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Ultra High Security Password Generator

Ultra High Security Password Generator
If some device was not following the WiFi Alliance WPA specification by not hashing the entire printable ASCII character set correctly, it would end up with a different 256-bit hash result than devices that correctly obeyed the specification. It would then be unable to connect to any network that uses the full range of printable ASCII characters. Since we have heard unconfirmed anecdotal reports of such non-compliant WPA devices (and since you might have one), this page also offers "junior" WPA password strings using only the "easy" ASCII characters which even any non-fully-specification-compliant device would have to be able to properly handle. If you find that using the full random ASCII character set within your WPA-PSK protected WiFi network causes one of your devices to be unable to connect to your WPA protected access point, you can downgrade your WPA network to "easy ASCII" by using one of these easy keys. And don't worry for a moment about using an easy ASCII key.

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Secure Lockdown - Inexpensive Kiosk Software. Specialty Computer Products Lock down Windows and create an embedded environment. Secure Lockdown™ is perfect for kiosk setups, digital signage systems, trade shows, libraries, schools, Internet cafes, gaming centers, media centers and other applications. Secure Lockdown™ removes the Windows Desktop functionality and unwanted keystrokes and allows your main application to run exclusively. This simple, but powerful program will enable you to run your single purpose while locking out Windows Desktop functionality and unwanted keystrokes. Logo Evolution of 25 Famous Brands A company’s logo is a recognition tool for the public to link their services or products to the company. In other words, it is part of a company’s branding. Without such branding, the public will not be able to differentiate between companies, and therefore unable to expect a certain standard or quality from the company which they interact with. A logo, if designed effectively, can bring to people’s mind the unique selling proposition of an organization, which inevitably promotes the company on a sub-conscious level.

SocialAuth - Java Library for seamless authentication for oAuth and OpenID providers - SocialAuth is a Java library for you if your web application requires: Authenticating users through external oAuth providers like Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Facebbook etc as well as through OpenID providers like Easy user registration.

Implementing a standalone ViewModel - GitHub Implementing a standalone ViewModel You could put the ViewModel principle directly into your application today without any module! Take this example: The class above defines a basic CMS page using 3 public methods ::title(), ::navigation() and ::content(). It provides a lazy loading mechanism to Model_Page and that's about it! Creating VPN tunnel between Cisco ASA and Watchguard XTM - @Saintdle Today was the second time I’ve done this in around a year, it’s a little uncommon to be honest, which means googling advice on how to do it, is a bit thin. Todays walk through is also made even more different by the fact that at the branch site containing the Watchguard, its connected to a Cisco 857w router, with a Public IP address NAT’d to it due to the site having an ASDL connection. See the below diagram I’ve sketched up in visio; It’s actually easy enough to setup, the official documentation on the Watchguard is here, but doesnt cover it all. The Watchguard Side Log onto the Watchguard and load up policy manager.

Countries With The Most Venomous Animals Map by reddit user lanson15 Which country has the most venomous animals? Surprisingly, it’s not Australia but Mexico with 80, followed by Brazil with 79 and then Australia with just 66 (they just happen to be more potent). So how is venomous defined here? Reddit user lanson15 used the Living Hazards Database from the Armed Forces Pest Management Board, which “… is a comprehensive compilation of more than 500 species worldwide, which are reported to cause serious injury or death of humans.” In addition to the top 3 countries above, Colombia, India, Indonesia and Vietnam all have over 50 different species apiece.

dm-crypt Some Linux distributions support the use of dm-crypt on the root file system. These distributions use initrd to prompt the user to enter a passphrase at the console, or insert a smart card prior to the normal boot process.[3] Frontends[edit] The dm-crypt device mapper target resides entirely in kernel space, and is only concerned with encryption of the block device — it does not interpret any data itself. It relies on user space front-ends to create and activate encrypted volumes, and manage authentication.

Formo - Übersicht - Kohana Development NOTE: Formo 2.0 for Kohana 3 is currently in development and available at Github. Formo is to forms what ORM is to models. It's propose is to make form generation and validation object-oriented and just plain easy with simple syntax and flexible design principles. What will I get out of using Formo?¶