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The Spreadsheet Page - By John Walkenbach

The Spreadsheet Page - By John Walkenbach
J-Walk & Associates is a small company owned by me: John Walkenbach. I've been using spreadsheets since the early days of VisiCalc. I've written many Excel books, and I also developed Power Utility Pak, a popular add-in for Microsoft Excel. [more about John] This site contains information about my books and Excel-related products, plus lots of free tips, downloads, and other stuff for Excel mavens. Explore the menu at the top, and dig around.

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Eugene's Blog: How To...Draw a Polar Diagram in Excel I have added a new video to YouTube as part of my "How To..." series. This one is about drawing Polar Diagrams in Microsoft Excel. I teach about Polar Diagrams as part of the subject of Performance Measurement. They are really useful and easy to draw - they can graphically show gaps in performance without the detail of figures. Match two criteria and return multiple rows in excel Question: I have a table of 3 coloms (Security name, date, price) and I have to find the price a a security at a certain date in a table that contain many securities and prices for this securities for different dates. If I work with vlookup or Index-match I got only the first price for a certain securities. So I am not able to find the price of a securities that match both the name of the securities and the date. Could you advice if there is any way to overcome? Answer: Here are two possible solutions:

Speaking Guidelines How well scientists and engineers present their work affects how well their ideas and designs are accepted. Sadly, most scientists and engineers follow the weak defaults of Microsoft PowerPoint and build their presentations on topic-phrase headlines supported by bulleted lists—an approach that has no research basis. This website advocates an assertion-evidence approach (AE approach), which is an approach grounded in principles of cognitive psychology. The AE approach builds presentations on key messages, rather than topics, and supports those key messages with visual evidence, rather than bulleted lists. Excel Formulas Lesson 1 familiarized you with the Excel 2007 window, taught you how to move around the window, and how to enter data. A major strength of Excel is that you can perform mathematical calculations and format your data. In this lesson, you learn how to perform basic mathematical calculations and how to format text and numerical data. To start this lesson, open Excel.

Multi-level Pie Charts By: Jeff Clark Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 I promised a few months ago to describe something I call a Multi-level Pie Chart or Radial Treemap. I spent some time developing the idea as an alternative to the standard Treemap a few years ago before discovering that it had been done before. Excel: Find closest value Table of Contents Find closest value Find closest values Find closest values and return adjacent values Find closest value with a criterion Find closest value 100 Legal Sources for Free Stock Images Thank you to Laura Milligan from for this great list of free stock images. I firmly believe the church above every other entity in this world should adhere to strict ethical guidelines when dealing with digital content. Many churches use images without even thinking that they are someone else’s intellectual property.

How to Make a Donut-Pie Combination Chart We’ve been dissing pie charts and donut charts quite a bit. So why then would we want a donut-pie combination chart? In Jorge Camoes’ How to create better pie charts, he showed a chart like this one. It’s not so much a pie chart as it is a donut chart with about 40 series, the inner 30 sharing the same data, so they seem to make a single wedge. Here’s Jorge’s chart: Jorge shows personal expenditure portions in the pie part of the chart. Find a set of amounts that match a target value There are instances when one wants to figure out which elements of a set of numbers (amounts) total to a target value. One instance where this may be necessary is for a company that receives a check for outstanding accounts receivable (A/R) bills but doesn't have matching documentation indicating what bills are being paid. Excel template using Solver

14 Tools to Create Images for Your Blog Posts in Less than 5 Minutes 14 Tools to Create Images for Your Blog Posts in Less than 5 Minutes A stock photo is worth a thousand words, but a custom image is worth a thousand page views. I’m pretty sure that almost every blogger knows on some level they should kick their addiction to stock photos and curated visual content. It’s enough to help you scrape by, but does it help you visually communicate your brand’s goals or voice?

SparkLines Download source code - 4.41 KB Introduction Spark lines is this really cool way to visualize information. They are small high resolution line charts that show you where things are heading.

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