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The Hidden Cost Of Cheap SEO & Social Media Labor

The Hidden Cost Of Cheap SEO & Social Media Labor
Fact: All businesses, large or small, want to save money wherever they can. I understand this. I sympathize with this. I know how devastatingly costly it can be to launch, maintain, and grow a business. So why would you trust your website and your online reputation— the very first introduction your customers will have with your business — to an inexperienced amateur or a too-cheap scammer? In life and online, you get what you pay for. Still not buying it? Image Credit: ByronShell via Flickr What Happens When You Try to Take the Cheap Route 1. What You Get: Google Penguin. Google hates link spam. Buying links is the overt way to take the cheap-and-easy route in linkbuilding (and scheming link builders abound), but it’s not the only one. An experienced SEO may have a well-established network of connections to start a linkbuilding campaign, but you’ll pay for those connections. Don’t buy your links. 2. What You Get: Google Panda Cheap, poorly-made content does nothing. 3. What You Get: Errors.

User Experience (UX) Basic Training: Usability Week 2012 Conference Focusing on user experience (UX) can differentiate a company from its competitors. In one day, we give you a thorough overview of the user experience field and its many components. You will learn the importance of a user-centered design process and the benefit of incorporating UX activities at every stage of a project. This course is ideal for people who are beginning to work in user experience or have some knowledge of the field. It clarifies what UX professionals do, and need to do, to create good, usable designs. "As a newbie in the UX field, the UX basic training course had both breadth and depth of the specialty making it a great place for me to start." Melanie Langmead CapTech Consulting Free Material With Course Attendance Report: Return on Investment (ROI) for Usability This 212-page report features best practices for increasing key performance indicators and estimating usability budgets through 72 richly illustrated case studies. Format The course also includes:

Top SEO Gurus : They Dared to be Different If you don’t know these top SEO Gurus in the land yet, here is a shortlist for you. SEO has slowly and consciously come into our midst. It has proven to be a strong career that anyone could certainly learn, get into and succeed too. If you have an online business, you need to follow these top SEO gurus and learn from them. Do you have to be an internet and technical savvy to understand SEO? 1. Aaron Wall is considered one of the experts in SEO. Mr. 2. Rand Fishkin the force behind SEOMoz. Mr. 3. Matt Cutts has a Ph.D. in computer graphics from the University of Carolina. Mr. 4. Barry Schwartz is the writer/blogger of SEO. Brainy Barry graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of New York. 5. Ann Smarty is the owner of the popular MyBlogGuest and Ann is from Ukraine and holds a Master’s Degree in English from Harkivs’kij Nacional’nij Universitet im. 6. Michael Gray is the president of Atlas Web Services and has been working in the internet world since 1998. Mr. 7. 8.

Using Social Awareness Streams To Learn What People Care About It wasn’t long ago that knowledge about our world came from newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, and of course, person to person gossip, storytelling and family gatherings. The Internet changed all that. Today, a person wanting to know the latest buzz studies social awareness streams (SAS). In the Just Behave column, we’ve discussed information architecture as it is used for search engine marketing and usability. If you’re only interested in keyword research for page rank purposes, you’re missing out on what people really care about. Social Awareness Streams A recent paper called “Hip and Trendy: Characterizing Emerging Trends on Twitter” calls social awareness streams “a class of communication and information platforms”. We’ve learned to Twitter while watching our favorite TV shows or mourn together the death of famous people. A slew of studies have shown the global impact on information, communication and the media due to popular social networking websites. Detecting Trends

New Link Maps Feature New Link Maps Feature By Dixon Jones November 7, 2012 Majestic has just launched a new “Maps” tab on Site Explorer to help you visualize where in the world people are hosting sites that link to any URL, Sub-domain or TLD. A literal “Link Map” if you will. A few years back we ran a competition to come up with good ideas for our data. Wiep won an iPad with his entry. TLD hosting of sites linking to By default we take the top 1,000 links and represent them on a world map based on the longitude and latitude of the server hosting the link. I put into the system in the above example and we can see a surprising 34 TLDs originating from the Netherlands linking to the page, but only 11 from France. Interestingly, if you start to analyse different pages on the BBC, we start to see distinct differences in the world map. Links to How does it work? Why does the BBC have so many links from the USA? Link Map of So some questions for you.

SEO Opportunities Begin Well Before New Website Development Launching a new site, or any major site update, for a large enterprise comes with some unique challenges. A short summary of some of the most common include those listed below. SEO Challenges: New Site Launch Or Major Updates Too many decision makers. The above misinformation deserves its own brief discussion. There are many other types of problems, but you notice that none in my above list have anything to do with the actual execution of the new website project. Ideally, it starts months before. Getting the best result depends on educating the people involved, and getting their incentives aligned properly. In addition to what you see in those two articles, below are two more ideas about speeding up the education process. Show Them Examples Of Failure I wrote about one example of this in my last Enterprise SEO column. As you can see, Pampers and Huggies are far and away the biggest brands in this space but do not rank prominently. Use Your Own Analytics Takeaways For SEO Project Planning

Infographic: The Death Of SEO, Failed Predictions Over The Years SEO has been declared “dead” almost from when it first began, as our post from a few years ago, Is SEO Dead? 1997 Prediction, Meet 2009 Reality, covers. Now, a new infographic is out looking at how SEO has been “dying” over the years. The infographic is from SEO Book and is interesting in that rather than taking a timeline approach, it instead shows examples of various types of people who’ve declared that SEO is dead and why they are, as the infographic puts it, “deluded.” The infographic is below; click to enlarge it: If you want the infographic for yourself, you’ll find it here: Infographic – Is SEO Dead? For our own reasons why SEO will never die, well, see our SEO Is Here To Stay, It Will Never Die post from 2010, which says in part: SEO is about understanding how these search engines get their information and what should be done to gain free traffic from them. People have had search needs since as long as they’ve been thinking.

Link Building Tool Review: Ahrefs Ahrefs is a suite of tools that contains “the largest index of live links.” There is a free version and a premium version, an API, and an affiliate program. They have their own index, putting them into the same arena as SEO Moz and Majestic, and they post some useful stuff on their internal blog digest. Pricing starts at $79 a month and goes as high as $499 a month for more advanced plans. All plans offer a nice discount if you pay for a year upfront. Now that the basics are out of the way I have to say that I absolutely love the Ahrefs tool. For our purposes here, I’ll be going through the Site Explorer, Backlinks Report, and Competition Analysis sections. 1. The Site Explorer gives you an overview of a domain. Referring PagesTotal BacklinksReferring IPsReferring SubnetsReferring Domains (broken down into .gov, .edu, .com, .net, and .org)Backlinks Types (broken down into text, dofollow, nofollow, sitewide, not sitewide, redirect, image, frame, form, .gov, and .edu) 2. 3. Pros Cons Summary

SEO Techniques that Have Stood The Test Of Time: Part 1 of 11 — WSI Web Systems - Internet Marketing | Central Jersey I came across the article “55 Quick SEO Tips Even Your Mother Would Love” recently and thought it really hit the most important aspects of SEO. Then I saw when it was written – 2008! It amazed me that although Google’s algorithm has changed hundreds of time since then, basic SEO techniques have stayed remarkably consistent. It’s the devious methods of manipulating the results that have caused Google to make so many changes. Readers are still leaving comments which shows how well-written the original post was. 1. OK, so talking about Java script drop-down menus does sound a bit ancient (most new websites use CSS to create menus), but using ALT text for your image links is crucial. 2. “Content is king” has become a cliché, but is still true. 3. Does anyone else visualize a penguin dancing around here? 4. There is not really much more I can say about this one. 5. Look for Part 2 coming soon to your neighborhood!

4 Freeware to Setup Social Networking Website Here are 4 Free Software to setup social networking site. Using these software, you can set up your own social networking site like Facebook, Myspace etc. This comes handy if you want to set up an enterprise social networking website, or social networking site for your school / college, or social networking site for your community. You can control all aspects of such social networking website, including privacy. BoonEx Dolphin Sponsored Links BoonEx Dolphin is a free social networking software package that gives you set of tools to develop your own community and social networking site without spending any penny. If you an organization or event management group, than this web site is just apt for your prospective customers, as you can see your product popularity grow with your web site grow. This feature rich community-building software platform offers you all the software tools you need to build a community site. BuddyPress BuddyPress works on top of WordPress. SocialGo Elgg

2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors Survey & Correlation Data Every two years, Moz surveys the opinions of dozens of the world's brightest search marketers and runs correlation studies to better understand the workings of search engine algorithms. We gather this data to gain insight into the factors that may help—or hurt—a website's visibility in search engines. This year, Moz surveyed over 150 leading search marketers who provided expert opinions on over 90 ranking factors. In addition, the Data Science team at Moz, lead by Dr. Matthew Peters, ran an extensive correlation study to determine which features of websites and webpages are associated with higher search rankings. For the first time this year, Moz partnered with several data partners to enhance the study, including SimilarWeb, DomainTools, and Ahrefs. Note that these factors are not "proof" of what search engines use to rank websites, but simply show the characteristics of web pages that tend to rank higher.

Looking for SEO Specialists for Your Business? Few would argue that most businesses can benefit from improving their online presence. Even traditional brick and mortar businesses can benefit by attracting new customers looking for relevant services online. Because of this, the online landscape is becoming more and more competitive, and ranking on the first page of Google’s search results can be extremely hard in certain industries. We’re all busy people, just running the day-to-day operations of our business can take up more time than we have – so it can be difficult to give marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies the attention they require to be efficient. Handing over your online marketing to an SEO specialist can have great results, but can also be a risky strategy. Because of this, pretty much anyone can call themselves an SEO specialist and claim they can get you to the top of search results. Do you need an agency or a freelancer? Pros of selecting an SEO agency Cons of selecting an SEO agency What to ask them

HTML5 vs. Apps: Why The Debate Matters, And Who Will Win HTML5 is a new technology that allows developers to build rich web-based apps that run on any device via a standard web browser. Many think it will save the web, rendering native platform-dependent apps obsolete. So, which will win? Native apps or HTML5? A recent report from BI Intelligence explains why we think HTML5 will win out, and what an HTML future will look like for consumers, developers, and brands. Access The Full Report By Signing Up For A Free Trial Today >> Here's why the Apps-vs-HTML5 debate matters: Distribution: Native apps are distributed through app stores and markets controlled by the owners of the platforms. In full, the special report analyzes: To access BI Intelligence's full report on HTML5, sign up for a free trial subscription here.

Using Search Analytics in Webmaster Tools Using Search Analytics in Webmaster Tools Monday, May 11, 2015 Graeme Watt After many months of Beta testing Google has now officially launched the all new search analytics within Google webmaster tools, much to the joy of SEO’s and webmasters around the country. Search analytics has replaced the search queries section within webmaster tools which was one of the most popular areas within the tool according to Google. The new shift to search analytics is to try and provide a more drilled down analysis of the search data around websites. I have been playing around with the tool for the last day or so and I thought I would report on some of the new features and functionality that new tool gives us. Mobile Vs Desktop The first feature is one which we could probably have guessed Google was going to introduce and that is the ability to directly compare search data with mobile and desktop, this ties in quite nicely with the recent Google Algorithm update. International Comparison Search Type Report