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Event Stream | urbanetix blog With iWay Enable, organizations can build comprehensive environments that immediately uncover and alert stakeholders to critical operational events, such as breakdowns, inefficiencies in core business activities, or technical problems that may negatively impact the execution of automated processes. Interaction and communication on how to correct those issues can then be effectively facilitated directly through the collaboration environment.(source: iWay CEP Enable and Chatter) Das ist spannend. iWay integriert auch nicht Salesforce basierte Business Objekte in den Chatter Stream. siehe auch Video Mailst du noch oder chatterst du schon?

CRM Integration – Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, SugarCRM, Oracle CRM and SageCRM Business Integration|iBOLT Integration Suite Out-of-the-Box In-Memory Data Grid Architecture for Handling Any integration Scenario Application integration is becoming increasingly important to improving productivity, unlocking business value and spurring innovation. With a growing number of integration projects on your plate, you need a powerful and flexible out-of-the box integration solution that lets you quickly connect the business processes you want, the way you want, from anywhere you want. What’s more, your integration solution needs to keep your enterprise data secure, up-to-date and available 24/7, regardless of transaction load. The Magic xpi Integration Platform provides just the answer you need. And Magic xpi’s cost-effective, robust In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) architecture keeps your data available and secure so you won’t miss a single transaction. Unrivaled Connectivity Ease of Use Code free, metadata based approachVisual drag & drop studioUniform interface to all featuresAutomatic documentation Fast Time-to-Market Pages

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