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Fun Reading Comprehension Games for Kids - Free Activities & Practice Exercises Online

Fun Reading Comprehension Games for Kids - Free Activities & Practice Exercises Online
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Sentence Games, Grammar Games, Drag and Drop, Vocabulary Games Actions Present Simple Practice Present Simple Grammar and Sentences with this ESL Vocabulary and Grammar Interactive Monkey Fun Game. Adjectives Easy Practice Adjectives, Opposites (Antonyms) Sentences with this ESL Vocabulary and Grammar Interactive Baker Fun Game. Adjectives Preposition Practice Adjectives Followed by Prepositions Sentences with this ESL Vocabulary and Grammar Interactive Kangaroo Fun Game. Am is are Practice the auxiliary ‘to be’ in the present simple tense, using this ESL Grammar Interactive Kangaroo Fun Game. Comparatives-Natural-World Practice Comparatives and Superlatives with Vocabulary from Nature and World Geography with this ESL Vocabulary and Grammar Interactive Baker Fun Game Comparatives Review Comparatives and Superlatives with Vocabulary from Wild and Zoo Animals with this ESL Vocabulary and Grammar Interactive Kangaroo Fun Game. Health Practice Sentences with the modal verb ‘should‘ and ‘shouldn’t‘ which are commonly used when giving advice. Months Past Continuous

Home - World Stories Seven Strategies to Teach Students Text Comprehension 1. Monitoring comprehension Students who are good at monitoring their comprehension know when they understand what they read and when they do not. They have strategies to "fix" problems in their understanding as the problems arise. Research shows that instruction, even in the early grades, can help students become better at monitoring their comprehension. Comprehension monitoring instruction teaches students to: Be aware of what they do understandIdentify what they do not understandUse appropriate strategies to resolve problems in comprehension 2. Metacognition can be defined as "thinking about thinking." Students may use several comprehension monitoring strategies: Identify where the difficulty occurs"I don't understand the second paragraph on page 76." 3. Graphic organizers illustrate concepts and relationships between concepts in a text or using diagrams. Regardless of the label, graphic organizers can help readers focus on concepts and how they are related to other concepts. 4. 5. 6.

Reading Comprehension Worksheets "Your reading comprehension materials are the best I've found on the web. They are so thorough and comprehensive! My students and I have learned a lot from them. Thanks so much!" Like these materials? On this page you will find our complete list of high quality reading comprehension worksheets created specially by our team for students in grade levels K-12. READTHEORYWorkbooks Visit our online store here! Our reading comprehension worksheets teach students to think critically, draw inferences, understand scope and global concepts, find or recall details, and infer the meaning of useful vocabulary words. © COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The below publications contain copyrighted work to be used by teachers in school or at home. Grade 1 - Find more here! Phew! You really really like reading comprehension. Critical Thinking Reading Comprehension Worksheets Short Story Reading Comprehension Worksheets Answers for this series are included at the end of each worksheet." Aren't fictional short stories fun!?

Prepositions Game This was updated in January 2022. Email me or leave a comment if there are any problems. You can set this page as a homework task for a group of students; doing so will give you a record of who has completed the task. Visit the teacher's section for more information. You can share this page by using the link below. Update May 2020 - Added the option to choose level. Update June 2019 - This game should now work on an interactive whiteboard. This is a mini game for practising prepositions in English. A preposition is a word or phrase that shows a relationship between 2 things in a sentence. The aim of this game is to give students an opportunity to practise prepositions in a way that has a clear visual context. To play the game a student just has to read the sentence and then move the matching object to the correct position. This game is made in Javascript using the CreateJS framework. Audio by Jason Wright - Crazy Uncle with a Mic

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Making Meaning The Making Meaning program is a classroom-tested K–8 reading curriculum that combines the latest comprehension research with support for students’ social and ethical development. The program uses nonfiction and fiction read-aloud books to teach students nine different comprehension strategies while they learn to read and think at a high level. Making Meaning’s unique dual academic and social focus encourages students to work together, appreciate others’ ideas, disagree respectfully, and take responsibility for their own learning and behavior. “I especially appreciate how several of the class meetings helped the students develop a sense of empathy and encouraged them to think about how their actions would make others feel.” — Andrea Richards, grade 3 teacher How Making Meaning Will Help You Teach to the Common Core The Making Meaning program fully addresses the Common Core State Standards. The Making Meaning program provides: New Comprehension Units to Support the Common Core Standards 6 and 9

Animal Mystery - English Questions Game You can set this page as a homework task for a group of students; doing so will give you a record of who has completed the task. Visit the teacher's section for more information. You can share this page by using the link below. The aim of this game is to help students learn English - specifically ESL (English as a second language). This game is useful for practicing animal related words and phrases. The object of the game is to guess the eight hidden animals that are presented, one at a time, behind a question mark. Some of the items may seem a bit ambiguous or strange; it is quite hard to think of enough forms that can be used to describe a range of animals. I hope that this game can be useful practice for forming questions with matching of question words and auxiliaries. This game should work on mobiles and tablets but please leave a comment if it does not do so.

Children love games. These games are simple and repetitive which i think is important when it comes to learning the basic strategies for reading comprehension by mandomtz Nov 8

This website is perfect because it allows students what they do most, play video games. Students will never know they are learning reading comprehension skills. by bonita21 Nov 2

Fun English Games seems to be a site for English language learners. I though it was just as applicable to emergent readers as well. This particular section offers activities for reading comprehension. by lisabishop Jul 24

Fun English offers interactive reading games for students and a range of activities and practice exercises. It has activities for students in grades K-8 as well as high school. by jkor Jul 14

These are 2nd - 4th grade reading games. by bmahieu Sep 17