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50 Shades of Mobile

50 Shades of Mobile

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Dear Otto: Common Core requires publishing student work. How do I do that? Dear Otto is an occasional column where I answer questions I get from readers about teaching tech. If you have a question, please complete the form below and I’ll answer it here. For your privacy, I use only first names. 7 Awesome Emmet HTML Time-Saving Tips 7 Awesome Emmet HTML Time-Saving Tips Emmet, formerly Zen Coding, is one of the most downright practical and productive text editor plugins that you will ever see. With its ability to instantly expand simple abbreviations into complex code snippets, Emmet makes you feel like a powerful coding wizard with the world at your fingertips. As a follow up to our previous article on the basics of Zen Coding, today we’re going to dive into seven awesome tips to help you become a true Emmet pro. 1. Skip the Div

Mobile Learning: 50+ Resources & Tips I believe mobile devices will transform education. This is why I created a free ebook, Effective Mobile Learning: 50+ Quick Tips & Resources with helpful tips and several resources to help support this trend. One reason is because mobile devices are designed in a way that forces the teacher to give control to the learner. World's 18 best cities for higher education 15 November 2013 | Page 1 of 19 If we were to choose an official global university capital, which cities would be in the running? The following 18 would certainly be in with a shout People love their university towns for a number of different reasons, and if your particular favourite isn’t on this list, it’s nothing personal. We’ve simply looked at the cities that host the most universities that appear in the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and collected a little information about each. If you want to nominate your own university city (and tell us why it’s great), you can tweet Times Higher Education using #BestHEcity.

Q&A: Every Expert Will Teach Online In 10 Years - Getting Smart by Sarah Cargill - blended learning, IOLchat, MOOC Udemy co-founder Eren Bali makes a bold statement: “In 10 years, we believe every expert in the world will be teaching online.” Find out more about his thoughts behind massive open online classes (MOOCs) and mission behind the fast-growing online platform Udemy. SC: What inspired you to start Udemy? Learn To Play Like A Pro With GarageBand For Mac [OS X Tips While the latest version of Apple’s fantastic (and free!) music production suite, GarageBand, has lost some functionality like podcasting and Magic GarageBand, it still has plenty to recommend it for those new to music or old vets alike. One of these cool features is the Learn to Play function, which has some pretty good basic music tutorials baked right in, along with the capability to purchase videos from hit artists like Sting and Norah Jones, who teach you how to play some of their famous songs. It’s a pretty heady set of music learning; here’s how to access it.

30+ Open Wikis Every Educator Should Know About This is the first in a series of ‘Best of 2011′ posts where we share some of the best education-related materials of the past year. Be sure to check back on a regular basis as we’ve got some pretty exciting stuff coming soon! Are you interested in being a part of a dynamic digital environment capable of changing the world of education? There are wikis out there that are just waiting for you to join and offer up your $.02. From wikis on teaching in the United Kingdom to art to web 2.0 tools, there’s a wiki for everyone. The list of wikis below is just a smattering of some of the best open wikis available today.

"Laptop Kits" for Using Computers in the Classroom This post was originally published in June, but I am "recycling" it again to link up with Debbie Clement's post on Classroom Organization Tips. Check out Debbie's AMAZING (and comprehensive!) post where she discusses tips and materials for organizing your classroom. Then link up and add a strategy to share. There are already lots of great ideas in the link-up section at Rainbows Within Reach! As the year begins to wind down (we're in school until June 12th!)

The PISA 2012 Results Infographic Other Infographics How OECD countries scored at the PISA’s 2012 results? How does your country compare for reading, maths, and science? More than 510,000 students took part in this latest PISA survey, representing about 28 million 15-year-olds globally. These PISA results reveal what is possible in education by showing what students in the highest-performing and most rapidly improving education systems can do. I highly encourage you to check the latest Programme for International Assessment (Pisa) results and you are more than welcome to let me know your thoughts!

Top 8 Educational Apps for Health Education Health education class used to involve watching dated videos and looking at graphic pictures in a textbook. Thanks to apps, it is now a little more exciting. With these top 8 educational apps for health, students can access interactive, engaging information and be inspired to make healthy decisions. Health Ed Buddy Chrome & PlugIns - iGoogle CanvasDraw CanvasDraw is a HTML5 rich drawing application supported by the online drawing community at RateMyDrawings connects your artwork with one of the most active drawing communities online by showcasing your drawings to the community of members who provide you with feedback and help you grow as an artist. 3Dnator

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