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15 Fascinating Ways to Track Twitter Trends

15 Fascinating Ways to Track Twitter Trends
One of the great things about TwitterTwitter reviews is that it is a great place to track emerging trends. When major events or big stories occur, people tweet about it and it inevitably ends up at the top of Twitter Search as a top trend. But this only scratches the surface of tracking Twitter trends. There are a wide variety of web applications, Twitter accounts, and even iPhone apps that can help people do everything from track popular hashtags to graph out recent Twitter trends. As Twitter grows, this information will only become more useful for understanding what is popular at any given moment, or even what was popular in the past. Web-based Applications 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Twitter Accounts 8. twithority: Twithority is an easy way to have the most recent Twitter trends tweeted to you. 9. 10. 11. gtrend: gtrend is short for "Google Trend." iPhone Apps 12. 13. Related:  Articles sur twitter

The Death and Life of Higher Education | The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy (Editor’s note: This article is based on a presentation for a conference sponsored by the Fund for the Study of Spontaneous Orders and directed by John W. Sommer in February 2012. It begins a series of such articles.) We desperately need to equip and inspire our next generation to take on the opportunities and challenges of the twenty-first century. But our traditional universities have become trapped in a bureaucratic death spiral, more interested in preserving and expanding pay and perks for tenured faculty and administrators than serving students. The decline has become so self-evident that students, parents, employers, taxpayers—and even the rabble with Occupy Wall Street—now recognize the problem. Faculty senates at traditional universities seem indifferent to the mounting problems. Those who expect traditional universities to reform on their own are kidding themselves. A Lifelong Adventure 1. 2. 3. 4. A Modest Proposal Portfolios vs. But college degrees also denote status.

The Journalist's Guide to User Generated Video Leah Betancourt is the digital community manager at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, Minn. She is @l3ahb3tan on Twitter. User-generated content (UGC) isn’t new, but technology such as video cell phones, home video editing software and video-sharing web sites are making it easier and cheaper than ever to capture, edit and distribute moving images with or without mainstream broadcast media. Is it newsworthy? Viral video is just as it sounds — video that is contagious and worth sharing via word of mouth, social bookmarks, email, embeds or links. While digital technology may offer a bold, new world for independent, user-generated media, this new situation doesn’t mean the rules have changed for newsrooms considering using UGC video. She pointed out, for example, that many news organizations weren't comfortable running the video showing the beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl. The game has changed, but the rules remain "But the primary issues remain the same: Who owns it? Mashups and fair use

Twitter est-il chronophage ? | Raoul Burdet Online Si le fait de twitter, c’est à dire transmettre à la communauté un lien ou une impression, est rapide (140 caractères pensez-donc), voire très rapide lorsque l’on a les bons outils, en revanche profiter de la communauté est tout autre chose. Imaginez-vous que twitter pour twitter n’apporte rien si ce n’est un bénéfice de plus pour votre égo. Mais si en face tout le monde fait comme vous, quel impact Twitter pourrait-il avoir ? Compte-tenu du flux énorme des messages sur Twitter, si vous voulez en profiter de façon chronologique cela implique que vous y passiez tout votre temps. rater aucune publication instantanée. Et comme sur Twitter, on passe plus de temps à transmettre son humeur du moment, ou à balancer le dernier truc à la monde sur iPhone , ou encore à se demander comment on peut gagner de l’argent avec Twitter, vous comprendrez que des choses intéressantes s’il y en a, il va falloir les débusquer. (Visité 35 fois - 2 visites aujourd'hui) Raoul

Free and Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning As an e-Learning consultant I was always a fan of open source software. Why? The answer is simple. In this post I am not going to talk about open source learning management systems such as eFront[1] but rather dedicated open source “authoring tools”. => If you know a free or open source authoring tool that is not included in the list I will highly appreciate if you write a comment with a link! Free & Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning What2Learn makes it easy for e-Learning developers to create interactive games and quizzes and track learners’ attainment. With Xical you can produce web-based slide shows, tutorials, tests and whatever else you can think of that can make use of integrated rich media, such as audio (speech and music), video, animations or interactive visual diagrams and the likes. Create free educational games, quizzes, activities and diagrams in seconds! eXe Wink CourseLab Quandary Hot Potatoes

5 Ways Social Media is Changing Our Daily Lives Soren Gordhamer writes and consults on ways we can more creatively and effectively use the technologies of our age, including social media. He is the author of "Wisdom 2.0" (HarperOne, 2009). You can follow him on Twitter at @SorenG. It is hard to know sometimes how our life has changed until we stop for a moment and look at how different it is from ten or even five years ago. But social media communication tools have profoundly changed our lives and how we interact with one another and the world around us. 1. If you're like me, each morning before checking Yahoo! Friends on social media are increasingly becoming people’s trusted sources of information, even more than search engines. Of course, many people still use RSS feeds to stay up-to-date on blogs and publications of interest, but our list of sources for what is worthy of our attention has expanded significantly. 2. It is easier than ever to start and launch a business today, in great part thanks to social media. 3. 4. 5.

Twitter, ce cannibal chronophage | Un voyage au Yukon (et ailleurs !) Depuis deux semaines environ, j’explore « pour de vrai » le monde fabuleux de Twitter, cet espèce de réseau social où toutes les vérités sont bonnes à dire, tant qu’elles ne dépassent pas la barre fatidique des 140 caractères. J’ai découvert un univers à part, un écosystème aux barrières bien définies, un espace-temps très codifié où il n’est pas si facile de se faire une place au soleil mais, ô paradoxe suprême, qui est une mine d’informations, de réseautage et de partage assez fabuleux. Twitter, ton univers impitoyable ! Pour débuter, il faut saisir le concept (comme dirait La Palisse !) qui est basé sur des notions très simples: en créant un compte, vous devenez un twittos qui va tweeter vers ses followers des tweets incluant des liens, des hashtags, des CC et autres FF. Seul souci: il y a beaucoup, beaucoup, beaucoup d’utilisateurs sur Tweeter et, dans un premier temps, il est dur de savoir comment attirer le chaland. Le Mass-Follow, c’est la solution la plus facile Késaco ? Conclusion

Learning Object Tools A reader from another country has asked me about Learning Object Tools. I asked him to clarify what they meant and the response was: Learning Object Tools are those that allow you to create, edit and manage learning objects. There is also a bit of language barrier. I pointed them at the Wikipedia article - Learning Object. But it got me to thinking that I've really not looked at Learning Objects in quite a while - and I've not really kept up on Learning Object Tools. So, I was hoping that someone could help me and him: What are good general discussions of learning objects and learning object tools? 5 Great Ways to Find Music That Suits Your Mood Jessica Miller has written for, The Jew and the Carrot, and is an avid digital music explorer. She holds a B.A. in religion from Barnard College, and blogs regularly on her own site, The Boomerang Blog. You don’t have to be Oliver Sacks to know that music can have a profound effect on the human psyche. Music is undeniably important in shaping moods, and, likewise, certain frames of mind require certain kinds of songs. Luckily for us, there are now several websites out there that feature mood searches. So whether you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up; you’re down and you’d like to stay that way for a bit — whether you’re in an "Empire State of Mind," or it’s just another "Manic Monday" — we’ve hand picked our five most satisfying sites for finding the perfect songs to suit your mood. 1. Musicovery is a fun and colorful website that lets you find your mood-appropriate music with several adjustable options. Pros: Fun to look at, lots of fine-tuning options. 3. 4. 5.

Comment un maire a décidé de gérer sa ville via Twitter José Antonio Rodriguez est le maire d’une petite ville andalouse de 3 500 habitants baptisée Jun. Elu en 2011, il expérimente depuis maintenant quatre années l’échange avec les habitants de la ville par le biais de Twitter. Connu sous le nom de @JoseantonioJun sur le réseau social, il a mis en place un nombre important d’idées originales et innovantes pour utiliser Twitter dans la gestion de la ville. Une municipalité ultra-connectée Déjà en 1999, la petite ville de Jun déclarait l’accès à internet comme « droit universel des citoyens ». La municipalité propose d’autres services comme la consultation des repas servis aux enfants à la cantine scolaire ou l’accès à l’actualité des équipes sportives de la ville.

NEW READING OPPORTUNITIES IN MOOCDOM ~ CDL Projects you are not logged in. [] [] We have been collecting bits about the world of MOOCs and we wanted to share some of them with you for your perusal. Foof for lots of mental stimulation and lots of incubation material here and maybe even a discussion and blog post or two, or three. CMC11 was developed as a direct result of the Cormier, Downes, Siemens connectivist MOOCs that we followed as learner/participants, though more as lurkers than active contributors/participants. You may recognize yourself in either of those categories ... the learners/participants tend to shape the networks as well as the learning as the cMOOC flows along. So, we, as participants, used the connectivist model in shaping CMC11. The current crop of elite MOOCs seem to be more content driven and as such, have more prescribed theories and pedagogy ... ones that many may be more comfortable pursuing. What sort of MOOC might you develop, if you set out to develop one?

7 Unique Sites for Discovering New Music Jessica Miller has written for, The Jew and the Carrot, and is an avid digital music explorer. She holds a B.A. in religion from Barnard College, and blogs regularly on her own site, The Boomerang Blog. Most music enthusiasts will agree that there is a big difference between hearing a band on a CD and seeing them perform live. While it might have been the recording that got you to the show, it’s often the live concert experience that transforms an artist you like into your favorite band. But since many of us don't always have the time or ticket funds to see as many concerts as we'd like, here are seven sites that will bring all the intimacy of a live show to your desktop. 1. If you’re in the market for charming, offbeat music videos, La Blogotheque is a must-see nexus of musicianship and cinematography. 2. The Black Cab Sessions takes all the fun and eccentricity of La Blogotheque and puts it on wheels. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. More music resources from Mashable:

Comment l'Etat islamique a réorganisé son armée numérique sur Twitter « C'est à cause de ce type d'exemple que l'Occident nous craint. Diffusez cette information sur les réseaux, noyez-les sous les tweets ! » Vendredi 13 mars, l'Etat islamique rendait un hommage particulier à Jake Bilardi, un jeune Australien de 18 ans auteur, la veille, d'un attentat-suicide contre des positions de l'armée irakienne dans la ville de Ramadi. Cette incitation a eu lieu sur Twitter, devenu l'une des armes de propagandes majeures de la djihadosphère, qui lutte pour y maintenir sa présence et son influence, malgré la vague de suspensions de comptes qui l'a frappée début mars. Jeudi 26 mars, pour la première fois, les responsables de la communication de l'Etat islamique se sont adressés directement à leurs sympathisants en ligne, dans une « Lettre aux chevaliers des médias », via une vidéo tournée dans un jardin de la ville syrienne de Raqqa. « Notre guerre est aussi une guerre médiatique. (...) En « guerre virtuelle » contre Twitter Un compte central discret et protégé

#MOOCMOOC Reflection on different MOOCs Will MOOC transform Higher Education? There seems to be great potential for MOOC “to transform higher education at a time when colleges and universities are grappling with shrinking budgets, rising costs and protests over soaring tuition and student debt.” Is free online courses movement good for the higher education? MOOC could be a good platform and hence a driver for education and personalised learning. As George states in slide 20 of his post: The poor level of innovation needs more MOOC models. There are models which could be good on surface, but not always good in outcome. What are those models? “Good MOOCs foreground and sustain the social dimension of learning and active practices, i.e., knowledge production rather than knowledge consumption.” Based on the principles and concepts of MOOC, it could be used in the case of SOOC where Keith is thinking of and he cites Jim’s conclusion: The critical issue for x MOOCs seems to lie with the problem of Cheating and Plagiarism. 1. 2. 3.