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Darknet Vuforia Developer Portal Mac Hacking [dot] net Darpa Turns Oculus Into a Weapon for Cyberwar | Threat Level A Darpa contractor showing off the Oculus Rift cyberwar simulation at the Pentagon’s Darpa Demo Day. Photo: Andy Greenberg/WIRED For the last two years, Darpa has been working to make waging cyberwar as easy as playing a video game. At the Pentagon Wednesday, the armed forces’ far-out research branch known as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency showed off its latest demos for Plan X, a long-gestating software platform designed to unify digital attack and defense tools into a single, easy-to-use interface for American military hackers. “You’re not in a two-dimensional view, so you can look around the data. In its demo setup, complete with two motion-sensing Razer Hydra controllers for navigation, the user does more than swim. If all of that seems more than a little contrived, Pound admits that the Oculus demo is only a “notional” proof-of-concept, created by the San Francisco design firm Frog Design and the Austin-based simulation software company Intific.

DARKSIDE RG Crean un mapa interactivo que muestra cómo se siente el mundo ahora El mapa fue creado por investigadores australianos del Instituto Black Dog y de la estatal Organización Conjunta de Estudios Científicos e Industriales (CSIRO, por sus siglas en inglés), que se dedican en particular al estudio de los trastornos del estado de ánimo. El mapa, llamado 'We feel' ('sentimos'), analiza millones de tuits publicados en todo el mundo y, a partir de estos, crea un gráfico que muestra cuántas personas en el mundo sienten alegría, amor, sorpresa, miedo, ira o tristeza. Monitorea cada día cerca de 27 millones de tuits, a veces llegan a ser hasta 32.000 tuits por minuto, buscando 600 palabras concretas que atribuye a seis emociones (sorpresa, alegría, amor, tristeza, ira y miedo) y algunas otras que clasifica en el grupo llamado 'otros'. El gráfico representa los sentimientos de las personas en el momento actual y en las últimas horas. Además se pueden ver estadísticas de diferentes regiones del mundo. Así se sentía América de Sur en transcurso del día sábado.

Zone-H .Security of Things .Dan Geer, 7 May 14, Cambridge Thank you for your invitation and to the other speakers for their viewpoints and for the shared experience. With respect to this elephant, each of us is one of those twelve blind men. We are at the knee of the curve for deployment of a different model of computation. We've had two decades where, in round numbers, laboratories gave us twice the computing for constant dollars every 18 months, twice the disk drive storage capacity for constant dollars every 12 months, and twice the network speed for constant dollars every 9 months. That is two orders of magnitude in computes per decade, three for storage, and four for transmission. In constant dollar terms, we have massively enlarged the stored data available per compute cycle, yet that data is more mobile in the aggregate than when there was less of it.

Hexxeh's Blog Google And The Big Problem With "The Right To Be Forgotten" Europe's highest court recently ordered Google to delete search results if requested by its users, under the auspices of a "the right to be forgotten." On Friday, Google revealed a new website designed, specifically, to handle the tidal wave of takedown requests it will be receiving. It was a sweeping victory for anyone who has ever posted dumb, embarrassing crap to the Internet, and promised a fresh start for anyone with a worrisome digital trail that could come back to haunt them. To better understand the ruling, it can be instructive to recall a French law that recognizes le droit à l'oubli, or the "right to oblivion." The problem though--and it is an obvious one--is that the vastness and velocity of the viral web makes it impossible for anyone to erase their digital trail completely. One glance at the paperwork should give you a good idea of the enormity of the task ahead. The ruling presents a dizzying logistical mountain to climb for any search company.