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(5) 5-a-day Fitness: Disco en français

(5) 5-a-day Fitness: Disco en français

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Muévete si….with a tiny bit of grammar – Loading up my little darlings with C... If your kiddos are like my kiddos… they say (and write) things like yo tiene. And if you’re like me, you think, it’s OK, they just need more input, but secretly it drives you crazy. And so (if you’re like me) you spend a lot of time thinking of ways to give them more input so they can replace yo tiene with TENGO in their heads, because come on guys!! I love the activity “Muévete si” as a way to give them input and build in movement when they’re getting sleepy…but it turns out that “Muévete si” is a really great vehicle for some contextualized grammar lessons that don’t feel like grammar lessons. Have a watch… 36 French Words And Phrases Related To Yoga Heads up, yoga enthusiasts! If the French language and yoga are two of your favorite things, this article is especially for you. Here are some French words and phrases that you’ll find quite helpful when doing yoga. Whether you’re in a French-speaking destination and wish to join a yoga class or simply trying to incorporate the French language in your daily activities, this list will provide you with the French equivalents of words that you’ll hear in yoga class.

my-first-attempt-at-bvp-style-task I am finally reading Bill Van Patten's book While We're on the Topic and it is excellent and making me think a lot!I highly recommend it. It is definitely a paradigm shift. Reading this book has been good for two reasons: 1) it is reaffirming a lot of what I do in my classroom and 2) it is challenging me to think deeper about some of the things I do... and make some changes. I am about 87% through the book. I have highlighted a ridiculous amount of passages and will go back and reread those! Beginning of class routine worksheet Rutina comienzo de clase Beginning of class routine Download Worksheet Theme: Beginning of class routine The Art of Co-Created Comprehensible Chaos – Comprehensible French It’s that time of year. Teachers in the cooler climes know it well. The holidays are over, the snow days and delays are accumulating, and – atchoum! – germs and viruses are running rampant.

Routines for Spanish Class - Srta Spanish Routines are a great way to start class! They help you plan and they help students know what to expect every day. You don’t have to do the exact same thing every time, but having the structure in place is fantastic! I used to do a bell-ringer every day in my classes but I’ve shifted to using a different routine for each day of the week and I love it. Here are the routines that I use in my classes! Monday: Weekend Chat

5 ways to jazz up Weekend Talk – Loading up my little darlings with Comprehen... We like to talk about our weekends or breaks when we get back to class, but sometimes my students get bored with the same ol routine. (Ok, to be honest, I get bored.) Our brains crave novelty. Daily Dashboard (Structures to support student learning and teacher sanity, p... While using a bellringer/do now/warm up has been around for a while, they had long been a struggle for me. This year I am working very hard to be consistent while still maintaining novelty, and the daily dashboard has been very helpful for me and for my students. One of the inspirations for this was Laura at PBLintheTL–see her version here. What’s a dashboard? For me, it’s having consistent elements on a slide that is posted as students come in that sets the class up for success. Since I meet students at the door every day, every period, I need a way to communicate quickly and effectively what they should do independently to start class.

Search Results for “Rejoinders” – Grant Boulanger In my last post, I shared a video of introducing some rejoinders. Today I want to break down some of the steps, skills and strategies I use. These are by no means exhaustive. Let’s remember that rejoinders exist to keep Teaching short expressions in the target language has always been a thing, right?

Higher Than/Lower Than Brain Break - TCI By The Lake Here’s an extended brain break that you can use starting from the first week of a level-one class. It’s perfect for getting reps on the first-person form of the verb “I believe that…” or “I think that…”, making comparisons (higher than/lower than), and reviewing numbers 1-10. There are plenty of times where you can naturally insert rejoinders when someone gets eliminated, such as “¡Qué lástima!”

The Secret Password BLOG POST BY: Alina Filipescu (Spanish Teacher) I came up with the idea of the PASSWORD about 15 years ago. I had a pet turtle in my classroom and the students asked how to say turtle in Spanish. BLOG – Grant Boulanger Teaching short expressions in the target language has always been a thing, right? I remember being a student in my own mother’s Spanish class as a freshman in high school. She taught us how to say “bless you”, “I don’t CI Increases Achievement. Period. Brain Breaks Part 13: Chopsticks – La Maestra Loca Hello my friends! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Honeymoon was wonderful and everyone, EVERYONE must visit Cuba before they die… Thank you to those of you who wished us well while you were here in NOLA for ACTFL, and thank you for all your emails and messages of love!