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Try UberConference, the Best in Conferencing

Try UberConference, the Best in Conferencing

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Crazy Egg - Visualize where your visitors click Over 200,000 businesses Convert Better with Crazy Egg, The Original Heatmapping Technology A heatmap is an easy way to understand what users want, care about and do on your site by visually representing their clicks - which are the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire. A Crazy Egg heatmap lets you collect more than 88% of the data you would using a traditional eye-tracking process. At a fraction of the price. With no hardware. Broadcast your hangout to the world for free - Google+ Start a Hangout On Air Start a Hangout On Air enabled video call and invite specific people or Google+ circles to join you. Then name your Hangout On Air. Link your YouTube account The first time you do this, you will need to agree to the Terms of Service and also link your YouTube account. Start your broadcast

UberConference - Web - English Screenshots Overview UberConference is a free visual phone conferencing service that lets you share Evernote notes during calls. From within the call, any participant can navigate through or search their Evernote accounts for personal or business notes, and there is even a related notes feature that will suggest notes that match the names of the conference call or participants. Each participant’s view is independent, so it gives the flexibility for different people to view different files at the same time. The person that shared each note will also see additional controls to delete a note that might have been added by mistake and to refresh content that might have been edited and updated within Evernote during the call.

Alternative to Skype: 3 Free Apps With Better Audio/Visual Quality When it comes to audio or video communication through the Internet, Skype is the one that most people have heard of and are using. However, other than Skype, there are other similar services that also provide audio/video communication features. In this article, we will look into some free apps which offer better audio/video communication than Skype.

Website Design for Furniture Industry meet our solution experts The Design Your Own merchandising and eCommerce solution enables consumers, sales associates, and interior designers to go beyond fabric and finish changes to customize and visualize various options of their furniture selections.Recognized for many years for its fabric and finish customization tools, MicroD is again raising the industry bar by enabling more sophisticated furniture configuration and dynamic pricing updates in a uniquely efficient and cost-effective online platform. In addition to rendering the precise look of custom products prior to purchase, Design Your Own also includes powerful yet simple to use MicroD Accessorize design and merchandising tools that can enhance the user-experience. Immediately visualize furniture style & fabric Customize furniture with a click of a mouse Get dynamic pricing updates at every step Simulate floor, wall, trim colors Changes fabrics & finishes Add a rug Purchase online or in-store

FireShot Updated to the 0.98.45 release! Your version has been successfully updated to the 0.98.45 release. This update delivers the following additions and enhancements: Introducing multipage printing! Other improvements: What Are The Best Free Hosted Course Management Systems On The Internet? “Round 1” in a look at the many free, richly featured CMS & LMS apps available in the cloud. What options exist for teachers who want to try using a Course Management System, but don’t have one available in their school? Fortunately, there are many free CMS/LMS tools available on the Internet.

InsideMaps Uses 3D Home Models Captured In Minutes To Build The Future Of Furniture Buying The InsideMaps team, which is launching its app today on the Disrupt SF 2013 stage, is applying 3D mapping and capture technology to an interesting problem: How do you visualize furniture purchases in your home before you buy them? According to InsideMaps, you do it by using your smartphone to scan the inside of your home, allowing them to create a 3D model in the cloud that you can then place virtual bits of furniture inside to see how it fits. This may not seem like an earth shaker, and let’s be honest it is not. But as the son of an interior designer and fine finishes guy who worked in the trade every summer, I can appreciate it as a deceptively useful tool for some folks.

Capture full web page in Firefox, Chrome or IE: quick screenshots and annotations! Capture FireShot integrates with Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Seamonkey, and Thunderbird. By doing this, FireShot can capture web pages entirely providing a high quality output. Enterprise Learning Management System With Schoology's simple tools, websites and webpages can be created, saved, shared, and adapted. A variety of tools make the creation process simple, from defining an online homework assignment with a homework submission area to creating a set of rich-text or HTML pages that can be sequenced and played in a desired navigational order. For almost every content type, an easy-to-use WYSIWYG allows the user to spend less time learning HTML and CSS, and more time building high-quality, interactive content. For more advanced users that may be looking for full customizability, the Pages feature within Schoology allows for the easy creation of content using either an advanced rich-text editor or custom HTML and CSS. With Schoology's simple tools, websites and webpages can be created, saved, shared, and adapted.

Online Community Forum Software For Customer Feedback System <a href=" title="Contact us" target="_blank">Questions? Feedback?</a> powered by <a href=" title="Olark live chat software">Olark live chat software</a> Get Satisfaction customer community platform Everything you need to create a powerful and engaging community your customers will love. FREE TRIAL Getting Started with Evernote Clearly In addition to making text clean and distraction-free, Evernote Clearly comes with a number of great additional features to improve your reading experience, including allowing you to highlight text, clip content to your Evernote account, print text, and customize text size and font. The following tools are available in the toolbar any time you view content in Evernote Clearly: Return to Web View: Click to exit Evernote Clearly and return the normal Web view of the current content

Adding Wild Apricot functionality to other websites - Online Help - Wild Apricot help Overview To embed a Wild Apricot widget into another website, you: Available widgets A corresponding widget is available for each functional page.

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