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The Fake Book Index

The Fake Book Index
Enter any part of the title you want to search for...Tip : If you are unsure of the spelling of any word in the title, just leave it out. If you include a wrongly spelled word then you will get no hits. Illegal fake books : * Books marked with an asterisk are illegal as the composers & publishers of the tunes included have not given their permission for the tunes to be included, nor do they receive any royalties. For reasons of both legality and musical quality we do not recommend that you should attempt to obtain any illegal books, nor do we know where you could get them from anyway. What This Index Is For It's for locating tunes rapidly without having to pull armloads of fakebooks off your bookshelf - you can go straight to the right one(s). If You Want To Buy Fake Books In North America: visit Guitar Place In Europe: visit SendMeMusic (UK based). This page does not yet have sponsors in other territories. Search Tips Accented characters appear as their unaccented equivalents (i.e. Related:  Jouer Partitions & Backing tracks

Partitions gratuites. Real Book - Volume 1, 2, 3(C, Eb, Bb) A Child is Born (Thad Jones) Affirmation (José Feliciano) A Foggy Day (George Gershwin) Afro Blue (Mongo Santamaria) Airegin (Sonny Rollins) Alice in Wonderland (Fain/Hilliard) All Blues (Miles Davis) All In Love Is Fair (Steve Wonder) All of Me (Simone/Marks) All of You (Cole Porter) All The Things You Are (Hammerstein/Kern) Ana Maria (Wayne Shorter) A Night in Tunísia ( Dizzy Gillespie) Anthropology (Charlie Parker) April Joy (Pat Metheny) Armageddon (Wayne Shorter) As Time Goes By (Herman Hupfeld) Autumn Leaves (Johnny Mercer) Beautiful Love (Victor Young) Billie's Bounce (Charlie Parker) Bloco Loco (Larry Coryell) Blue Bossa (Kenny Dorham) Blue in Green (Miles Davis) Blue Monk (Thelonious Monk) Bluesette (Toots Thielemans) Blues for Alice (Charlie Parker) Body and Soul (Heymman/Green) Cantaloupe Island (Herbie Hancock) Chicken, The (Jaco Pastorious) Countdown (John Coltrane) Crescent (John Coltrane) Crystal Silence (Chick Corea) Days of Wine and Roses, The (Henry Mancini) Deluge (Wayne Shorter) Django (John Lewis)

Ralph Patt's Jazz Web Page To use the Vanilla Book online, click on a letter of the alphabet to search for a song's title. Click a song title to view The Vanilla Book chord changes. You can click the print icon on your browser to print a copy of the song's chord changes. Top of Page Downloads - Patacrep Patacrep Créez vos propres carnets de chants ! Version précompilées du songbook en PDF version 3.6.7 du 22/12/2012 Éditions complètes Tomes de 160 pages Sélections par langue Éditions spéciales naheulbeuk.pdf Documentation Pour créer vos propres carnets avec Patacrep, référez-vous à la documentation ! Code sources Le projet Patacrep est décomposé en plusieurs sous-modules : Moteur de rendu LaTeX pour songbook : patacrep Base de données des chansons : patadata Interface web : patanet Interface Qt (pas encore mise à jour) : patagui Divers extras : pataextra Screenshots de patagui Songbook-Client 0.7 Fenêtre principale de l'application. Éditeur intégré pour les tablatures. Rendu pdf. Modes d'éditions Les modes d'édition apportent la coloration syntaxique et l'indentation automatique dans les éditeurs de texte lors de l'édition des fichiers "". Derniers articles Derniers commentaires Mots clés Quelques liens © Patacrep - Généré par PluXml en 0.109s Administration Haut de page

Songs from The Fabulous Heftones and Brian Hefferan | Heftone from the Fabulous Heftones and Brian Hefferan Aba Daba Honeymoon (sources/words) (listen: ogg vorbis | mp3) April Showers (sources/words) (listen: ogg vorbis | mp3) Ballin' the Jack (sources/words) (listen ogg vorbis | mp3) By the Light of the Silvery Moon (sources/words) (listen: ogg vorbis | mp3) Casey Jones (sources/words) (listen ogg vorbis | mp3) Chanticleer Rag (sources/words) (listen: ogg vorbis | mp3) Chicken Reel (sources/words) (listen: ogg vorbis | mp3) Come Josephine in My Flying Machine (sources/words) (listen: ogg vorbis | mp3) Eagle Rock (sources/words) (listen: ogg vorbis | mp3) Everybody's Doin' It Now (sources/words) (listen: ogg vorbis | mp3) Everybody's Pickin' On Me (sources/words) (listen: ogg vorbis | mp3) For Me and My Gal (sources/words) (listen: ogg vorbis | mp3) Grizzly Bear (sources/words) (listen: ogg vorbis | mp3) He's Living the Life of Reilly (sources/words) (listen: ogg vorbis | mp3) How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm? (sources/words) (listenogg vorbis | mp3) I Like to Do It Jada

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