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Screenr online screencast capturing tool True experience from the hubs author: The author of this article was doing his web surfing and intense research thing, and out of pure curiosity he stumbled onto a truly cool tool for capturing the screen. Screenr is the name of such a network and allows for online users to not only utilize their awesome tool on the cloud, it also provides a user platform, and profile to make the screencast (digital recording of computer screen - Wikipedia reference). RSS Feeds How they work on Screenr: The Internet has a cool method of being able to quickly share information that’s streaming live across the web, and it’s known as an RSS Feed.Screenr provides each user a unique RSS feed, which comes in handy if such a user chooses to utilize the RSS to place onto their website, or blog site. More uses There’s another use for these feeds there as well, and that’s to provide outside usage of such online info you’ve managed to screencast and store there.