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MEDIA SERVICE America — A Failed State? by Johan Galtung, 7 Apr 2014 - TRANSCEND Media Service Depends, of course, on the criteria. A state has an inside towards its citizens, and an outside toward the state system. US Efforts to Curb Freedom of Speech on Israel and Palestine are of Grave Concern by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate – TRANSCEND Media Service I am writing today to express grave concern about a wave of legislative measures in the United States aimed at punishing and intimidating those who speak their conscience and challenge the human rights violations endured by the Palestinian people. Peace Pilgrimage to Syria and Iran by The Peace People – TRANSCEND Media Service Peace People, N. Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald via Video at Amnesty Event by Karl Plume, Reuters - TRANSCEND Media Service Germany Opens Hearings on U.S. by Anthony Faiola – The Washington Post The Secret Is Out: U.S. by Sarah Gray – Salon For two years USAID- U.S. by Glenn Greenwald – The Intercept Dr. Rev. U.S.

Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments | CSBA Can These Commandos Salvage the Afghan War? | Danger Room U.S. Special Forces attack Taliban positions in October, 2001. Photo: U.S. Commandos have been on the Afghanistan war’s front lines since the start. On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, in the homes of Special Forces soldiers all over the U.S. and Europe, phones were ringing. Then his girlfriend, a government employee, called to say “they” were attacking New York. Everything about the war changed, except that U.S. Special Forces led America’s response to the 9/11 attacks. Nelson found himself helping an Uzbek warlord named Abdul Rashid Dostum lead 1,500 Northern Alliance cavalry in thundering charges against the Taliban’s much more modern army. But it worked … for a time. Tom’s roughly 100-strong Provincial Response Company is one of around 20 such units across Afghanistan. “They’re smaller but have got more capability to go reinforce other Afghan Uniform Police if the security situation exceeds [the AUPs'] ability to handle it,” Peltier explains.

Global Voices - Global Voices | Strengthening Governance Through Participation International Assessment and Strategy Center > Research > China Sows The Whirlwind: Implications of Hezbollah’s Iranian-Chinese Weapons Home Research Email this article Print this article by Richard Fisher, Jr. Published on July 26th, 2006 ARTICLES Israel has been surprised and dismayed in the last few weeks by the unexpectedly high quality of Hezbollah munitions, most notably rockets and missiles. Iran’s ability to produce thousands of shorter-range "Katyusha" size or slightly larger artillery-size rockets that its proxy Hezbollah has used to rain down on Israel since July 12, 2006 is largely owed to Russian and North Korean technology transfers, Chinese technologies are probably involved as well. Without a doubt, however, the July 14 near-catastrophic attack against the modern and stealthy Israeli corvette Hanit would not have been possible without the C-802//Noor anti-ship missile, the means to produce which were sold by China to Iran in the mid-1990s. Through Hezbollah, Iran has only unleashed a small taste of its Chinese-aided arsenal. A broad pattern Quite the opposite. C-802 Surprise Longer Range Cruise Missiles

The Pentagon Channel (pentagonchannel) Peace X Peace - Raise Women's Voices, Build Cultures of Peace Media for Peacebuilding Equal Access | Inform. Educate. Inspire. | Equal Access TFF - Transnational Fondation for Peace and Future Research | Journal of International Peace Operations by ISOA Peace Policy 2012 Global Peace Index « Vision of Humanity through See the latest peace news and research Contact us Vision of Humanity is an initiative of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). IEP have offices in New York and Sydney. For more specific inquiries related to the peace indexes and research, please contact IEP directly. Media: Education: Data request: Sydney office PO Box 42, St Leonards, NSW 1590, Sydney Australia Tel: +61 2 9901 8500 New York office 3 East 54th Street 14th Floor New York, New York 10022 USA Tel: +1 (646) 963-2160 Job opportunities and internships are listed on the Institute for Economics and Peace website. Contact us Vision of Humanity