketers buy this data so they can target shoppers based on everything from their income to clothing size. Other lists the nonprofit found included the home addresses of police officers, a mailing list for domestic violence shelters (which are typically kept secret by law) and a list of people with addictive behaviors towards drug and alcohol. The mere existence of these lists highlights the need for increased government regulations, said World Privacy Forum executive director Pam Dixon. Related: What your zip code reveals about you "This is where I urge Congress to take action," she said Wednesday at a Senate committee hearing. Currently, data brokers are required by federal law to maintain the privacy of a consumer's data only if it is used for credit, employment, insurance or housing. Related: Find out what Big Data knows about you

Biometric security toy box | Grant Gibson #include <Servo.h> #include <Adafruit_Fingerprint.h> #if ARDUINO >= 100 #include <SoftwareSerial.h> #else #include <NewSoftSerial.h> #endif int getFingerprintIDez(); Servo myservo; int pos = 0; int servoLock = 0; int mytimer = 0; int speakerOut = 6; int printID = -1; SoftwareSerial mySerial(2, 3); NewSoftSerial mySerial(2, 3); Adafruit_Fingerprint finger = Adafruit_Fingerprint(&mySerial); void setup() Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println("fingertest"); myservo.attach(10); myservo.write(82); pinMode(8, INPUT); digitalWrite(8, LOW); pinMode(speakerOut, OUTPUT); finger.begin(57600); if (finger.verifyPassword()) { Serial.println("Found fingerprint sensor!") } else { Serial.println("Did not find fingerprint sensor :("); while (1); Serial.println("Waiting for valid finger delay(500); myservo.detach(); void loop() printID = getFingerprintIDez(); if(printID >= 0) { if(servoLock == 0) { myservo.write(10); servoLock = 1; servoLock = 0; delay(1000); mytimer = 0; } else if (printID == -2) { analogWrite(speakerOut,100); delay(100); mytimer++;

Solar has won. Even if coal were free to burn, power stations couldn't compete | Giles Parkinson Last week, for the first time in memory, the wholesale price of electricity in Queensland fell into negative territory – in the middle of the day. For several days the price, normally around $40-$50 a megawatt hour, hovered in and around zero. Prices were deflated throughout the week, largely because of the influence of one of the newest, biggest power stations in the state – rooftop solar. “Negative pricing” moves, as they are known, are not uncommon. But they are only supposed to happen at night, when most of the population is mostly asleep, demand is down, and operators of coal fired generators are reluctant to switch off. That's not supposed to happen at lunchtime. The influx of rooftop solar has turned this model on its head. The impact has been so profound, and wholesale prices pushed down so low, that few coal generators in Australia made a profit last year. Tony Abbott, the prime minister, likes to say that Australia is a land of cheap energy and he’s half right.

Ardumote Tutorial - Control an Arduino from an iPhone Thats it! Pretty simple, huh? Go ahead and tap the Toggle button on your interface. Move the slider around and watch the LED dim and brighten as you move it. From here, you can replace the LED with a relay and control bigger things. Also notice the little arrow at the bottom of the screen.