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Locals and Tourists : un album sur Flickr

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Quand Banksy s'expose au musée: Inside Works digg Email Des murs de nos villes, aux plus grandes salles d’expo en passant par la petite lucarne, s’est imposé comme étant un des Street-artiste les plus en vogue de notre génération. Mais l’artiste est inspiré et ne cesse de nous étonner, en témoigne cette extrait de sa collection baptisée Inside Works , où il revisite à sa manière les grands classiques comme les situations les plus insolites avec cet humour et ce cynisme qui le caractérise.

Cycling: 650 Hours, 8100 km A couple of weeks back, I posted the images I created from the GPS logs of my five years of recumbent cycling. I mentioned then that I was working on an animated version of those images, and I now have those up and working. I've split them up by year, with and without labels that track time, distance, date, and the bike & GPS models used. Flickr Flow Flickr Flow is an experiment whose materials are color and time. We first used this technique in a Boston Magazine piece, Flickr of Hope, that appeared in March 2009. Prints are available through Imagekind. The two of us see the world as a stream of color, and in 2009 we finally had a chance to draw the river in our heads. We began with a collection of photographs of the Boston Common taken from Flickr. Using an algorithm developed for the WIRED Anniversary visualization, our software calculated the relative proportions of different colors seen in photos taken in each month of the year, and plotted them on a wheel.

Maps In Modern Web Design: Showcase and Examples Advertisement Geo-location was a hot topic in 2009. With so many applications on GPS-enabled smartphones, more maps than ever were accessible to the average person. But how can Web designers and developers take advantage of an increasingly location-aware user base? This article explores existing trends, conventions and the possible future of interactive maps online. The Fundamentals Of Online Maps The Dark Side of the Moon Ain’t So Dark In other countries, paper currency is a work of national treasure, and topographical maps are often so beautiful they could hang in a museum. In the good ol’ USA, though, it took more than two centuries before we put more than a smidge of color on the money and even then it was so desaturated Pantone would barely recognize it. USGS topo maps have all the lyricism of something you’d find on the bottom of your shoe.

Future - The man who tried to photograph thoughts and dreams Spare a thought for poor Madame Darget. How she must have sighed when her husband bounded over to the sofa in his office where she was attempting to rest. In his hands, he clutched a box of photographic plates. “I am going to put out the lamp and try to take a fluidic print over my forehead,” Louis Darget later reported himself as telling her. “I will hand you a plate for you to do it as well.” Top 10 Beautiful Maps and Projects I’ve always been inspired by beautiful topographic and world maps. I’ve been collecting some of these images for some time, so I thought I should go ahead and put them all together into one mega inspirational post. This is all relative to my tastes, so these are my top 10 picks for beautiful maps and projects. Enjoy!

Architecture Magazine Honorable Mention 2015 Skyscraper Competition Shi Yuqing, Hu Yifei, Zhang Juntong, Sheng Zifeng, He Yanan China Nowadays, there is growing problem in global climate. Studies on atmosphere components provide possibilities for people to learn the law of climate changing. 12 Beautiful Websites with Big Maps Maps are not only a resource for the contact section, sometimes a well-designed map helps to create beautiful and innovative websites.In the next post we have selected 12 wonderful websites with large maps. Enjoy! Mensages for Japan The Bullitt Agency Ivan Rodic NL Engenharia BlueCadet Keystone Pix FX Porto Alegre Studio Moso Coal Headwear Design Royale World of Merix

cartography - Examples of Beautiful Maps Often times when we make maps it is based on our subjective interpretation of what is aesthetically pleasing. I would like if people posted examples of beautiful maps, displaying any phenomena in any manner. Below I have posted one of my favorite maps. This is an example of a value-by-alpha map recently asked about on the forum, and the picture is taken from the GeoVista website (which has a ton of cool maps and tools to make them.) citation for the maps makers Geovisual analytics to enhance spatial scan statistic interpretation: an analysis of U.S. cervical cancer mortality Jin Chen , Robert E Roth , Adam T Naito , Eugene J Lengerich and Alan M MacEachren International Journal of Health Geographics 2008, 7:57

Choosing the Paths Less Traveled? There's an App for That - Technology In his final year at the Design Academy of Eindhoven, Tom Loois received a vague assignment: “Design your personal definition of silence.” Loois, whose training is in product design, had no idea what to do. He found himself, as the deadline approached, wandering around the city searching for inspiration. Then he noticed a little alley near his route home from school. “I stopped my bike,” he says, “and I thought, ‘I’ve passed by here so many times but I’ve never been here.’