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the right moment to photograph It isn't enough to choose the best angle from which to take a photograph, it's also essential to know how to capture a precise moment. In that, Cartier-Bresson had a point. And, even though, at times, the photographer is extremely lucky and all he has to do is press a button to capture an unrepeatable occurence, most often, the patience and the preparation to obtain a photo of a given predictable moment are due to the photographer's own personal achievement. And so, nearly surreal images are created... There are even those who dedicate themselves, with a bit of sadism, to capturing people in awkward or ridiculous situations, and not even animals escape these photographers' sharp sense of humour. These excelent photographs are from Matt Stuart.

Sad and Useless Humor Blog milk overdose Chill Out Point - Funny images and artwork blackblog francosenia This Blog Rules | Why go elsewhere? You've got mail!! NOTCOT XAYNI - Comedy, Humor and Funny Pictures Inquinamento: il colpevole nascosto. | Risorse Economia Ambiente Se l’inquinamento prodotto dalle auto è in calo da vent’anni, come mai la situazione dell’aria non migliora? Un articolo da leggere bevendo molta, molta camomilla. Siete avvertiti. Di Dario Faccini E’ ora disponibile la seconda e la terza parte di questo articolo. martellare le auto Da vent’anni siamo sottoposti ad un martellamento mediatico e normativo sulla necessità di rendere le auto meno inquinanti. Ad esempio: sulla carta un’auto diesel EURO I nel 1992 poteva emettere 140mg di polveri per ogni km; 17 anni dopo, con l’EURO V, il limite è a 5mg. Tra le teoria e la pratica però spesso ce ne passa. Figura 1: Per l’Italia, storico delle emissioni PM2,5 del trasporto su strada (auto, moto, furgoni, camion, usura dei pneumatici ma manca quella dell’asfalto), in blu, e degli impianti stazionari a servizio del settore residenziale, in rosso. In Figura 1 si può osservare che effettivamente le emissioni di PM2,5 derivanti dal trasporto su strada sono calate in vent’anni di quasi il 60%. Note

hitman Pictures | That Cute Site - Part 6 Kitty High Fives are the Best The question remains, did he train his cat to do high fives, or is the cat training him… Then and Now: Dog and Cheetah Friends These two are Kasi and Mtani. Check out more of our Then & Now themed posts here! Easy, Breezy, Beautiful…Cover Squirrel Clearly this picture was taken during a tiny squirrel snowball fight. And Now, a Cute Baby Sloth Baby sloth’s cuteness is increased by the fact that it’s hanging out in… tupperware? Photo Credit: Aled Lewis, his entire sloth album can be found here. If I Fits, I Sits It’s obvious that’s where he’s stashing all of his stolen apple cider and chickens. Little Girl Hugging Her Malamute Dog A single rose can be my garden…a single friend, my world. The New Foreign Exchange Student The question remains, who was the lucky student that is now living in a tree in South America? Day 3: All I’ve eaten so far is some leaves and a few delicious flower buds. Let’s Assume His Resume is Puuuurfect Office Cat: I’m leaving this company.

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