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IBM Maximo Comprehensive asset lifecycle and maintenance management IBM Maximo Asset Management solutions give you a single point of control over all types of assets. Control assets such as production, infrastructure, facilities, transportation and communications. These solutions manage assets on a common platform. The platform allows sharing and enforcement of best practices, inventory, resources and personnel. Optimize asset performance and maximize your return on investment. Maximo Asset Management includes six management modules in an enhanced service-oriented architecture. Comprehensive asset lifecycle and maintenance management IBM Software Subscription and Support is included in the product price for the first year. Download software online after purchase - no shipping costs! More Less

Desigo CC - Building Technologies - Siemens With DesigoTM, Siemens offers an integrated building management system that covers all your requirements – both now and in the future. Desigo is the most extensive building management system currently available on the market worldwide. It is an integrated solution that makes the best even better. Desigo provides managers, CEOs, users, facility managers, and building occupants with all relevant information for all aspects of properties and building portfolios – enabling them to make viable decisions that will safeguard the future of their companies and institutions over the long term. This is made possible by Desigo’s broad product portfolio and the innovative Desigo CCTM platform, a milestone in the history of building technology. Increase performance and enhance your image Satisfied employees are more productive employees. Learn more Drastically reduce your costs Exploit synergies, reduce consumption, save costs. Optimize safety, security, and comfort

Noesis What companies are saying about Noesis... “These days, it's extremely important to include financing — you need to deliver a comprehensive solution that shows how the project will be budgeted and offers off balance-sheet financing. This is where Noesis Project Financing is invaluable.” Ron Delyons, CEO “Our partnership with Noesis allows us to be more efficient in preparing our projects for pre- and post-installation work. José Ventura, CEO “Partnering with Noesis allows me to focus on energy strategies with my customer without having to expend large resources developing data. Barnabas Path, Founder & CEM “Having a measurement and verification team like Noesis at our disposal is a tremendous asset to our organization and adds substantial value to our client reports and proposals.” Luis LaRotta, COO

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