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Online Bible Study Tools - Your Gateway to Bible Resources

Online Bible Study Tools - Your Gateway to Bible Resources
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Textual Variants Slaughter of the Sheep Free Bible study lessons to learn how the Bible applies to Your everyday life Together Search, Read, Study the Bible in Many Languages - Pa Bible History Online Images and Resources for Biblical History CARM - Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Bible Study Tools Online, Verses, 40+ Versions, Commentaries, Concordances a tenor forJESUS Most people think that if these discoveries were legitimate then surely they would have hit the major news networks. However, if we remember, there is an angel by the name of satan who is the god of this world and the lord of the companies that run the media. The discoveries have from time to time been on the news but soon God will overrule and the message will cover the whole earth in days. So take some time to look at this website and weigh up for yourself if you think that the information is true. Hit this link to see an explanation by Ron Wyatt as to why the blood of CHRIST had to fall onto the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant. Ron Wyatt was told the timing for when the the Ten Commandments will be shown to the world. Perhaps the most important verse of scripture, with regard to current world events. *Note if you find the text of this site too small.

The Development of the Canon of the New Testament - Home This survey covers a small part of the huge body of New Testament studies --- how the Church selected certain writings as authoritative and separated them from a larger body of early Christian literature. In view of the central importance that the New Testament has within Christianity, it is amazing that there is an absence of detailed accounts of such a significant process. My goal is to collect and organize the information that is available, and make it easily accessible in the form of hypertext (see the Hypertext Conventions). I especially hope this site will be useful to persons who cherish the New Testament, but are unfamiliar with the history of its development. The history, as covered in this survey, spans the first four centuries of Christianity, and was a long continuous process. This subject is an avocation of mine. If you find my survey interesting, and want to explore this subject further, please go out and buy them.

The Museum of Idolatry Genesis 1 (NLT) - Premier Christian Radio

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