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Blogumus: a flash animated label cloud for Blogger! "Blogumus" is an Flash based tag cloud widget which uses scripts converted from Roy Tanck's WP Cumulus plugin for Wordpress. I fell in love with Roy's original Cumulus plugin when I saw it, and simply had to learn how to convert this for use in Blogger powered blogs. The result is the widget you can see in action at the top of this post. Hover your mouse over the Flash object to see the animation begin. In this post, I'll explain how you can add Blogumus to your own Blogger layout with ease! Update #2 (27th April 2010) Due to hosting issues, Blogumus has stopped working for those who had previously installed using these instructions. Unfortunately, this does mean you'll have to reinstall your Blogumus widget or change the URLs to the swfobject.js and tagcloud.js files in your template code in order to ensure your widget works properly again (new installations should work just fine). And replace them with the following URLs: Sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused!

iPad Insight | iPad blog for app reviews, news, tips,how-tos Blogger Pages are finally out ~ Blogger Widgets Blogger has now released the pages feature just like in Wordpress blogs. You can use these pages for about me, contact me etc. The blogger pages are more or less like the blogger posts. How to create a Blogger Page? 1. 2. 3.Click on the New Page button and you will get a new page editor(same as the post editor that you normally use) 4.You can make the page, in the same way as you create a post.If you want to enable commenting on the page, then you can do so from the post options 5. You can add the page gadget on the sidebar or as Top navigation Tabs.These widgets may not properly sync with your blog template.So i would advise you to choose the No Gadget option and add the links manually to your blogger template. If you opt to add any of Pages gadget, then you will get an easy interface to add the page links to your blog. Limitations 1. 2. 3. Advanced options. <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;static_page&quot;'> When condition is true this will be done </b:if > Misbehaviour 1. 2.

How to Use Depth of Field "Cooper" captured by Terri Cage (Click Image to See More From Terri Cage) The term refers to the amount of detail in the photograph that is in focus. A typical landscape photograph will will show detail over a long distance, all of which will be in focus and recognizable by the viewer. A head and shoulders portrait will usually work best if only the face is in sharp focus. Two questions usually pop up here: Why is this a good thing? How do you achieve it? O.K., first things first. Being able to produce this effect at will is very handy and can turn a mediocre or boring photograph into something much more attractive. The portrait example is very different. What we want to do is focus on the main subject in the scene. This can all be manipulated by the photographer to suit the particular image. How do we achieve this effect? There are two things you have control over that affect depth of field when using an SLR camera. the focal length of the lens the aperture setting Aperture setting

Inserire un video nella pagina web | Come fare un sito internet Esistono diversi metodi per incorporare video all’interno di qualsiasi sito web, qualunque sia il tuo livello di competenza tecnica. Uno dei più utilizzati è quello che ti illustriamo in questo articolo. Tutti i principali siti web dedicati alla visualizzazione e condivisione di video (es. Youtube, Dailymotion di Virgilio, ecc…) forniscono una stringa di codice html associata ad ogni video che puoi riprodurre. Ad esempio la stringa che troverai in YouTube è composta nel seguente modo: Questa stringa ti permette di integrare il video stesso all’interno della tua pagina web, facendo un semplice copia e incolla all’interno codice sorgente del sito. Il codice sopra indicato varia a seconda delle impostazioni scelte dal menu di YouTube, che ti consente di decidere il colore del player, la dimensione, ecc… Per apportare in seguito le modifiche al player devi direttamente editare il codice html. Per ulteriori informazioni visita la pagina Come inserire video

A Simple Snow Effect Widget for Blogger Blogs! Here is a simple snow effect widget which you can add to your Blogger powered blog in just one click! This widget does not use images to generate the snow effect: instead it uses plain white text (full stops and apostrophes) to act as snowflakes which trickle down the page. You can see this widget in effect here on Blogger Buster over the holiday period. Click the button below to add this widget to your Blogger powered blog: This widget was created using the Snow Effect Without Images script by Kurt Grigg which is distributed by Dynamic Drive. This widget has been tested in both IE and Firefox and also in complex Blogger templates which use many other JavaScripts. I hope you enjoy using this festive decorative widget in your Blogger blogs! JellyCam - Stop Motion

Apply different layout/styling to static pages Finally Blogger has come up with the much awaited static pages feature. Blogger simply refer to them as Pages. You can create up to 10 static pages, perfect for your About Me and Contact pages. However, a Page will look just like homepage or any other page. Okay let’s start with the tutorial, I. Go Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML. II. Your elements’ Ids and classes maybe different from the ones given in the code above. As you can see an element, be it a division, a section or a widget is assigned an ID and/or a class. Update: There is an easier method of finding Blogger widget and section Id’s. For example, if you want to remove the “Popular Posts” widget, all you have to do is add #HTML4 to the selector list; To remove the the whole lower left sidebar (which holds the Popular Posts and Labels widgets), add #sidebar2 to the list. III. (added Oct. 2010) Using the static_page conditional tag as explained above will apply the styling on all static pages. Enjoy!

DESIGN The Blog Welcome to the Blog, an ever changing collection of my picks from across the web, the art and design world or anything really that peaks my interest. I update my blog as often as possible, so remember to bookmark this page and check back from time to time. Honest Logos Instantly recognizable, satirically re-imagined. Ok, so let's be fair, one bite of a burger won’t cause diabetes and one glass of beer won’t cause obesity; but as the advertising industry shows positives only, so here Hertz has gone to the opposite extreme and focused only on the negatives. Star Wars Blueprints I came across these great designs by A2K Design recently and being a huge Star Wars fan, I loved them and thought I'd share them with you guys. May the force be with you! Split Portraits These wonderfully creative photographs are the brainchild of Ulric Collette, an art director out of Quebec city. He combines the portraits of Two people who are related, to demonstrate the similarities between them.

by TES - About Introduction Wikispaces Classroom is a social writing platform for education. We make it incredibly easy to create a classroom workspace where you and your students can communicate and work on writing projects alone or in teams. Rich assessment tools give you the power to measure student contribution and engagement in real-time. Wikispaces Classroom works great on modern browsers, tablets, and phones. Wikispaces Classroom is free for teachers and students. Learn more about Wikispaces Campus, our Wikispaces Classroom solution for entire schools, school districts and universities. Why Wikispaces Classroom? Our mission is to help teachers help students. Wikispaces has been adopted and loved by so many teachers and students precisely because it has done these things implicitly. Read more below about how Wikispaces Classroom delivers on this promise. What We Call It Make teachers' lives easier. What the Industry Calls It Increase teacher capacity. We're different. Help students achieve more. Social

Kodatnik - Kody mniej lub bardziej przydatne Wykop to serwis do którego możemy dodawać ciekawe strony. Każda dodana informacja jest oceniana i dyskutowana przez społeczność internautów. Od niej zależy czy dany wpis będzie popularny czy też nie. Jednym ze sposobów wzbogacenia Bloggera o możliwość dodawania wpisów do wykopu jest mój gadżet Podziel się. W tym poście przedstawię drugą możliwość. Dodałem dodatkowo umiejscowienie ikony (prawa strona - <div style='float: right;'>) oraz zamieniłem kilka znaków, które powodują błędy Bloggera. Wklejamy poniżej zmodyfikowany kod wykopu. <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType ! Efekt widoczny na moim blogu. ...i wstawienie poniżej tego co poprzednio. Jeśli nie odpowiada nam duża ikona to możemy wybrać z wykopywarki kod obsługujący wersję compact.

iPad As.... iPads have exploded throughout schools and classrooms. Their flexibility, versatility, and mobility make them a phenomenal learning tool. As teachers seek ways to integrate these devices, we recommend focusing on specific learning goals that promote critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration, and the creation of student-centric learning environments. In other words, begin with.....