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Playlist - The Perfect House Party Playlist: Pre-Drunk Rock To Hip Hop The name pretty much says it all. If you have a house party, this is perfect. You start the list around 9-10ish before people get any spirits in them and the party is bustling. The name pretty much says it all. It's perfect for house parties and is set for a party timeframe. Furthermore, most people will recognize the songs on the list, but it gives you some sense of taste in that you're not simply playing the modern pop songs from hip hop and rock. [-]

Every Noise at Once christian symphonic metal native american spiritual dutch underground hip hop italian progressive metal classical saxophone quartet romanian contemporary classical vintage italian soundtrack japanese progressive house musique traditionnelle comorienne deep indie singer-songwriter british singer-songwriter polish experimental electronic chinese classical performance south african alternative irish contemporary classical dutch contemporary classical danish contemporary classical deep contemporary country german dark minimal techno swiss contemporary classical historically informed performance british contemporary classical japanese classical performance hungarian underground rap korean contemporary classical musica colombiana instrumental portuguese contemporary classical argentine alternative rock spanish contemporary classical swedish singer-songwriter swedish contemporary classical classic australian country christian alternative rock norwegian alternative rock turkish singer-songwriter musica portuguesa contemporanea

Music search engine, find and download 21 awesome tracks made with modular synths It’s Modular Synth Day on FACT! We’re marking the first birthday of our Make Music section with a celebration of modular synths, the artists that patch with them and they music they make. Find it all here. Enjoy a playlist made up of awesome music from 21 of our favorite modular synth artists from across the past 50 years, including Suzanne Ciani, Morton Subotnick, Caterina Barbieri and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe. The ratio of modular synth gear sold to music made on it that’s actually released is probably lower than for any other method of making music. Since the first modular synths were created by Bob Moog and Don Buchla in 1963 though, there’s been plenty of officially released music made with the technology. Below is a selection of tracks from some of the best and most prolific modular synth artists of the past 50 years, covering early Buchla experiments, ambient, IDM, and club-ready techno made with cutting-edge Eurorack gear. Tangerine Dream – ‘Rubycon Pt. 1’ (Virgin, 1975)

Tutorial - Recording audio playing on the computer This tutorial outlines solutions for recording audio playing on the computer, (for example, audio being streamed from an internet web site). How or if you can do this depends on your computer operating system, your sound card and its drivers. Generally, it is better to extract or import audio from CDs, DVDs or existing video or audio files than record them as they play. Recording from an analog sound card is relatively inexact and lossy because the digital source is converted to analog to play it, then back to digital to record it. Step 1: Set up devices to capture computer playback This is often the hardest part of the overall task, being dependent on your computer operating system and sound card. This section of the tutorial shows how to find a suitable sound card input for recording computer playback, with workarounds if such an input is not available. Step 2: Turn Software Playthrough off Software Playthrough must be turned off when recording computer playback. in Transport Toolbar.

100 legal sites to stream and download free music | MerryCode Music is life, I never found anyone who’s life isn’t influenced by Music. Why the best things in life like Music are not free? Actually, there is more legally available for free Music than you think. image by nothingatall Here is a list of 100 sites that let you stream or download music for free legally! DeezerDeezer is the French-based service which is one of the largest and very popular music recommendation search engine. 8Tracks awesome site, with integration! Mog The Most Sophisticated, User-Friendly Music Player on the Web. Clown Basket ClownBasket is the songwriter’s forum to share their own original music with the world. so here is a way for you to get your original music out there! My Band Stock My Band Stock is a type of fan funding tools, where artists raise money from their fan base to record music. Groove SharkGrooveshark is a very nice music site which competes with all best web-based music sites. Mix CloudMixcloud helps connect radio content to listeners. Also read: